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(Revised July 11, 2013) 
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  InnerStar (6/24/13)   (Neiman-Marcus Catalog 2010 mandalas)  

Adam/s Marvelous Mandalas 1 (preview)

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 Adjust-o-Meter (another "control panel")

Labyrinth VIII  (by Erik Heyninchk (1952), an artist who expresses my intuition of the quality of the Oversoul Realm and its artistic complexity)

 Some of my 2007  mandalas have been posted. I've also creating some mandala coloring books in case you want to buy them!.

  To see a kind of funny self-portrait of me and some of my characters, click here.

  Most of my Christmas Holiday cartoon-doodles, 1979 - 2010 , with pages and pages of mandalas, intricate drawings, and fun for analysis and just mind-boggle play

  Cartoons I did while attending the University of California, Berkeley
         Miss You 
cartoons I did while attending the University of California (San Francisco) Medical School 1959-1963

   Also, click here for an explanation of the mandala-drawings I send out with my cartoon-doodles.

Snrk, the garden troll, reminds us:
There is another realm of being
-- accessible only by imagination --
in which the magnificent and
amazing are commonplace.
Come and visit this realm!



This is a Valentine version of the Shree Yantra,
a meditative diagram derived from the domain of
contemplative Tantric Yoga. The triangles
 represent the interplay of the downward-
flowing evolutionary or manifesting cosmic energy
and the upward-unfolding involutionary process
of deepening awareness of the spiritual source.

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