Magical Mandalas 2009
by Adam Blatner

This mandala is an imaginative rendering of the door to the sixth dimension. Within each star there are unique facets of existence. The underlying number of spheres here is a multiple of nine, because that number exhibits the aesthetics of a peculiar dynamic: imbalance superimposed on balance. Thus our existence is in flux, ever-changing, and invites  our creative processes not only to co-construct reality, but also interpret it.

Creating Worlds Within Worlds

Open Up and Peek Inside

Coordinating Synchronicities

 This mandala  drawn in early March, 2009, is a semi-schematic hint at how the Divine desires to bring forth the entelechy, the innate potential, of each being at every level, each according to its structure, environment, and varying inclinations. It’s a valentine message pulsing through the cosmos: “I love you not only for what you are, but also for what you most deeply yearn to become.”