Christmas Holiday Greetings 1980
(Adam Blatner's Autobiographical Notes)

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In 1980, we moved again from 3173 Idaho Drive to 1538 Leonard Avenue, a slightly larger home closer to the private practice office I had opened on 114 Sotoyome Drive. I also worked part-time at the Sonoma County Mental Health Clinic. A little grey kitten “Poomie” adopted us this fall, which helped with the loss of Miffer-Pooh (Allee’s kitty since 196?) who died earlier in the year. I also began part-time clinic work. We began folk dancing classes with Marilyn Smith.

The drawing re-presents some of the characters from the previous year, and adds some new ones. The Wizard of Ah’s has split off a new elf-teacher, Pooh-Bah, with all those weird symbols. (Each one stands for something, but he hasn’t explained them all. Some vaguely look like alchemical symbols, though!) In the middle is Chuck-Chay, a dancing elf from Azerbaijan, I think, or a dimension that resonates with that region. He speaks in Jib-reesh as well as dances.

We were visited by Zordak, a visitor from outer space, or beyond space... the proto-typical alien. Nice guy, though. Gonzo might be seen at the top. The Muppet Movie had just come out and I was very touched, very impressed by many of the images and songs—especially the lyrics to The Rainbow Connection and I’m Going to Go Back There Someday.

On the upper left is a mandalamandala with a tantrayantra in the middle, the beginning of a continuing interest in expressing metaphysical intuitions in the form of mandalas.

Down front are two hand puppets that came out and helped express two aspects of my psyche: Mr. Worry, unsure, hand-wringing; to be treated and therapized by Professor Doctor. Perhaps Mr. Worry is also bothered by Booga Booga, the spirit that would if he could freak you out with whatever neurotic anxiety he can manage. (Patricia Sun, a spiritual teacher, introduced this idea, at a workshop at Westerbeke ranch near Sonoma, but I cartoon’d him.) Down front is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life drawn as a 3-D object—we’d have more use for that later.