Christmas Holiday Greetings 1981
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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1981 was a very full year. This top picture hints at the many events:. Continuing working as before in Santa Rosa, we had been experimenting with the Art of Play, a type of creative drama for adults that used psychodramatic methods to draw the characters forward. We explored the possibilities of this method in workshops with friends. Meanwhile, at the level of imagination, seed-characters are emerging. Some are becoming established, others are a little new.

 Some closer-up pictures express more of the variety of character-formations:

 More about this form on other webpages. Suffice it to say that were this cosmic "energy" to be tapped, we could more fully imagine all sorts of things.
 Here again is the idea that there may be spiritual teachings that are low in theory, compensating for Pooh-Bah's wordiness.

 Right there in your tummy: Listen to the bubble sounds as these guys play bubbleball games.
 Able to leap tall flowers with a single bound; more powerful than a speeding hummingbird!

   These characters begin to have their own back-story, their own evolution.


Once there was a Chinese philosopher who dreamt he was a butterfly and awoke to wonder: "Perhaps I am a equally really a butterfly who is dreaming that I am a philosopher."
 This Fairy Godshveetie  was actually in-formed and incarnated as my soul mate whom I was lucky enough to meet and marry (i.e., Allee).

And others, in enlarged form may be contemplated:

Pooh-Bah has split off from the Wizard of Ah's (a Halloween Role this year). Other characters also visible.
  Slightly more detail on several characters, such as the lower Blatner-Mouse on the lower left, Rumpled-Stilsky, Dr. Shmud makes his more fully-realized appearance, there's Winifred-the-Witch again...