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November 19, 2015

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Psychotherapy and General Psychology Topics:

{A Psychiatrist's Notebook: A Brief Introduction to the other articles in this section of the website:}  (June, 2006)

Action Explorations (1) (February, May 2012)

   Action Explorations (2) (June 2012)

Aggregate Experiences     (1/16/07)

 Anger Management: Some Techniques

Applied Role Theory: A User-Friendly Language for Psychology    (5/2/06)

Archetypes: The Relevance of the Concept

The Art of Case Presentation

The Art of Case Formulation

The Art of Psychotherapy: Reflections    (12/28/06)

Auto-Tele: Clarifying Your Inner World  (3/18/11)

Being Nice: It's Not So Easy    (12/6/05)

Believing: Considering the Psychology    (8/28/11)

Belongingness         (6/20/08)

Beyond Psychotherapy   2/12/10

Breadth of Existence: Ripples in the Cosmos     (3/17/11)

Bringing Others Forth: Reflections on Helping   (8/18/06)

Broadening the Horizons of Psychotherapy (5/15/08)

Boundaries & Access in Relationships (1/27/10)

A Checklist for Diagnosing Factors Contributing to Depression  (4/26/10)

"The Choosing Self": Developing the meta-role functions.   (5/2/06) 

 The "Collective" in Psychology

Complexities of Mind   (1/14/07)

Conflict Resolution: Techniques    (12/11/02)

Control and Surrender: Seeking a Wise Balance   (7/6/08)

Creative Arts Therapies: Some Perspectives  (11/14/04)

Creative Mythmaking

Creativity in a Time of Change        (5/9/2010)

Demystifying Mysticism (10/21/11)

Deep Maturity: (A lecture series for Senior University Georgetown)  October, 2008
    1. Introduction         2. Principles (based on Tarot Cards)
    3. Further Principles    4. Psycho-Alchemy   4a. (Further notes on Alchemy)
     5. Mandalas and Soul Lessons            6. Maps of the Journey
   Addenda: "Merit Badges"    Esoteric Mandalas

Depths of Psychology: "A Poor, Forked Creature"  12/07

The Developmental Nature of Consciousness Transformation   (2004, posted 12/10)   

Diagnosis in Psychiatry  (June 15, 2006) 

Diagnostic Variables--The Most "Relevant" Ones

Doubt versus Conviction: A Spectrum of Temperament

Emotional Intelligence & Social & Emotional Learning: Some References

Exploring Interpersonal Preference     2/11/07

The Expressive Arts Therapies: Some Reflections    9/12/12

Factors in Human Development (Infancy-Teen Years)   6/12/11

Factors in Adult Development    6/12/11

Five Levels of Awareness   

Forgiveness           (10/18/05)

Four Types of Learning

Grief Work: Principles and Strategies  (2/19/05)

Gifted Children: Social and Emotional Needs (Interview, February 2011)

Reflections on Hazing

Hermeneutics: The Art of Interpretation     (4/4/08)

The Hero Process

The Hero's Journey

History of Psychotherapy (Reflections and Very Brief Overview) (5/12)
    (1) Introduction and Freud through Rank (early 1930s)
    (2) Psychoanalysis at its Height, Behaviorism, Group Therapy Late 1930s - early 1950s.
    (3) Innovations in Psychotherapy---Humanistic, Family, Others 1960s - 1980s.
    (4) Developments in the 1990s and Beyond. Continuing Trends.
    (5) Further Reflections   (5/26/12)

Illusions (1): Recognizing Misleading Illusions    (6/10/11)
    Illusions (2): Supplemental Notes            (6/10/11)

Imagination Development Introduction       (10/19/14)
   2. Surrealism in the Comics
   3. Faeries and Elves
      3a. Bibliography on Faeries, Elves, etc.
   4. Playful Travels Among the Dimensions
   5. Mythmaking, Gilgamesh
   6. Applications

"Imaginative Abuse"


The "Inner Brat": Considering the Primal Illusions   12/07

Just a Little Bit: Reflections Lesser Psychodynamics

Mandalas: Practical Applications (Part 1, Basic Principles)  (Presentation at the AATA Conference 11/09)
 Mandalas: Part 2, Further Applications.

