Christmas Holiday Greetings 2003
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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This is for December, 2003:


The big circles with little circles around and betwixt– the “trans-dimensional inter-penetrations”: Here’s how it works. Our perceived reality is only one realm, our own mixture of four-dimensional space-time plus our own subjective reality. There are near-infinite numbers of other realms with different subjective realities, and another set of parallel realms that don’t follow the four-dimensional grid our physical bodies live in, but have varyingly-other qualities. Music, mathematics, dream, the realms of beings visited by shamans and mystics, the faeries and elves and sprites of different cultures, ancestors, visions, fantasies, games, what-ifs and if-only’s, art, poetry, dance, drama, nature’s depths, spirits, etc.  All of these interpenetrate, and we bump up against them on occasion, registering their presence or not, depending on our sensitivity and our capacity to recognize them for what they are.  (For most folks, they impact at a subconscious level and are hardly noticed consciously – but they impact nevertheless.)

The various circles and mandalas are poofle dust, they are magical configurations that open possibilities into other dimensional realms. Learn how to draw them, make them work for you, extend your imaginal field and thus become more expanded. This in turn opens you to more potentials and your life becomes more vital and abundant!

The Mushy Kapushis. These are like the cell-membranes or small marshmallow-loveys that help cuddling people stick together so that it’s a little difficult to pull away.  Of course, these appear only in the presence of psychic energies of high rapport, at the level where you want to cuddle.  “Huggy people” have a layer of these around them, and they act as attractants to whatever mushy kapushi’s you entertain in your subtle energy field or aura.   (If you could examine the aura under a special kind of psychoid mixed x-ray- microscope-like gizmo, you’d see these cute lovebundles dancing around. But they are most detectable if you cuddle up to someone you love a lot, and notice the warmth between you is sort of alive, as if each part of your skin were wanting to snuggle up to the other person’s skin.  Those are the mushy kapushis.


The Doodley-Squats. These are the psychoid “stem-cells” the more complex primal forms out of which yet more complex forms exist. They’re more organized than basic primal forms, more organically full, and they function as the psychic “gel” that fills the deep psyche with texture and granularity, lil’ bits of stuff. As they grow more complex, one they may take a variety of forms and functions, such as the "mushy kapushis noted above.