Christmas Holiday Greetings 1984
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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This cartoon is less elaborate than the others, but much was happening. Living first in Austin, in August I took a job at the San Marcos Treatment Center as their Unit 2 Medical Director (as a child and adolescent psychiatrist). Earlier in the eventful year, several things: Allee moved her father to a nursing home in Austin where he died soon thereafter.

We looked around and found a residence for her mother where she moved in a while afterwards---and her mom still lives there at Westminster Manor!---a very lovely residence indeed!  I offered some psychodrama workshops in Austin. We looked for and moved from Austin to an apartment in San Marcos. Meanwhile, always there were new characters emerging:

Celebrate Life! Singin' little ra-da-da songs represents my entourage, a group of little guys who give me back-up moves.

On the right in this figure are the Shmarfarfels, a goofy clown act that resonates with the silliness generated in the everyday activities of the Adam n Allee show.

   Also early in the year I attended one of the last workshops about the latest discoveries in the decipherment of the central ancient Mayan civilization offered by Linda Schele, who died a few years later from cancer. It stimulated my interest in different writing systems, and in the writing system of the Mayans, which is kinda like cartooning. I really resonated with these little forms, as they connect with my style of cartooning. It seemed to me that they also had their elf-like resonant energy beings.

There were also groups associated with the Unitarian Church, and follow-up visits with my philosophy mentor, Professor Charles Hartshorne. This was a special time for my own philosophy thickening up.

Let's give a little attention to two characters: First, there's Batty-Man and his sidekick, Guano.  Batty man is not exactly a super-hero.

   Indeed, he's not exactly a hero.

But he can pretend that he flies.
   And having a sidekick helps.
But when is an assistant or companion merit becoming a  sidekick---but not a henchman, or even  worse, one of the hero's "minions"? 
    Batty-man has a fanged bat, but not exactly a vampire-bat or a vampire.

It's just a popular hunky-do logo.
   Batty-ness requires a bit of practice in the field of silly-ology.  

   Now, let's consider on the right another character, Bully Vardieyay. The name is a take-off from the French term "boulevardier" as a sophisticated fellow. I feel a resonance with  Maurice Chevalier, the Hollywood character actor.