Awards Given by the
American  Society of  Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama

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J. L. Moreno Award,   Zerka Moreno Award,     Hannah B. Wiener Award,        The Innovators' Award 
The Collaborators' Award,    The David A. Kipper Scholar's Award,     The Neil Pasariello Memorial Award

Fellowship in the ASGPP

J.L. Moreno Award

Established in 1991, this award is given for outstanding life-long contributions in the field of psychodrama for over 30 years.
1991 - Doris Twitchell Allen, PhD, TEP
1991 - Eugene Eliasoph, MSW, TEP
1991 - Lewis Yablonsky PhD, TEP
1992 - Gretel A. Leutz, M.D., TEP
1992 - Anne Schutzenberger, Ph.D.
1993 - James Sacks, PhD, TEP
1994 - Elaine Eller Goldman, PhD, TEP
1994 - David A. Kipper, PhD, TEP
1995 - Robert W. Siroka, PhD, TEP
1996 - Abel K. Fink, TEP, EdD
1997 - Carl Hollander, EdD, TEP
1998 - John Nolte, PhD, TEP
1999 - Adam Blatner, MD, TEP
2000 - Sandra Garfield, PhD, TEP
2001 - Don Edward Clarkson, MSW, TEP
2002 - Ann E. Hale, MA, TEP
2003 - Dale Richard Buchanan, PhD, LICSW, TEP
2004 - Marcia Karp, MA, TEP
2005 - Elaine Ades Sachnoff, PhD
2006 - Dorothy Baldwin Satten, PhD, TEP
         - Jacqueline Dubbs Siroka, ACSW, TEP
2007 - Alton Barbour, PhD, TEP
2008 - Antonina "Nina" Garcia, LCSW, EdD, RDT/BCT, CGP, TEP
Nina getting award, Dale, ? Dena.. Nina,  Natalie..

2009 - Donna Little, MSW, TEP
2010 - Natalie Winters, EdD, TEP
2011 - René Marineau, PhD
2012 - Elizabeth White, M.Ed., TEP
2013 - Herb Propper, PhD, TEP
2014 - Dena Baumgartner, PhD, TEP, CGP

The Zerka T. Moreno Award

Established 1984, this is given annually to an individual who is not a TEP or a Fellow of the Society for distinguished work in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. Selection is based on accomplishments in the categories of:  publications; professional presentations; research; professional activities leading to the increasing utilization and awareness of psychodrama; ASGPP membership activities.
1984 - Hilarion Petzold, M.D.
1986 - Peter Pitzele, PhD
1987 - Willda Lee Hoffman, PhD
1989 - Rene Marineau PhD
1991 - Terry Rustin, M.D.
1992 - Judy Swallow, MA
1993 - Hector Sabelli, M.D.
1994 - Alyce Smith-Cooper, MA
1995 - Andrew R. Hughey, PhD
1996 - Mari Pat McGuire, MSW
1997 - Daniel J. Wiener, PhD, ABPP
1999 - Shelley Alexander, MSW, PAT
2000 - Linda Kay Oxford, LCSW
2001 - Joseph T. Duehl, LCSW, PAT
2002 - Mary Jo Amatruda, MA, MS, PAT
2003 - Roberto Cancel, MA, PAT
2004 - Eva Leveton, MS, MFT
2005 - Edward Schreiber, MED, LADC, PAT
2006 - none
2007 - Johnny Olesen, MA, CP, PAT
2008 - Linda Ciotola, MEd, CP, PAT.
2009 - Adam M. Barcroft, MS, MA, NCC
2010 - none
2011 - Michael Wieser, PhD, ECP, TEP

Zerka T. Moreno Award, 2013. At left, Debra Wingo Gion, then Susan Powell,
 in middle:  Marlo Archer (with ZTM award), then Rebecca Walters, Ann E. Hale
2012 - Zoli Figusch
2013 - Marlo Archer, PhD, PAT
2014 - Steven Durost, PhD, LCMHC,  REAT

