Some of Adam Blatner's "ManyParts" Characters   (more to be added, little by little).

  posted December 15, 2006:  Based on the introductory webpage:

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On the left, above, (in the right upper part of the picture of adam manyparts) is Snidely Whiplash, the prototypical villain of the melodrama. Nyah-ha-ha. Actually stimulated not only by melodramas, but also the puppet character of Dishonest John on the Time for Beany children's television show in Los Angeles around 1948, Snidely represents the delicious contrary roles of wickedness, nastiness, and the spirit of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Being a nice guy is on the whole a useful strategy for most of life, but once in a while, in the spirit of Halloween, it's nice to stretch one's repertoire. As the Jungian analytical psychologists might phrase it, "embrace your shadow." (The Shadow is the name of the complex that involves all the qualities that are felt to be "not me," rejected by the higher values. It's useful to expand consciousness by considering which of those elements might in fact be useful or more active than one might prefer to believe.) Aside from the psychological considerations, it's simply fun sometimes to play the shark, Captain Hook, the bad guy.

On the right, above, is "The Whizzard of Aaaahhhs!"  because when he whizzes with his magic wand, you gasp and with a long inspired breath, give voice to an "Aaaaah!" of amazement, wonder, astonishment, and wowsie-woozie-ness. Making magic is a great gift, and it requires a practice of imagination. You see this hinted at in the Harry Potter movies and books, but what about the college-level work, and post-graduate studies? What do you learn there, hm?  Ah-Ha!  Practicing imagination. (Cartooning helps.)

Moving in, from top right, more explanations.
  Monking Bird
 Baba Booby

The Monking Bird is an intentional mispronunciation of the actual Mimus Polyglottis, or common mockingbird, a local creature who has inspired me with its improvisational spirit. There are a number of songbirds that improvise, but not many others around where I live, and none in this region so aesthetically varied. The sprite-spirit of the bird , the "monking bird," is my totem animal, or one of them, at least. It calls to me to celebrate one of my spiritual paths known as "Making-it-up-as-you-go-along-ism."

On the upper right, (closest to Adam's shoulder and heart) is his guru-elf-sprite, Baba Booby, whose actual full spiritual name is a mini-mantra, mini-chant: "Rabbi Baba Ram-Bam-Boom-Boom-Das!" It needs to be danced as well as chanted, which is a big part of what Baba Booby teaches: It's good to dance and sing, to fool around, for that is what HaHa Yoga is about, where he lives in the realm of elves and sprites.

 Heliozoida is a one-celled animal, somewhat spherical, with radiant silicon-laced tentacles going out in all directions to catch bacteria in the water. The name relates to his "sun" shape. How so much life can operate in one tiny cell fascinates me, as does the study of other protozooa. In that sense, Heliozoida is also a kind of totem animal.
 Salamandre is the name of a fire-sprite, one who lives in fires, dances with their combustion, becomes dormant as they go "out."  You have to speed up your vision by a factor of 20 to see his dance, as he moves as quickly as a hummingbird's wing.

.... more explanations to come in time.