Directory of Psychodramatists Internationally (A-C)

(Compiled by Adam Blatner; Revised, March 1, 2013).
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On this webpage are:  Horatiu Nil Albini, Norbert Apter, Gregorio Armanazas-Ros, Einya Artzi, Deniz Altinay, Clark Baim, John Barton, Carolina Becerril, Leif-Dag Blomkvist, Jenny Biancardi, Giovanni Boria, Kate Bradshaw Tauvon, Valerita Brito, Robert Brodie, Jorge Burmeister, Dalmiro Bustos, Phil Carter, Esly Carvalho, Alok Chaubey, Chip Chimera, Sunghee Cho, Max Clayton, Rosa Cukier

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ALBINI Horatiu Nil, first name, Horatiu): psychiatrist, psychotherapist and psychodrama trainer.  President of J.L. Moreno Psychodrama Society (Romania) since 1999, member of  the Psihodrama Institut fur Europa Council, FEPTO secretary. Founding member of Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy. Active in the international psychodrama community. His creativity and spontaneity is outlined in his psychodrama workshops inspired by fairytales, legends and myths. Major interest in social atom. E-mail address:                                                                                                   .                                                                                                                 

   norbert apter

 Norbert Apter,  (M.Ed., Harvard), living in Lausanne, Switzerland (French-speaking). He's a  person-centered psychodramatist and trainer. He loves life. He loves people. In diverse countries, he trains psychologists, MD’s…and professionals, working in (inter)national companies and organisations. He specialises in multiculturality, group processes, team work, conflict resolution and facilitating change.  Directeur de l’ODEF, il anime avec Marcia Karp et divers intervenants internationaux une formation complète de psychodramatistes (options :  Psychothérapie ou Relations Humaines). Email :                                                                                                                              WebSite :

Dr. Gregorio Armañanzas Ros. Pamplona (Spain) is a medical physician and psychiatrist in Spain. He trained trained with Roberto de Inocencio in groupanalysis and psychodrama, and now uses psychodrama in individual and group therapy. Dr.  Armañanzas Ros applies these approaches in consultancy and workshops in organizations. Some of his interests include training professionals in health care and social work in the use of psychodrama and related methods, and applying psychodrama and sociodrama techniques to social trauma and to organizational dynamics. E-mail: Web:                                                                                             .



  Dr. Einya Artzi is a prominent psychodramatist in Israel, one of the founders of The Israeli Psychodrama Association.  Her psychodrama training program   and her clinic are in Tel Aviv. As Vice president of the Israeli Association of Creative & Expressive Therapies she is involved nowadays in promoting the psychodramatis official status in her country.  She wrote one book (in Hebrew): ‘Psychodrama.’   .                                                                                                                          ./ 



  Deniz ALTINAY, Psych. M.A. President and Founder of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute  See website!      (His colleague and co-director there is  Nese Karabekir). He also established the Istanbul Playback Theatre Company and Child Psychodrama Working Group. Author of three books on psychodrama in Turkey. He is working with schools and companies using sociodrama.  Email:                                                                                                                                                                        .                                                                                                                       


Clark Baim is based in the UK. He is a psychodramatist specialising in work with violent and sexually abusive offenders. He was also the founder and original director of Geese Theatre UK, a group working in prisons and young offender centers  (See the book he's recently written in the listing of psychodrama books available). His email address is:                                                                                             . 

  John Barton is a Psychodramatist (ANZPA) who works as a psychotherapist in Melbourne, Australia.  He is a New Zealander and  was a General Practitioner in country New Zealand for many years. He and his wife Tabitha  travelled to several Baltic Moreno Days conferences and he is also a member of ASGPP and attends ASGPP conferences when he can. He uses small toy figures to practice psychodrama in his one-to-one work and teaches the use of Small Figures (based on Carlos Raimundo's "Play of Life" work) in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Asia.  His website is                                                                                                                                                                      : .
  Email:   He also runs Balint groups for GPs, other physicians and other clinicians to explore the doctor-patient relationship. He is becoming  a Balint trainer and is currently (2009) president of the Balint Society of Australia.

  Carolina Becerril Maillefert is a psychologist, psychoanalyst, and psychodramatist, trained in Paris in psychology, and obtained further training in psychodrama from Dalmiro Bustos in Argentina and Marcia Karp in England; following this, she worked and had a center in Mexico City for a number of years. In 2007 she moved to Paris (France), where she has opened a center devoted to psychodrama "CEPSY Moreno". The website is:
     Also, she recently created the SFPS "Société française de psychodrame et sociométrie. J.L. Et Zerka T.Moreno," and is also a member of the AEP (ASOCIACION española de psicodrama) FF2P (France) CEP (European certificate). Her email  is :       Ph: (33)1 45 27 97 39   


  Leif-Dag Blomkvist, Psykolog (MA), TEP is a psychodrama trainer in Sweden, Germany, and Internationally.  (Deceased, 2007)


  Jenny Biancardi, UK , a senior psychodramatist, recently recognized with an award for  major contributions to psychodrama over her lifetime by the British Psychodrama Association.                                                                                                                


 Giovanni Boria, M.D., is one of the main pioneers and leaders of psychodrama training in Italy, where his institute in Milan is noted. He's written several books and has also been active as one of the founders of the international European organization (FEPTO). Email:   .                                                                                                                                           


   Kate Bradshaw Tauvon, TEP, and Group Analytic Psychotherapist, Co-founder of BPA , Stockholm Institute for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and Stockholm Conference Group on Social Issues (SOCI) . She works in private practice and internationally. Co-editor/co-author of "The Handbook of Psychodrama".   British living in Sweden since 1989, she loves the Swedish lakes and forests! Email:   .                                                                                                              .   .


