Christmas Holiday Greetings 1983
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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Goodness, time moves on! Allee's parents wanted to move back to Texas, and the old man might be dying soon. (He did, early the next year.) For a variety of reasons, we decided to move there, too; not to Allee's home town of San Antonio, where her parents had moved back to, but up in Austin, in a sweet condominium on 3201 Pecos Street. It was to be yet another sabbatical year, one that was spent beginning to write up four books which were published two years later. These years to hang out were precious indeed! Alas, Poomie kitty got sick and died. Some pictures that were in our beginning tradition of a holiday letter included the following, expressing that sentiment of sabbatical:

 Actually, though, I didn't return to Santa Rosa. Following our leaving, the house prices shot up. Ah, well.
 Snoopy and Woodstock, the little yellow bird, are pals. Once Snoopy wrote a letter to Woodstock, addressing him (her?) as My Friend of Friends. Allee and I are that way.

  Int this next picture, my emerging condition of Multiple Personality Order is manifested: Notice that it's not a Disorder--- a psychiatric condition in which the integrating function is diminished, or as I think of it, the inner manager has abdicated. Rather, in MPOrder, there is a celebration of the multiplicity, the plurality, the many parts of self. More about how this aspect continued to evolve around 2007 on a related website.