Hannah B. Weiner Award

Established in1985, this is presented annually to an individual for outstanding dedication to the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. (The emphasis here is on helping the ASGPP as an organization.)
1985 - Ellen K. Siroka, Ed.D
1986 - Elaine Goldman, PhD, TEP
1987 - Robert W. Siroka, PhD, TEP
1988 - James Sacks, PhD, TEP
1989 - Peter Mendelson, PhD
1990 - Laura R. Chasin, MSW
 “        Julia Whitney, PhD, TEP
1991 - Sandra Garfield, PhD, TEP
1992 - Donna Little, MSW, TEP
1993 - Christine Jacobson, PhD, CP
1994 - Dale Richard Buchanan, PhD, TEP
1995 - Peter J. Rowan, TEP
1996 - Ann E. Hale, MA, TEP
1997 - Jacqueline Dubbs Siroka, ACSW, TEP
1998 - Alton Barbour, PhD, TEP
1999 - David F. Swink, MA, TEP
2000 - Eugene Eliasoph, CISW, TEP
2001 - Donell Miller, PhD, TEP
2001 - Patricia L. Phelps, PhD
2002 - Stephen F. Kopp, MS, TEP
2003 - Tom W. Treadwell, Ed.D., TEP
2004 - Louise Lipman, CSW-R, TEP
2005 - Gong Shu, PhD, TEP
2006 - Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP
2007 - Natalie Winters, EdD, TEP
2008 - Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP
2009 - Vickey Finger, MSW, TEP
          - Rosalie Minkin, MSW, TEP
2010 - Rebecca Walters, MS, TEP

Lorelei Goldman
2011 - John Rasberry, M.Ed. LMFT, TEP
2012 - Linda Condon, LMHC, TEP
2013 - Sue McMunn, LCSW, ACSW, PAT  (photo on website)
2014 - Lorelei Joy Goldman, MA, TEP  (photo to the right-->)

The Innovators Award

Established 1994, this is presented annually, when appropriate, to a member of The American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama whose work significantly and in new directions extends the applications or methods of psychodrama, sociometry, and/or group psychotherapy.
1995 - Jonathan Fox, MA, TEP, and Jo Salas, MA, CMT (for Playback Theatre)
1996 - Daniel J. Tomasulo, PhD, TEP   applications with developmentally disabled
1996 - Eugene Eliasoph, MSW, TEP   applications with autism?Patricia Sternberg, MA, RDT
1997 - Julia Whitney, PhD, TEP   ? reason
1998 - Louise Lipman, CSW, TEP
1998 - Laverne Washington, MSW  
1999 - Peter Pitzele, PhD, TEP, Bibliodrama
2000 - Ildri L. Bie Ginn, MA, TEP, CBT,    For body work and pd?
2001 - Kate Hudgins, PhD, TEP    For Therapeutic Spiral method
     and work with post-traumatic disorders
2002 - John Raven Mosher, MA, TEP   For healing circle, medicine wheel
2003 - Natalie Winters, EdD, CHT, TEP,   for spirituality and psychodrama
2004 - Carlos Raimundo, M.D.    For “Play of Life” method
2005 - Eberhard Scheiffele, PhD, RDT, CP,   for applications in theatre arts
2006 - Susan G. Aaron, BA, for applications of body work integrated with psychodrama
2007 - Joseph Moreno, PhD,  for integrations of music therapy and psychodrama
2008 - Georgia Rigg, LCSW, TEP   for integration of psychodrama with the Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor approach.

Maryann Shapiro presenting to Georgia  Rigg; sitting: Jack Shupe
2009 - Kathy Amsden, MSW
2010 - Connie Miller, MS, TEP
         - Ron Anderson, STM, TEP
2011 - Rebecca M. Ridge, Ph.D., LMT, TEP
2012 - (1) (For work with Lawyers): Don Clarkson, MSW, LICSW, TEP; John Nolte, PhD, TEP; Katlin Larimer, ACSW, TEP;  & Kathie St. Claire, LCSW, TEP.
      (& 2): In education: Amna Jaffer, MA, TEP; Darcy Erickson, MA, TEP.
2013 - none

