Directory of Psychodramatists Internationally (D-G)

(Compiled by Adam Blatner; Revised, October 1, 2012). To see others, go to the Index of the Psychodrama Directory .  Here are some noted trainers: On this site are: Sue Daniel, Roberto DeInocencio, Nifont Dogolopov, Inci Doganer, Luigi Dotti,  Inara Erdmanis, Ulrike Fangauf, Eva Fahlstrom, John Faisandier, Chris Farmer,  Taher Fathi, Zoli Figusch,  Marisol Filgueira Bouza, Violeta Firestone, Heloisa Fleury, Jose Fonseca, Pierre Fontaine, Jutta Fuerst, Kevin Franklin, Mauricio Gasseau, Evgeny Genchev, Friedel Geisler,  Hans-Werner Gessmann, Antonio Gonzales.

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  Sue Daniel is the Director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne, founder of the Moreno Psychodrama Society in Australia and chairperson of the Australian Psychodrama Assessment and Advisory Board. I have a particular interest in the application of role theory, which makes the use of psychodrama very practical in many fields and workplaces."   Email:    Website:


  Roberto DeInoncencio, M.D., a major psychodrama trainer and psychiatrist in Spain, and the past president of the International Association of Group Psychotherapists  (IAGP).                                                                                                                                                                                      

Inci Doganer MD is one of the trainer/ supervisors of Dr. Abdulkadir Ozbek PD Institute. She was the past co-president. She is in the PD movement since 1986. In the Institute she has the following roles: FEPTO representative, Chair of the Training Committee of the Institute, supervisor and trainer.  She also runs a private practice in Izmir.  She is the author of 2 Turkish books. One is about psychodramatic treatment of earthquake trauma. The other is about family therapy. She is the translator of 3 books: An Europian Wiev on PD Training (by FEPTO/ ed. Pierre Fontaine); Acting out your Inner Music (by Joseph Moreno), and Fairytales in Psychotherapy (by Erich Franzke). She worked on FEPTO council during 2004- 2008. Currently she is in the FEPTO Research Com. as a member. The subgroup she is in is working an a project. This project tries to put research level of knowledge to traniees. The work will be on international level. Since the last 2 years she works on a project with the graduates of Dr. Abdulkadir Ozbek PD institute. This project is Matnavi (Mesnevi) Drama. The group tries to make a contemporary interpretation to Rumi's work. The first part of the project was to present it in IAGP Rome Congress, 2009. Together with Prof. Işil Bulut, Dr. Doganer facilitated a drama work of a Matnavi story in the Rome Congress  


  Nifont Dogolopov is the director of the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama in Russia, one of the co-founders of FEPTO  and Federation of Russian  Psychodrama Training Institutes (FPTIR), a leader of educational programs in psychodrama, and author of book about a special  psychodramatic method  called "futureopractice,"which involves an elaboration of the future projection technique. Click to His email addressif you want to correspond.                                                                                                                                             .

  Luigi Dotti, a psychologist and psychodramatist in Italy (for almost 25 years), concerned particularly with group psychotherapy with adults and children. He integrates classical psychodrama (Moreno), playback theatre (Jonathan Fox) and psicomotricité rélationelle (Lapierre - Aucouturier). Dr. Dotti works in the Public Health Service, and wrote two books about psychodrama: Forma e azione (Shape and action) 1998, and Lo psicodramma dei bambini (Children Psychodrama) 2002. I have two websites:  and   His e-mail:     .                                                                                                    .


  Inara Erdmanis, Psychologist, MA, TEP (by Nordic Board), Founder and President of the Latvian Moreno Institute and Cofaunder of the Stockholm Institute for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Groupsychotherapy. Supervisor for the European Intitute for Psychodrama. Trainer, Supervisor and Examiner in Latvia, Sweden and some other European contries. e-mail: 



  Eva Fahlstrom, psychodrama trainer in Sweden.



John Faisandier TEP is a staff member of the Wellington Psychodrama Training Institute.  He qualified as a psychodramatist in 1994 and worked at the alcohol and drug treatment centre, Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs for four years.  He is now based in Wellington, New Zealand.  He is convenor of the ANZPA Ethics Committee, having co-ordinated the re-writing of the Complaints Procedure and Code of Ethics.  John runs his own training company TUF: Thriving Under Fire  which specialises in training front line staff to deal with angry and aggressive customers.  Several psychodrama trained facilitators run workshops through this company. He can be contacted at                                                                                                                                                                 .  

Ulrike Fangauf, Dr.Med., psychodramatist in Germany, doctor of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Dr. Fangauf is the editor of the german psychodrama journal Zeitschrift fur Psychodrama und Soziometrie" ( She works in her own practice near Frankfurt and is trainer of psychodrama (Moreno-Institut Goslar-Ueberlingen und Moreno-Institut Stuttgart  www.moreno-goslar-ueberlingen      Or     ).


  Chris Farmer, M.D., Psychodramatist on the Isle of Man, just off the west coast of Great Britain. Author of book, "Psychodrama and Family Systems Theory." 


