What It's Like
by Adam Blatner

Being part elf, I have access to realities that would blow ordinary people's minds. My job is to hint at these alternative realities. I don't

 want to just blow your minds, you understand, but give a hint. For example, in the cartoon to the left, I show another universe... actually you can sort of see it, far off, it's one of the galaxies. Of course humans can only pick up the---what shall we call it? Light shadow. Being that they are 5 - 7 dimensions reduced to two, I feel it's safe to reveal them, as it would do no harm to you to see this shadow of a shadow of another reality.

Now within that galaxy on the right I show one of the "star" sub-universes, the size of a pixel, really, that hints at the multi-dimensional complexities that lie within that universe as shown below, right.
    The thing to notice is that, as is being found within our own solar system, there are many irregularities that suggest whole variations on the nature of what lies beneath, within, whatever. This fits with God's desire to become "everything, and everything becoming everything." I may not have the quote exactly right, but that's the gist.
    There are form that hint at both individually and great complexity. Note that the features are not completely symmetrical, perfec. God does this, mixing in a degree of imperfection in everything. Sometimes a lot of imperfection. The better to perfect, you see.

Furthermore, on the right. below, I reveal a sort of diagram of a parallel sub-universes within that galaxy.

That's enough of a mind-blower right there. Sort of seen at different angles, but also they have their own integrity.

On the left I show sort of medals that "honor" these sub-galaxies, or small g gods. You need to understand though that these "medals" are  figures of reverence.

The point of course is that "it" is vast, and humans are tiny in many respects. Not to feel diminished, because God can only experience a certain kind of reality through your consciousness, and this indeed enriches the whole experience. Indeed, it has not been said but perhaps I can comment: God is more of an experience than a thing, a "he" or "she"---even if these words are Capitalized.

It is a great honor to be helping God be recognized, although my poor words are as puny as the drumbeat of the Little Drummer Boy of the Christmas Carol.

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