Confabulations 30:
Adam Blatner
Imagination-ologist Extraordinaire

(July 24, 2013)

Here's a clue to understanding trans-dimensional mandalas: The problem with dimensionality is that humans are not only egocentric and ethnocentric, but they believe that they are the only intelligent beings in the universe (ha!); some even believe they're the only life-form in a cosmos of hundreds of billions of galaxies (ha ha!); and many believe that the observable universe is the only universe (ha ha ha!) in spite of all the evidence of dark matter, dark energy, and so forth (rolling on the floor laughing). Well, we'll cut you some slack here. Many intelligent beings in the cosmos have not accepted the intense presence of as many realities that are not physical (three-dimensional, one dimension of forward-moving time, suffused with matter evolving). The key of course is mind, which opens up all this discussion to the idea that there are innumerable universes opening up within and among and as an intimate part of the events of your observed, experienced by your sense organs, objective world. But there are many among you, psychics, inutitives, mystics, and many others who are open to varying degrees. (Most of you are open a little, at least, but you have no idea how to think about what is considered "not real."

So to begin with, you imagine it to be a vertical hierarchy, which in certain small ways is kind of true, as far as it goes... but pictured on the left, alternative spatial representations also apply. The outside circles represent more encompassing realities impinging on the concentric circles on the plane, which is your three-dimensional reality embedded in 4 dimensions embedded in a more encompassing 5th dimensional mode of existence. (I was going to say "realm" but that might have been misleading as to the kinds of dynamics that operate there---quite inconceivable to you. I can only try to translate. Anyway, the relation of each dimension to the dimension above has a bit of the quality of the relationship of a drawing on a sheet of paper in your world to the greatness of the surrounding world. Point is to gape with wonder. That's it.

But it's more than mere dimensions, folks. That's for the dry realm of mathematics. These realms, worlds, are chock full of psychically alive beings, elves, sprites, whatever you call them. You access awareness of their presence because consciousness transcends spatial dimensions. You just don't know how to process these glimpses. "I had the strangest dream."

Deeper Realities

The inner circles on this diagram to the right represent more "essential" realities embedded deep within each event, and the outer circles offer contexts for appreciating those determinants. Of course it's complicated. Did you doubt that the cosmos is as complicated as it is vast?

Traditionalists project their own simple-mindedness of the cosmos: Okay, I'll grant there's a king, sort of. And he rules like a chieftain, only more widely. Right? Wrong! It doesn't do justice to the everything becoming. It doesn't do justice to the power of humans as co-creators. It's as complex as the relations among the enzymes in your cells, or the relationships of the cells and tissues in your body. More so! It is truly inconceivable, for human minds. Some few who recognize this use the term "apophatic" to describe the knowledge that one doesn't know, and can never know; nor does anyone else know. Probably no sentient being however intelligent really "knows" the greater wholeness in all its grand complexity. That's apophatic for you.


There's a whole lot going on that your species hasn't known about. It's time you knew. In the last few centuries you've learned that there are other worlds that have moons, that there is a galaxy and the sun and all the planets---previously known as the universe---is but one among billions of others in this galaxy. And in the last century you've learned there are billions of galaxies out there, and innumerable germs and atoms in there, and complexities also operate at the astronomical and microscopic level. You're just beginning. There are levels upon levels of these mysteries that you're only beginning to be unraveled, other mysteries you have jut begun to explore.

It helps to get a message that all these are "inhabited." It's been a blow to your egocentricity to learn that mommy has a life apart from you, and there are other neighborhoods, schools, tribes, nations, and they are different from what everyone knows it the way it is and should be. This expansion of the circle of caring goes on and on, beyond humanity. It's time you began to think that. Science fiction may be opening minds more than any preachers. Fantasy writers open minds into other dimensions. Serious physicists and psychologists are daring to wonder. (Few are courageous enough to do much more.)

But there it is, here it is, right in your very own mind.