Medications: A Psychiatrist's Perspective  (June 15, 2006)   

Meta-Cognition: Thinking About Thinking   (October, 2013)

   1. Introduction: Why we should do this, Illusions, Role as Tool (9/30/13)
      a. A listing of Illusions
   2. Effective Thinking
   3. Creativity and Playfulness
   4. Social Embeddedness
   5. Language as Illusion
   6. Spirituality

Metaphors in Psychotherapy

(The) More We Can Be (about Role Expansion as a Primary Drive) 8/06

Mutuality in Psychotherapy

Not in the Books: Some Personal Observations

Nonverbal Communications Part 1: Overview

Nonverbal Communications, Part 2: Learning by Using Experiential Methods

Ongoing Negotiations     12/07

Papers about "Oppression"
    Aspects of Oppression     (6/2/10)
    Thoughts on Oppression (8/25/06)
    Varieties of Subtle Oppression  (5/24/10)
     Morenian Methods and the Theatre of the Oppressed (6/6/10)
     The Semantics of Oppression

Optimism (Reasons for Optimism) 2/17/06

Paradigm Shifts (Current--Overview)     (6/26/08)  

   Paradigm Shift 1: Meta-Meta-Cognition    (6/22/08)

Perpetrator PTSD: Thoughts About Unresolved Guilt     5/31/07

Personal Meaning: Associated Fields

Personal Meaning: Deepening via Dramatic Approaches

Postmodernism: Frequently Asked Questions (7/27/02)

Pre-Conscious Mind: Addressing the... (a key to therapy and consciousness-raising)  01/24/12

The Primal Illusions of the "Inner Brat"    (11/20/07)

Psychological-ization    (3/21/07)

Psychological Literacy   (4/07/10)

Relational Disorders: Problems of "Diagnosis"

Role Dynamics: An Integrative Approach to Psychology
    and a User-Friendly Language

Role Theory Bibliography  (2/6/05)

Role Questions (What you can ask yourself about a role; 2/6/06)

Role Analysis  (8/3/05)

Self-Awareness (Six Lectures for Senior University Georgetown, October, 2009)
    1. Introduction              2.  Motivations               3. Foolish Coping Techniques
    4. Body Cues, Temperament, & other Factors    5. Social Connectedness 
    6. Spirituality & Summary

Self: Psychological Reflections on the Nature of the Self (3/29/06)

Self-Deception: Understanding through Role Dynamics  (10/1/09)

Semantics: How Words Mean , (July, 2013)

“Shrink” or “Expander”: Re-evaluating the Psychotherapist’s Role  2/12/10    

Social Being-Ness: How we are socially embedded  (8/3/05)

Social Depth Psychology (See "Sociometry" Below---multiple papers.) Also "Tele" (below)

Social Psychology (A Lecture Series, February, 2015)
    1. Introduction
    2. Role Theory
    3. Social Status
    4. Nonverbal Communication
    5. Interpersonal Preferences (Sociometry)
    6. Oppression and Conclusion

Tele: The Dynamics of Rapport (7/6/09)

Theology: Reflections on Moreno's Theology (4/10/13)

Unhelpful Overgeneralizations: A Form of Psychobabble  (7/18/03)

The University of Yourself: A Curriculum for Integrative Learning  (10/14/05)

The World Needs You: A Brief Reflection on Meaning  (8/01/01)

    1: Overview (9/29/11)    2.  Philosophical Visionaries (Ken Wilber and others)  (10/3/11)
     3: Psychology  (10/10/11)     4. Education  (10/17/11  )        5. Evolution and Consciousness  (10/24/11)
     6. Inter-Spirituality   (10/31/11)    (6b: Summary   10/31/11)

Wisdom-ing    (12/10 from article in 2005)

Psychodrama Topics:

Blatner's Chapter on Psychodrama (Chapter 13 on Psychodrama in Corsini & Wedding's 7th edition {2005} of their textbook, Current Psychotherapies. It also has updated references to 2007, and some more recent notes.)

Action Explorations (2/10/12) See Action Explorations 2, also

Advancing Theory in Psychodrama: Notes  (11/05) 

Announcements of International and National Psychodrama Events
  (Periodically updated)

Applied Improvisation: J. L. Moreno as a Pioneer   9/22/12

Awards given by the American Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama (ASGPP) in the Past      (7/20/06)

ASGPP Conferences  (See below for "International Conferences")
    2013 Webpage (highlighting international visitors)

Axiodrama   4/7/08

Beyond Psychotherapy (Plenary presentation at the 2013 ASGPP Conference)

Books and Papers about Psychodrama for Sale!   (New!)

