(Sent by Chi-Chu Chou), November- 2008 - September, 2009 )

Here are some photos taken by Dr. Chi-Chu Chou, who is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at  Feng Chia University, where he offers courses in business psychology and psychodrama to students. Photos of his various techniques and the class are shown below. In September, 2009, Glenn Sammis, a trainer of psychodrama, came and offered extra teaching. (Dr. Chou has a C.P. and PAT status of certification with the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, etc.) (Dr. Sammis has been a student of Dorothy Satten, who had been teaching in Taiwan for over a decade before she became ill and passed the role over to Dr. Sammis.) and
training group with Glenn Sammis and Nienhwa  (re-posted 1/1/10)

Above:Dr. Chou is teaching the students in November  2008.
  ? A soliloquy technique?  December, 2008.

 Two students exploring an encounter.
 Further instruction.

 Classwork in March, 2009
  More explorations.

   Sociometry?  May 26, 2009

In mid-September, 2009, Dr. Sammis visited Dr. Chou's program.
He visited Dr. Chou's lovely family.


Dr. Chi-Chu Chou (CP, PAT); Dr. Nien-Hwa Lai (CP, PAT); Glenn Sammis, TEP;  Tzu-Yueh Lin (CP, PAT); Ms. Chen (interpreter), Yun-Jen Hsien (CP)          The three on the right served as group assistants and professional auxiliaries, and also helped leading a monthly study group for trainees.)