The Collaborators Award

This is presented annually, when appropriate, to members of The American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama either in pairs or in teams, whose work over time has made a contribution to the learning and practice of psychodrama, sociometry, and/or group psychotherapy, and whose modeling of collaborative roles deserves to be brought to the attention of their peers.
1995 - Ildri L. Bie Ginn, MA, TEP & Robert M. Ginn, MFA, TEP
1995 - Elaine Eller Goldman, Mark Goldman, & & Delcy Schramm Morrison, MA, CP
1996 - Robert W. Siroka & Jacqueline Dubbs Siroka (ACSW, TEP)
1996 - Dorothy Baldwin Satten, PhD, TEP, & Mort Satten, PhD, CP
1997 - Laura Chasin & Richard Chasin, M.D.
1998 - Antonina Garcia & Dale Richard Buchanan
1999 - Kerry Paul Altman, PhD, TEP; Barry Spodak; & David F. Swink, MA, TEP
        (Teaching at St. E’s and then as business and agency consultants)
2000 - Toronto Center Collective
2001 - Elisabeth Pfaefflin & Volkhard Knigge, Phd
2002 - Antonina Garcia & Patricia Sternberg
2003 - Helen Martin, CSW, PAT; Francesca Mercurio, CSW, & Kirsten Olson, MFA
2004 - Dena Baumgartner PhD, TEP, & Milton Hawkins, MA, LICSW, TEP
2005 - Rebecca Walters, MS, TEP, Judy Swallow, MA, TEP
2006 - none
2007 - none
2008 - Ed Schreiber, MEd, TEP & Toni Horvatin, LMSW  for editing the Quintessential Zerka collection of essays.
2009 -
2010 - Martica Bacallao, Ph.D., MSSW & Paul R. Smokowski, Phd. MSW.
2011 -
2012 - Joane Garcia-Colson, BFA, JD, PAT; Fredilyn Sison, JD, CP; & Mary Peckham, JD, PAT (also for bringing psychodrama to lawyers)
2013 - St. Elizabeths Hospital Psychodrama Department: ...a number ..
2014 - Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, LPC, TEP & Robert Szita, MS, LPC, TEP

The David A. Kipper Scholar's Award

Begun in 1994, this is for writers and researchers. This award is presented annually, when an appropriate candidate exists, to that member of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama whose writing and/or research has made a significant contribution to the understanding and practice of psychodrama, sociometry, or group psychotherapy.
1995 - Adam Blatner, M.D., TEP
1996 - Antonina Garcia, MSW, EdD, TEP
1996 - Patricia Sternberg, MA, RDT
1997 - Thomas Treadwell, Phd, TEP
1998 - Paul Holmes, PhD, MRC, Psych.
1999 - Dale Richard Buchanan, PhD, LICSW, TEP
2000 - Ann E. Hale, MA, TEP
2001 - Tian Dayton, PhD, TEP
2002 - Alton Barbour, PhD, TEP
2003 - Ira Greenberg, PhD
2004 - Raymond J. Corsini, PhD
2005 - Daniel J. Tomasulo, PhD, TEP, & Nancy J. Razza, PhD.
2006 - James M. Sacks, PhD, for his tireless work on developing and maintaining a now-online comprehensive bibliography of psychodrama books and articles.
2007 - Elizabeth A. White, MEd, TEP   for the Action Manual
2008 - Clark Baim, MEd, for authorship of articles and books, especially regarding the treatment of offenders, but especially for his work on editing a major anthology on theory in psychodrama, with many international contributors, published by Routledge in 2007.
2009 - Kate Hudgins, PhD, TEP  for the Therapeutic Spiral method, books on trauma, other writings
2010 - Adam Blatner, M.D., TEP. (again)
2011 - Edward Schreiber, MEd, LADC, TEP
2012 - none
2013 - Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, LISW-S, TEP  (nice photo on website) 
2014 - Nien-Hwa Lai, PhD, TEP

The Neil Passariello Memorial Award

This is given to an individual who has made distinguished contributions in the treatment of HIV/AIDS or in the field of HIV/AIDS in general psychodrama or in the spirit of Neil’s work and interests. The recipient is invited to present the Neil Passariello Invitational Workshop at the annual conference.
1992 - Dan Estes, EdD, TEP
1993 - Lo Sprague, PhD, CP
1994 - Zerka T. Moreno
1995 - Robin McCoy Brooks, MA, CP
1995 - Lusijah Marx, RN, MN
1996 - Dale Richard Buchanan, PhD, TEP
1998 - Stephen Kipp, MS, TEP
1999 - Joseph L. Romance, PhD, LCSW, CP
2000 - Ed Schreiber
2001 - Jacob Gershoni
2002 - John Olesen, MA, CP
2003 - Gregory J. Ford, MA
2005 - John Raven Mosher, MA, TEP
2006 - none awarded
2007 - Andrea Sheldon, MS, LMHC
2008 - Paul Lesnik, LCSW, CHT
2009 - Mario Cossa
2010 - none
2011 - none
2012 - Linda Ray Considine, MA, LMHC, PAT
2013 - none