 Taher Fathi, psychologist in Teheran, Iran, pioneering psychodrama there, author of books on psychodrama.  Email: 




Zoltán (Zoli) Figusch is a psychologist and psychodrama therapist originally from Hungary, who studied in Romania in the early 1990s, worked as a translator and assisted in publishing books in Budapest, studied psychodrama at the Northern School of Psychodrama and became certified as a practitioner in 2003 in Great Britain. From 2003 to 2005 he lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil, became a member of the São Paulo Psychodrama Society, and also edited his first book on Brazilian psychodrama (Sambadrama – The Arena of Brazilian Psychodrama, JKP). Since 2005 Zoli has been working as a psychodrama psychotherapist in a therapeutic community in Manchester, UK. In 2008 he self-published a second volume on Brazilian psychodrama, titled From One-to-one Psychodrama to Large Group Socio-psychodrama, and also started to work towards his psychodrama trainer status. Address: The Red House Psychotherapy Service, 78 Manchester Road, Swinton-Pndlebury, Manchester M27 5FG, UK                                                                                Email:   



 Marisol Filgueira Bouza. Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, certified by the FEAP and FEATF. She runs a Psychodrama School in La Coruña (Spain), named ITGP-Galicia. She works at a Psychiatric Inpatients Unit (Hospital Marítimo de Oza, La Coruña). Past President of the 'Asociación Española de Psicodrama' (AEP), 1996-1998. E-Mail: (home) ;  (work)                                                                                                                .



  Violeta Firestone, pioneering psychodrama in Bolivia


 Heloisa Fleury, of Brazil, is a psychologist in private practice in Sao Paulo, has taught psychodrama, and does research on the results of group psychotherapy for women's problems relating to sexuality. She was President of the Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama (FEBRAP) for two terms,  1999-2002, and is now Treasurer of  the International Association of Group Psychotherapy (IAGP). Her email address is:    Address: Rua Sergipe 401 conjunto 808, Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil   CEP 01243-906                                                                                                                                                                            


  Jose Fonseca, M. D., Ph. D., is one of pioneers of Psychodrama in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and one of the founders of the Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama, the organization that unites 4000 psychodramatists in Brazil. He has published three books: Psychodrama of Madness (1980, now in the 6th edition) and Relationship Psychotherapy (both in Portuguese), and soon to be released: Contemporary Psychodrama: New Approaches to Theory and Technique (2004,                                                       Brunner-Routledge) in English.                                                                                                                                                            
Email to:


  Pierre J. FONTAINE, MD. Prof. emeritus of Child & Family Psychiatry, Fac. Psychology, Univ. of Louvain. (Belgium). Psychodramatist trained by Anne Ancelin Schützenberger since 1958 and later also by Dean and Doreen Elefthery (1967). Founded (1963)  and directed the psychodrama training school La Verveine Brussels. Specialities :psychodrama training and psychodrama with the handicapped. Co-founder and vice-president of the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO)   Main recent publications  P. Fontaine (Ed) Psychodrama Training . A European View ; and a chapter  "Le Psychodrame" in Elkaïm M. (Ed) (2003) A quel psy se vouer. Psychanalyses, psychothérapies : les principales approches. Paris, Seuil   Languages : french, english, dutch, german. E-mail : 
.                                                                                                                                .


  Kevin Franklin, PhD, TEP - Director of the Western Institute of Psychodrama Inc. in Perth.  Author of a recent book on sexualpreference.


 Jutta Fürst is: a trainer of psychodrama in the psychodrama section of the Austrian Society for Group Therapy & Group Dynamics; scientific director of a training programme for psychodrama at the University of Innsbruck; the current president of the European Federation of Psychodrama Training Organization (FEPTO) ; co-editor of a psychodrama book and author of many articles especially about theory and practice of psychodrama training; a lecturer at several universities, and a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice who uses both psychodrama and Guided Affective Imagery (GAI)                                                                                                                                                 .    Address: Jutta Fürst      Salvatorgasse 2a   A-6060 Hall i.T. Tel/Fax:       0043 (0)5223 44 6 95   . .


 Dr. Mauricio Gasseau, a psychodrama trainer in northern Italy who also integrates the concepts of Jung's Analytical Psychology, has just become the president of the psychodrama section of the International Association of Group Psychotherapists.                                                                                          .


Dr. Friedel Geisler is a psychodrama trainer within the PIfE (Psychodrama Institut fur Europa), working in Solingen, Germany. She does outpatient counseling and, because of her background in theology, also does pastoral counseling. She is the director of the Association of Holistic Psychotherapy email:                                                                                                                                        

   Evgeni Genchev, M.D. is a Bulgarian psychodrama trainer and therapist, and the co-president of "Foundation Psychotherapy 2000" psychodrama school.
 He is also a member of FEPTO  -                                                                                            .                      .                                                                                                                                            

 Heinz Werner Gessmann
Hans-Werner Gessmann, Ph.D.,  Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Director of the Psychotherapeutic Institute Burg Bergerhausen, one of the oldest psychodrama institutes in Germany. Chairperson of the European Society of Humanistic Psychodrama and Education. He has published several books and teaching films about Humanistic Psychodrama and is publisher of the International Journal of Humanistic Psychodrama since 1995. Since 2011 director of the International Center of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Russian State Nekrassow University Kostroma with special training programs about Humanistic Psychodrama. Email:   Website: .

António Gonzalez is a Portuguese psychodramatist, teacher and researcher in ISPA (a psychology faculty in Lisbon). He founded and coordinate dISPArteatro, a theatre group where psychodrama has an important role.At the 2009 IAGP conference in Rome he is presenting a workshop called "Improvisation, spontaneity and conflict."