Considering Moreno's Contributions     8/06

Directory of Psychodramatists: Photos and Captions, National & International!

Drama in Education as Mental Hygiene: A Child Psychiatrist's Perspective (8/20/02)

Expanding Communications Through Psychodrama    4/4/08

Exploring Your Spiritual Journey Using Action Methods   (4/18/11)

Empty Chair Grief Work Marvin Knittel  (April 2010 article)

Family Therapy: Psychodramatic Methods in F.T(1994)

Family Sculpture in Psychodrama, An Example    9/4/09

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  (1/23/95)

Glossary of Psychodrama Terms  (Please Help!) (1/11/13)

"Grouptalk": A Psychodrama Listserve: How to Subscribe  (updated 8/10)

Historical Distortions of Psychodrama: Mistakes in the Professional Literature  (6/29/02)

Another Recent Example of a Historical Distortion of Psychodrama (9/26/02)

Historical Outline of Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama  (7/23/07)

   History of Psychodrama 1940s-1980s  (01/17/13)

History of Psychodrama: Miscellaneous Notes  (6/30/02)

History of Psychodrama
     Criminology: Time Magazine, June, 1969  (Richard Korn's Work) (7/27/13)
       Photo Gallery about Moreno, Moreno's stage design (and other stage design), other historical pioneers.
          Other figures nationally and internationally in a Psychodrama Photo Directory

The History of Psychodrama in Brazil  (6/14/03)

Imagination Development (Supplement to Workshop at ASGPP Conference, April, 2010)

Imaginative Interviews: A Psychodramatic Warm-up for Developing Role-Playing Skills  (10/01/02)

Improvisational Theology   (8/16/12)

Innovations & Integrations in Psychodrama   (6/17/12)

International Conference Pictures
    Forthcoming and Recent (2005-2014) Conferences

International Psychodrama News
    Past International Psychodrama News A-E
       Past International Psychodrama News F-M
           Past International Psychodrama News N-Z

Making Magic: Part of the Drama Therapist's (or Psychodramatist's) Repertoire  (11/06/03)

The Magic Shop: Notes  (6/30/02)

Master of Ceremonies: A New Role for Psychodramatists & Drama Therapists    (4/21/06)

Moreno's "Idee Fixe(7/02)

Moreno's Influence on Martin Buber's Dialogical Philosophy -- Robert Waldl  (2/7/10)

Morenian Methods and the Theatre of the Oppressed  (6/6/10)

Morenian Methods in the Treatment of Psychosis (Reinhard Krueger's Paper, 8/09, posted here)

Open Letter to Psychodramatists  (4/4/10)

Performance Awareness (A consideration of its associated psycho-social     dynamics).   November, 2006 ... Also, a related paper on the
Development of Performance Awareness

Photo Directory of Psychodramatists (index)
     including photos of international leaders)
     Photos of Dr. J. L. Moreno, Zerka Moreno (and other Historical Figures)
           "        scenes on psychodrama stages
       Photographs of the "Moreno Wood" in Brazil
Our International Colleagues (Photos from 2013 ASGPP Conference)

A "Psychodramatic" Story (an old Hasidic Tale)

Psychodrama 'a deux' (applications in one-to-one counseling)  Jim Vandermay 5/21/08

Psychodrama and Psychoanalysis (A panel at the April, 2010 ASGPP conference)
   II: Dr. Amy Schaffer's Paper
  III: Dr. Dominick Grundy's paper: An Imagined Dialogue between Moreno and Freud

Rationale for Psychodrama (4/7/13)

Resources in Psychodrama

The "Richness" of Psychodrama (8/26/02)

Re-Visioning Psychodrama (Plenary Presentation at ASGPP, 4/11/08)

Psychodrama as Ritual (4/9/10)

Role Dynamics: An Integrative Approach to Psychology
    and a User-Friendly Language

Role Playing in Education  (1995 -> 10/18/09)

Shakespeare's "Proto-Psychodrama"
  by John Casson  (posted 12/02/11)

Sociodrama (Reflections and Introductory Remarks)  posted 10/17/09

Sociodrama in a Changing World (Table of Contents)    (posted 3/23/11)

Sociodrama in Education (paper written first in 2006, posted 10/17/09)