  Valeria Brito, PhD. Lives in Brasilia, Brazil. Psychotherapist, certified trainer in psychodrama. Professor in Universidade Catolica de Brasilia (Catholic University of Brasilia) academic interest in qualitative research, especially action methods. e-mail:                                                                                                          . 

  Robert Brodie is a Trainer (TEP) is the secretary of the Board of Examiners of  the Australian & New Zealand Psychodrama Association (ANZPA). He was also that organization's President from 1995-2000. He now Directs the Psychodrama Training Institute of  South Australia in Adelaide ( as well as at other institutes and Japan. Private practice as a psychodramatist  since 1988 with a wide range of clients in therapy and also organisational settings. http//  Email to: 
.                                                                                                                .


  Jorge Burmeister (M.D.)  is the Vice-Director of the clinic Littenheid, Switzerland and a prominent trainer there and throughout Europe. In 2009 Jorge became the president of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy & Group Process (IAGP). He integrates Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, analytical family therapy and Group Analysis. Active in the international psychodrama community  (IAGP, FEPTO). Organizer of  intercultural and clinical conferences                                                                                                                                        (e.g.                                                                                                                                           Email:                                        



  Dalmiro Bustos, M.D., is a pioneer and major trainer of psychodrama in Argentina and Brazil, as well as the author of 14 books. He has been active internationally, helping to promote our field in many organizations. His most recent book is Manual para um Homen Perdido (2003). He has institutes in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Email:  .                                                                                                           . 


    "Philip D. Carter, PhD. Psychodramatist. Philip lives in New Zealand and has English, Celtic and Maori ancestry. He is the Director of a Computer Usability Research Group at the Auckland University of Technology. He has lived in Australia, Tahiti, and Taiwan, working mainly as a teacher of language.  He has also trained in bodywork and is currently re-inventing himself as a writer." He and Max Clayton (see below) have recently published a book, The Living Spirit of the Psychodramatic Method which can be securely online ordered at                                                                     .


  Esly Carvahlo, TEP, is a psychodramatist who has been trained and practiced in Brazil, the USA, and Equador---and was one of the pioneers of the method in Equador. She now resides in Brazil.                                                                                                                                      

Dr.Alok Chaubey, Phd. (Psychology), Consultant – Psychosocial development, Trainer/Director of Psychodrama  and other creative art therapies with his associate Priya Jain, renowned theatre artist and health psychologist. He established a Society for Ideal Global Needs (SIGN) with the support of software engineer Mr. Ashish Jain. He is using action and creative methods for psychosocial developments for more then last 10 years.  Several documentaries and playwright have been created by him. He is Advisor in editorial Board of a journal “Human Rights Initiative” ISSN Number: 09750541 He is based in India. Watch this Video Presentation on Psychodrama by him . Email:


 Chip Chimera is a psychodrama psychotherapist and a systemic family therapist who trained, lives and works in the UK.  Chip is the Director of the Centre for Child Studies at the Institute of Family Therapy.  She is a founder member of the London Psychodrama Network Chip has also trained in the Therapeutic Spiral Model and has travelled extensively in South Africa helping traumatised communities using the model.  She has recently contributed a chapter for the new Therapeutic Spiral book integrating systemic therapy, TSM and attachment theory, all of which inform her work. Currently in doctoral studies, Chip is interested in how family therapists use action in their work, including the overlaps with and differences from psychodrama                                                                                                        .    

  Sunghee Cho is a psychodrama trainer in Korea. 


 Max Clayton, TEP. Perhaps the premier trainer in Australia and New Zealand since the mid-1970s, he's recently moved back to Southeast Australia from New Zealand. Max now trains through the Australian College of Psychodrama in Melbourne, as well as with other training institutes in Australia, New Zealand, and doing workshops this coming year in Hungary, Greece, the Netherlands, and Japan! His email address is:      He and Phil Carter (see above) have recently published a book, The Living Spirit of the Psychodramatic Method which can be securely online ordered at                                                               . 



Rosa Cukier, in Sao Paulo, Brazi, is a psychologist and psychotherapist, specializing in both psychoanalysis and psychodrama. She was a student of Dr. Dalmiro Bustos, a fellow of Febrap - The Brazilian Psychodrama Federation, and a trainer of psychodrama.  Interests include: role theory; intrapsychic work and theory; child abuse and narcisistic disorders.  Wrote 3 books: Bipersonal Psychodrama:  Its techniques, therapists, and clients (1992, 2007); and Emotional Survival: Childhood Pain Relived in the Drama of Adult Life (1998, 2007). Edited: The Words of J.L. Moreno: Vocabulary of  Quotations from Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy, Sociodrama and Sociometry  (2002, 2007)---all three recently translated into in English and since 2007, available throungh Most recently (with Dr. Adam Blatner) the Glossary, describing key psychodrama terms in the book: Psychodrama: Advances in Theory & Practice                                
(Routledge,  2007)
email:   Website:                                  .

 I'm Carolina Becerril Maillefert, teaching psychodrama in Paris, France, since 2008. Before that, I taught in Mexico City. My center "CEPSY Moreno" is in Paris, and also I’ve just created a professional organization, SFPS (Societe Francaise de Psychodrame et Sociometrie Jacob L. et Zerka T. Moreno). I was trained by Dalmiro Bustos of Brazil and Argentina, and Marcia Karp, Zerka Moreno, Grete Leutz, Chris Farmer, and other Brazilian Colleagues such as Jose Fonseca Filho. I have been a member of the IAGP since 1986 and while in the Western Hemisphere I was also a member of the AGPA for 15 years. Since moving to Europe I am now joining more Europan professional associations, such as the AEP (Asociacion Espaniola de Psicodrama).  Adrress: 17, Rue Van Loo
75016, Paris, France. 0033