by Adam Blatner

Another one done 6/12/13; For other mandalas, go to Mandalas
 This mandala reveals to some degree what's going on in a star in other dimensions. In 3-D space and time, matter does what scientists say, to some degree. Problem is they don't know the half of it. Part of what's going on is that each star is a channel of the creative source, represented here through the nine dimensions of creativity---the central tenth dimension being the opening to the beyond-dimensionality source of sources, the cap-S "Source," also known as the Great Becoming, the Unfolding-ness, the Awakening, the Everything, etc.
    Anyhoo, the thing here is to realize that beyond the brightness and the incredible complexity of a physical star there's the invisible Platonic star, represented schematically below. Note the levels and the varying layers of spontaneity and order, as symbolized by the cosmo-letters which open to sound complexities (as does Sanskrit).