The ASGPP is committed to fostering national and international cooperation of all who are concerned with the theory and practice of psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy. Anyone who has been an active member of the Society for five or more consecutive years and has made a significant contribution to the field or to the Society may be made a Fellow by a vote of two thirds of the Executive Council.
   Earlier awards, see below:
   - Jeanne B. Burger, EdD, LPC, PAT
    - Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, NCC, PAT
   - Nan Nally-Seif, CSW, PAT
   - Kate Cook, MA, LPCC, TEP

   - Carolyn L. Duane, MA, MSW
    - Darcy Erickson, MA, PAT
   - Lawrence A. Formica, MA, TEP
   - Alison E. Hall, MS, CP
   - Richard H. Lee, PhD
   - Patricia B. Park, MA, TEP, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LCDC
   - Ingrid Schirrholz, MA, TEP, Dipe-Psych
   - Bob Szita, MS, LPC, PAT
   - Jude M. Treder-Wolff, MSW
   - Rebecca Walters, MS, TEP

   - Sue Barnum, MA, LPC, CP
   - Kelly H. DuMar, MEd, LMHC, CP
   -  Vickey Finger, CISW, TEP
    - Sue McMunn, LCSW
    - Herb Propper, PhD, PAT
   -  Daniel Wiener, PhD, ABPP
    - Genie Wing, CSW, CETII, BCD
   -  Jean Winslow, MA, LMHC, TEP

   - Hun Jin Choi, MD
   -  Pam Remer, PhD, TEP
   -  RoryRemer, PhD, TEP

2002  None Awarded

   - Carole Oliver, MEd, TEP
    - Nancy Kirsner, PhD, MEd, TEP

2004 ?

2005 - Paula Patterson

Paula Patterson

         - Jack Shupe

2006 - Joseph L. Romance, PhD, LCSW, TEP
         - Rosalie Belazar Minkin, MSW, ATR, TEP
         - Susan Wapner Thiele, LCSW, TEP
         - Lorelei Joy Goldman, MA, TEP

2007 - Jean M. Campbell, MSW, CET, TEP
          - Esly Carvalho, MS, TEP
          - Eberhard Scheiffele, PhD, CP, TEP
          - Jacob Gershoni, MSW, TEP

2008 - Mary Jo Amatruda, MA, MS, NCC, CGP, TEP
          - Mary Bellofatto, MA, CEDS, NCC, CP, PAT

Herb, Cathy, Ed S. Toni, ... Mary  (Dena on top)
          -- Roberto Cancel, MA, MSW, TEP
          - Judith Glass Collins, PhD, RDT, TEP
          - Herb Dandes, PhD, TEP
          - Toni Horvatin, LMSW
          - Sylvia Israel, MA, RDT/BCT, CP
          - Cathy Nugent, MS, LGPC, CP
          - Ed Schreiber, MEd, TEP

2009 - Ed Hug
           Saphira Linden
          Connie Miller

2010 - Linda Ciotola, MEd, TEP
         - Robert  F. Pramann, PhD, TEP
         - John A. Rasberry, MEd., TEP

2012 - Suzie Jary, LCSW, TEP
         - Estelle Fineberg, LCSW, LMFT, TEP
         - Paul Lesnik, LCSW, PAT
         - Mike Traynor, LCSW, GCP, PAT
         - Steve Gordon, JD

2013 - Susan Aaron, BA, RMT
         - Linda Condon, LMHC, TEP
         - Lin Considine, LMHC, TEP
         - Heidi Landis, RDT , LCAT, PAT
         - Sandra Seeger, LMHC, PAT
         - Andrea Sheldon, MS, LMHC, CP
         - Tonya Quillen, LMHC, TEP

 - - - - - - -
Earlier: Unclear when these folks were awarded Fellowship. This list of fellowships is not complete.   Records were not kept or have not yet been found.    Records can be provided from 1998 forward. Re: Fellowship
Fellow Membership in the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama is presented annually to members who have been a member of the society minimally for five years and who have demonstrated concern with the theory and practice of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. (This is from an earlier and un-dated list: Note, some CPs and PATs have advanced to TEP status.)

