Directory of Psychodramatists: Index
(Compiled by Adam Blatner)

(Re-published September 13, 2013)  (See information below for why we're doing this project and how you can participate.)

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             Other Links: Pictures of  The Moreno Woods (Bosque) in Sao Paulo Brasil.         Taiwan, 2008-9
                                 Photos of international psychodramatists at XI FEPTO conference at Estoril, April, 2003.
                                 Photos from other conferences:    IAGP (Rome) 2009 ;       PIfE (Vilnius) 9/09   Sociodrama Conference Iseo Italy 2013
                                 Photos from the 21st annual dinner of the ASGPP, April 1962

Hello! Here's a new sociometric instrument: To promote group cohesion:
-- Add face recognition to name recognition
-- Discover others' interests so you can follow up with email, if you share that interest
-- Be known for those facts about you that you want others to know (based on the principle of being chosen for the criteria that you want to be chosen for.

An example is below.

This is for those who are active enough in psychodrama that others might well want to connect with you. I would prefer those entering their name have at least 200 hours of training or experience and a fair amount of commitment to participating in psychodrama as a sub-field.

You can get your photo and name on here by sending a photo of yourself-- .jpg format, less than 40 kb in file size, and, please, cropped well.  If you don't have one, perhaps I do already, based on a photo I've taken of you at a previous ASGPP or International Conference.

You can have 50-60 words to go with your photo. Please edit your words to make them succinct, as if you were having to pay a dollar a word, like a personals add.

You can change the wording as your circumstances change.

You can take off your name and photo at any time--though there may be a couple of weeks' delay until I get around to it. (I may be away at a conference, etc.)

If you have a website URL (address) or an email address, I'll link to that if you like.

Please tell other colleagues in the field about this opportunity.

There will be separate pages for
-- Psychodramatists Internationally (other than in the USA)
-- Psychodramatists in the USA
     (In turn, these pages will be broken down into alphabetical units, so that the uploading
   process for the readers can be relatively quick. As we get more participants, then, there
   will be separate files for
       Psychodramatists (USA:   A-B)    (USA: C-D)  (International: A-B)   etc.
 --Psychodramatists in History

 (A sample page has been constructed of some folks who have already sent in their permissions and 50 words. Click here to see the sample.

I'm open to suggestions, but have limited resources as to how fancy I can make this.
Here's an example of one entry:

Adam Blatner, M.D., T.E.P. is a retired psychiatrist living just north of Austin, Texas. He writes books about psychodrama, offers training workshops, and enjoys networking. Adam is especially interested in theory and encouraging scholarship and writing for the psychodrama journals. His website address is  and his email address is

I look forward to hearing from you. Send your emails to me at