Sociodramatic Role-Play: Exploring the Theoretical Foundations of Applied Theatre
(e.g., sociodrama, psychodrama, drama therapy, etc.)  721/11

Sociometry Bibliography (Revised, 7/3/09)

Sociometry Notes 1    (7/6/09)

Sociometry Notes 2: Exploring Your Connectedness  (7/6/09)

Sociometry Notes 3:  Current Issues  (7/29/04)

Sociometry: The Dynamics of Rapport    6/21/2011  (a paper appearing in the Group Psychologist in two parts in 2010)

Sociometry as Social-Depth Psychology     10/7/12 

    Social Depth Psychology  10/21/12

    Sociometry: A Social Depth Psychology (7/15/13)

Spirituality: Using Action Methods  (11/04/11). Also see above under "Exploring Spiritual Journeys" (posted April 2011) on a similar theme, but with different content.)

(The Psychodrama) Stage (Diagrams and Descriptions)  (3/24/08)

Teaching Empathy  (9/4/02)

Tele: The Dynamics of Rapport  ( 7/6/09)

Theoretical Foundations of Psychodrama (1998 -->5/2/06)

Theory in Psychodrama (Part 2)  (6/5/02)

Why Drama? Considering the Underlying Rationale for Using Interactive and Improvisational Drama            October, 2006

Zerka Moreno's Workshop Notes

Zerka Moreno: Many Faces of Drama (1997)

(see also under philosophy below, articles on Re-Story-ing the Soul and Enacted Dialogue) 

Philosophy & Spirituality

Approaches to a New Religious Sensibility  (Jan 30, 2009)

The Great Story (1): The Epic of Evolution (General Thoughts)
(June 9, 2010; still adding pictures, comments)
    The Great Story 2 : from The Big Bang to the Emergence of Life (June 10, 2010)
    The Great Story 3 : from Life to the Emergence of Consciousness in Humans (June 11, 2010)
    4. Further Supplements to the Great Story, miscellaneous ideas and images  (June 10, 2010)

Science versus Religion  (2/6/09)
Intelligent Design: A Commentary (8/18/05)
     The Fine-Tuned Universe   (mid-2005)

     Critiquing the Leaps of Faith Associated with
       the Concept of the Biblical God

Comments by Adam Blatner on
      Wayne Teasdale's List of Needed Paradigm Shifts  (9/05)
      Issues in Interfaith Spirituality
      Guidelines  for Inter-Religious Understanding (11 /05)
      Ten Principles of Creation Spirituality (11/05)

Postmodernism: The Implications for Psychotherapy

Ethical Issues That Need to be Considered Nowadays

Exploring Spiritual Issues using Enacted Dialogue

Faith and the Matrix of Meaning     (11/17/06)

God Actively Being Everything     (12/24/06)

Image-ing God: a theological contemplation

Interfaith Spirituality: Six Lectures: (1/26/08 - 3/3/08)
    1: Overview   2. Cultural Trends.  3: L. Reed: Further Aspects.   4. L. Mitchell: Experience and Enthusiasm
    5. Common Denominators.           6.  Implications

Life is Greater than What Can Be Lived   (11/26/08)

My Mandala Drawings and Their Meanings      (12/6/05)

     Esoteric Mandalas  (11/27/08)

     More Mandalas     2008      2007      (12/08)

Myths for Today 

Poetic Theology   (1/30/07)                        

Practicing Dying 

(The) Process Theology of Alfred North Whitehead:
   Its Relevance from a Psychiatrist's Perspective    (2002)
      Related: The Implications of Process Philosophy    (2005)

Proportionality in Religion     12/16/08

Re-Story-ing the Soul

Scientists' Bible   12/07

Spiritual Issues in Psychotherapy: Some Common Themes

The Sri Yantra as a Symbol for Contemplation          (12/12/08)
   Beyond the Sri Yantra---Some of my own interpretations-1    7/21/13

The Tree of Life According to Kabbalah: A Map of the Soul  

  References to Papers on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life   

  Supplemental Material on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life  

    Another Essay on the Tree of Life

   Drawings of the Tree of Life Diagram (1)
The Tarot of Creativity

Yoga: the Wider Dimensions      1/12/09

Other Topics

Why Attacking Iraq is a Baaad Idea: 18+ reasons

Why we should leave Iraq: 20 or more reasons 

Challenging the "war on drugs"   2004, 2011
    Supplement (2015): Epilogue by Russell Jones, from his 2012 book, Honorable Intentions.

Folk Dancing for Fun

History of Medicine: Some Stories (Lectures Given to Feburary 2009 Senior University Georgetown)
      1. Introduction: Invention of the Microscope, Beginnings of Germ Theory
          1a: Supplement: Very Brief Overview Pre-history to around 1550.
          1b. Supplement:  Very Brief Overview: History of Medicine since 1600.
          1c: Supplement:  Further History of the Microscope
       2. Contagion, Infection, Antisepsis
       3. The Beginnings of Immunology
       4. Anaesthetics
       5. Dietary Deficiency Diseases (still being worked on)
       6. Hygeine: Cholera, Hookworm, Sanitation.
            6a: Dental Hygiene and Plaque Control

Renaissance: Lesser Known Aspects of the Early Renaissance
 (Lectures given at the October 2010 session of Senior University Georgetown)
      1. Introduction and Overview (Posted 10/29/10 provisional!)
          1a. The History of Printing  (To be gradually composed and posted in November ?)
      2. Humanism and Neoplatonism
      3. Syphilis
      4. Minor Revolutions in Medicine: Vesalius, Paracelsus and Others.
      5. The Witch-Hunts.
      6. Summary and Reflections on History, Comparisons with Our Present Era.

Singing for the Fun of It
    Song-Fest Song Sheet Sampler
    Simple Heart-Songs    (9/18/2011)

Alphabets & Writing Systems: ("Scriptology")

Scriptology (a lecture series for the Winter-Spring 2011 session of Senior University Georgetown)
   1. Introduction     2a. Very Early History (Primal and Early Inventions). Early History (Babylonian & Egyptian)   3b. Mid-History        4. Later Developments
       5. Invented Alphabets       6a: Playing Around with Alphabets  6b. Summary

      Notes on Scriptology   (6/27/08) 

Bibliography on Alphabets & Writing Systems

Why My Mother Threw Out My Comic Books
    Part 1: A Brief History 1890s to 1948 (Setting up the Main Drama)  (posted 6/14/09)
    Part 2:  The EC Comics Story, Dr. Fredric Wertham, and the Comics Code (not yet posted)
    Part 3: A Brief History of  Comic Books after 1956

Pure Imagination (a photo essay about me in the November 2015 issue of our community magazine, Sun Rays).

Foolin' Around

Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy (#!) (5/31/11)         Journal   No. 2      (01/06/11)

Trying to Explain (An Occasional Paper)    (5/31/11)

Moldy-Dimensional Whatever (6/15/11)                         Mysterio-solo-mio   (6/17/11)

Confabulations 1  (8/29/10)          Confabulations 2    (8/31/10)       Confabulations 3    (8/30/10)

Confabulations 4    (4/18/11)         Confabulations 5  (5/12/11)            Confabulations 6 (5/12/11)

Confabulations 7
(5/12/11)            Confabulations 8 (5/12/11)             
Confabulations 9   (5/26/11)

Confabulations 10 (5/30/11)       Confabulations 11   (8/16/11)         Confabulations 12   (9/30/11)

Fractal Metaphysics   (1/06/11)    Confabulations 13  (11/27/11)    Confabulations 14  (11/28/11)

Confabulations 15     (6/7/12)       Confabulations 16 (6/7/12)             Confabulations 17   (6/7/12)

Confabulations 18   (6/17/12)      Confabulations 19                     Confabulations 20 (6/15/12)

Confabulations 21 (8/23/12)        Confabulations 22   (11/22/12)      Confabulations 23  (01/18/13)

Confabulations 24 (7/10/13)          Confabulations 25 (World-making) (7/12/13)    Confabulations 26 7/17/13

Confabulations 27                          Confabulations 28  7/20/13

Confabulations 29                             Confabulations 30    7/24/13           Confabulations 31   11/11/13

Confabulations 32 (Eeksplanations)  12/03/13             Confabulations 33 (Spiritual Mitochondria)  (12/06/13)

Confabulations 34 (Experimentations) 01/24/14        Confabulations 35 What's It Like (7/27/15)

Explanations Index (A series of webpages that playfully and with illustrations explain what it's all about.
 A bit of art-philosophical-poetry.)


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