Kerry P. Altman, PhD, TEP
Ronald L. Anderson, STM, CP
Colleen Baratka, MA, CP
Alton Barbour, PhD, TEP
Dena D. Baumgartner Phd TEP  (since @1990?)
Adam Blatner, M.D., TEP
Jeanne B. Burger, EdD, LPC, PAT
Monica L. Callahan, PhD, TEP
Elaine Camerota, EdD, TEP
Lirinea L. Carlson-SabellF, PhD, TEP
Laura R. Chasin, MSW, LICSW
Richard M. Chasin, MD
Robert O. Clark, PsyD, CaMFC
Don Edward Clarkson, LICSW, TEP
Joni I. Cohen, MN, TEP, RN, MFCC
Maureen S. Colombino, MSW, TEP
Kate Cook, MA, LPCC, TEP
Mario Cossa MA RDT TEP

Clare Danielsson, PhD, TEP
Arthur T. Daus, Jr., MD, FAPM
Tian Dayton, PhD, TEP
F. Anthony Del Nuovo, PhD, TEP
Carolyn L Duane, MA, MSW
Eugene L. Eliasoph, LCSW, TEP
Darcy Erickson, MA, PAT
Abel K. Fink, EdD, TEP
Lawrence A. Formica, MA, TEP
Jonathan M. Fox, MA, TEP
Robert L Fuhlrodt, LCSW, TEP
Anath GarberBarron, MA, TEP
Sandra Garfield, PhD, TEP
Bernice Garfield-Szita, MS, NCC, PAT
George M. Gazda, EdD, TEP
lldri L. Bie Ginn, MA, TEP, CBT
C. Jean Ginsberg
Elaine Eller Goldman, PhD, TEP, CGP
Ira A. Greenberg, TEP, PhD
Ann E. Hale, MA, TEP
Alison E. Hall, MS, CP
June Rabson Hare, MSW, CP
Rochelie J. Haskell, MA, TEP
Milton Hawkins, MA, TEP, LICSW
J. Edward Hazelton, EdD, TEP, LPC, LPCC
Gloria Heineman, MA, TEP
Carl Hollarder, EdD, TEP, LMFT
Paul Holmes MD. TEP
Kate Hudgins Phd TEP
Christine Jacobson, PhD, CP
Deborah Kako, MEd, MA, LMHC
Yvonne S. Kennedy, PhD, CP
David Kipper, PhD, TEP, CGP, ABDP
Tobi Klein, MSW, TEP
Peter L. Kranz, PhD, CP
Rolf J. Krojanker, Md, PhD
Richard H. Lee, PhD
Fran J. Levy, EdD, BCD, CSW, ADTR
Donna Little, MSW, TEP
Arthur E. Littman, MSW, TEP, CSW
Nonie A. Lyon, TEP, EdD, C. Psych
Claire A. Marx, MSW, TEP
Maureen McGovern.PhD
Gloria Mog LCSW CP
Delcy S. Morrison, MA, CP, CGP
John Raven Mosher, MA, TEP, CMHC
Nan Nally-Seif, CSW, PAT
Howard M. Newburger, PhD, TEP
Leticia Neito, Psy. D, MFT
E. Karin Nowackk, CP, DCSW, LCSW
IraE.Orchin, PhD, CP
Patricia B. Park, MA, TEP, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LCDC
Jean B. Peterson, CSW, TEP, ATR, CSW, LCSW
Patricia Phelps, PhD
Sandra S. Poling, MA, LPC
Joyce Posner-Orchin, MA, CP
Taylor Rockwell, PhD, CP, PAT
Peter J. Rowan, Jr., TEP, LMHC
Elaine A. Sachnoff, PhD, TEP
James M. Sacks, PhD, TEP
Dorothy Baldwin Satten, TEP, PhD
MortSatten, PhD
Amy Schaffer, PhD, TEP
Ingred Schirrholz, MA, TEP, Dipe-Psych
Thomas G. Schramski, PhD, TEP
Frank R. Snyder, PhD, MSW, TEP
Kirsten A. Sonstegard, MSW, MFA, CP, LCSW
Martha M. Stayton, MA, CP
Judy Swallow, TEP, MA
Bob Szita, MS, LPC, PAT
Daniel J. Tomasulo, PhD, TEP, CGP
Thomas Treadwell, TEP, EdD
Jude M. Treder-Wolff, MSW
K. Melissa Waterman, CSW
Rebecca Walters, MS, TEP
Elizabeth White, MEd, TEP
Allan G. Wickersty, PhD, TEP
Daniel Wiener, PhD, ABPP
Genie Wing, LCSW, CETII, BCD
Natalie Winters, EdD, CHT, DAPA, TEP
James J. Wisecup, DMin, CP
Nicholas E. Wolff, LCSW, BCD, TEP
Sandra N. Wood, MA, CP, CMHC
Bill Wysong, MA, EMDR II, TEP
Jeffrey Yates, LCSW, TEP

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