Mandalas 2008
by Adam Blatner

Posted 12/10/08
Here are some others I've done this year.  For more about mandalas, read my paper on this topic.  Click on the following links  to see last year's mandalas and others, as well as the meanings of my mandalas.  Print 'em off, copy them onto transparencies, color them, tape them to a window. Be Amazed!

Below: December 9: "The Many Eyes of the Oversoul"

Beginning with a circle drawn by a compass and straight edge,

dividing it by 9, and sub-dividing the divisions, I warm up with some geometric exercises. Then I see where it wants to go:

 In this case, the circles within the edg overlap making ovals---variations of the geometric form called the "vesica pisces" (i.e. literally, bladder of the fish), and watching what forms emerge from that. The doodles are more than cartoons, not exactly drawings.

       The esoteric meaning refers to the intuition that one "oversoul" might influence and play its "life" out on multiple stages in many eras---and perhaps on other planets, too. This metaphor, hinted at in Jane Robert's channeled entity "Seth," and also by William James a century ago, invites us to a long look at our existence, playing out the development and awakening into consciousness of divine creativity on many levels.

Here are some other mandalas I've drawn this year:

Fireflake (February, 2008), done during a Senior University Georgetown lecture. Hey, there are snowflakes, so why not fireflakes?
 Seed-Seed: Where do seeds come from from the level of the akashic record or the implicate order? Another March 2008 revelation!

"What is he drawing down there?" the folks behind me at the Summer session of the Senior University Georgetown ask. This is a 7-sided talisman from the planet Bongo in Nether-Nether land, which is like Never-Never land, but one level down. Anyway, if you can read the words around the edges and identify the flying creatures, then your imagination flies better than mine. I don't ask questions, just draw what they show me.
   Spiralcircles, another important symbol, though this time the face on the medallion for reaching yet new levels in the ascending spiral of consciousness evolution. At this level, the mind is liberated in its capacity to improvise, confabulate, and generate captions for drawings such as the design on this medal. This is from the neighboring planet of Bongo Bongo, also in Nether-Nether land, but the people here are a tad bit sillier.