Christmas Holiday Greetings 1982
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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This year in March we drove across the United States, visiting friends in our "duck van" ---a Volkswagen Camper. Allee's parents had moved to Santa Rosa and seemed happy. Her daddy had become weakened by emphysema. Her mom walked over to our home and took care of our kitties.  As you can see, mandala as a format had become more prominent, and the idea of making badges out of them was still prominent.

 Near the bottom, the character, "Saluting the Lightning," expresses the mixture of timidity and courage, surrendering to the inspiration while turning away, that has been a minor theme in this story.A third kittie named Ginger Pussy Lee has joined our household---she is to remain with us for another 19 years or so.

Also, we were hosting song fests and made up a Christmas Songbook, with some of the following illustrations in it: