(An occasional paper of the Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy)
Adam Blatner,
Confabulologist Extraordinaire

January 17, 2011             For more fun, see No. 2 of this Journal      See other papers on Confabulology at the bottom of my papers webpage above.


And Yet Another Viewpoint

The metaphor of the maze is widely used in various cultures, along with the labyrinth. God-as-essence (aka Godessence) enjoys our participating, co-creating, and indeed, our subjective participation is absolutely necessary for the final material expression of cosmic becoming. We need to "step up to the plate," to present ourselves with the optimal level of love-ing, faith-ing, and responsibility-ing (these qualities must be recognized as verbs, what is done, not as possessions or inert qualities). Too much and we are over-controlling, our ego-will interfering with the permeability of Grace; too little (which is equally if not more common) and insufficient aligned psychic energy has been brought to bear. It's very organic. The right amount of hormone to the right level of tissue development, and puberty emerges. Too soon, too late, too much, too littel, and the process becomes somewhat pathological. So it is with the optimal level of will-attunement, attention and receptivity, surrender and the various operations from "the other side." I estimate around 30%  plus or minus 3%--- more or less than that amount of personal attention-attunement-will-receptivity tends to be either insufficient or too much.

More, it's mysterious, multi-dimensional. It must follow a puzzle-path that involves the temperament, interests, historical era, cultural background, personal family background, and thousands of other variables that make up what it means to be a person-in-the-world. Only in form can the archetypes be fully expressed, and even then, they need to play off of others and groups and cultures, so it evolves gradually.

The Tree of Life

As represented to the right, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a diagramatic representation of the many layers of emergence and manifestation that culminate in our moment-to-moment becoming-ness. (Many other contemplations on the kabbalistic tree of life may be found elsewhere on this website and on the internet.) Ego and self is on one hand an illusion---an aggregate experience----but it is no mere illusion. It's a dynamic, multi-dimensional process that requires a growing but not overwhelming direction of intentionality, will, and sense of one's own place in the whole, however imperfect that sense may be. We need to act somewhat---the aforementioned 30%---and also we need to surrender, to be open to others' actions, to engage in feedback and co-creatiivity, and to weave these operations together. It's a maze, an a-maz-ing maze, and one cannot do it right. It's a creative exploration and co-creation rather than a process in which a single pre-determined correct answer operates either as force or lure.

Maze Variants

The nature of the mine-field of the mind-field is that it might be imagined as a kind of ever-shifting maze. I'm reminded of the shifting stairways at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter stories. Recognize that your mind does this---it is inconstant, not just in its sleep-wake cycle, but as it circumambulates among your various roles, becoming more or less attached, stuck, mired, liberated from, and in other ways micro-heroic-journey-ing through each maze. Some of those phases or roles might be imagined to operate in the fields to the left.

 There are various ratios such as 5/8  that may be considered...
...or the patterns of fertilization of flowers by bees...

Enough for now. You might enjoy reading other confabulations about the textures of reality,  the nature of soul-concrescence,