Christmas Holiday Greetings 1987
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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Well, it didn't work out at Menninger's. Insurance companies were becoming more unwilling to support longer-term therapy, and they didn't think I was sufficiently psychoanalytic for their work, so they let me go. We looked around and found a new home at a location that would become the apex of my career, my faculty role for the next seven years at the University of Louisville (Kentucky) School of Medicine. We found a lovely house in the Bardstown Road area in the south-east of the town within the ring road.
       Here's the full the picture of the Holiday Greetings. More about some of the characters below.

               Some of the characters here are worth noting. I  And so forth.
Here are some close-ups:

The Anonymous of Mush, the king-duke of the Realms of Ambiguity
This caricature "tough guy." A friend had sent me a card about my career move: "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping."  Cap'n Bizarro: Why shouldn't the madcap realms have their own superheroes?
 At one point I was sitting with Allee in a barbecue joint drinkin' a beer, and I asked her, "What's it all about?" and she answered, "It's all mush. You can do anything you want with it." Wise and prescient.