Photos of Psychodramatists and Sociodramatists
at the Sociodrama Conference in Iseo, Italy, September, 2013

(Posted September 2013)

This is the FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations) Task Force for Peace! (Judith Tezary, Chair.)
   Here there is a message of hands was reaching out for international we- ness.

        Lars Tauvon     Kate Tauvon           Gabi Tarishoeva                                                                  ?              Leandra Perotta; Maurizio Gasseau   ?       ?                                                          Marcia Karp                                            Jeanne Burger   Judith Tezary Eva Falstrom Borg;      Iafi Shpirer     ?
   Please forgive me, I don't have all the names and pictures.

   Here's another one:

Borge Kristofferson (Norway)                    Monica Westberg     (Sweden)     Kirsten Juergen (Sweden)
   This from Edward Schreiber:
The International Sociodrama Conference ended on Sunday and here are some of the highlights:
    First, there were 33 countries represented, and there were about 250 participants!
       The conference took place in Iseo, Italy.  Iseo is one of the amazing lakes nested in the Alps. This Sociodrama Conferences weaved the sociometric web very beautifully throughout the conference.  The entire conference began on Wednesday night and ended on Sunday afternoon.   The opening Plenary was a beautiful symbolic representation of inclusion followed by an all-conference dinner for everyone attending.  Thursday through Sunday began with an all-conference Plenary then workshops.  The afternoon began with an all conference outdoor buffet lunch included, and afternoon workshops.  Late afternoons were for reflection groups led by 2 international leaders where participants could reflect and share of the day.

Evenings were for Playback or other social-cultural activities.  One evening the conference went to the main square in Iseo and formed a huge hand held
circle of people from the conference and those strolling the streets.  The circle sang songs for Peace in different languages as we were learning of
the unfolding situation in Syria. Most of the conference participants stayed at Camping de Sole, which is a camping area of chalets, campers, apartments with a pool, right by the lake, a store for food and goods, and 2 places to have wonderful dinners right there.  What was wonderful about this is that we all in some fashion lived in a community together and walked the 15 minute walk to the conference, which took place at a high school.   It was hot, there is no air-conditioning in the chalets or school but really it did not matter. From Israeli participants to Egyptian, all over Europe, Russia, China - we gathered to weave the web of being a community. Truly amazing and really life changing.
The next (5th) International Sociodrama Conference will be held in 2015 in Greece.

There was discussion with those of us there from the US, by some of the principal organizers of the conference to consider hosting a conference in the US, in 2017.   There are procedures - for example the conference must not be under any organization, such as the IAGP or ASGPP.  Also, it must be in the kind of format noted, with low costs.  So let's consider it!

Jeanne Burger added that other participants from the USA included Rebecca Walters, Dena Baumgartner, Jackie Fowler,  and Sylvia Israel (as well as Ed, noted above).  Ed did a plenary and workshop on societry, Rebecca did one with Walter Baile and one about children. I presented on using sociodrama to explore ethical problems. Others did not present.
    (I welcome other photos.)