Directory of Psychodramatists (International: R-S)

(Revised & Reposted by Adam Blatner, May 13, 2011.)
  Noted below are Carlos Raimundo, Don Reekie, Huw Richards, Marjo-Riita and Vesa Ristikangras, Eva Roine, Jaime Rojas-Bermudez, Antonio Roma-Torres, Sangzhi Qun, Celia Scanlan, Wilma Scategni,  Eberhard Scheiffele, Elisabeth Schjetne, Anne Schutzenberger, Jana Segula, Ella Mae Shearon, Christian Stadler, Heike Straub. These are preliminary descriptions, awaiting the figure's own words)
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  Carlos Raimundo is a psychodramatist in Australia. He is the author of a recent book, The Play of Life



 Don Reekie, New Zealand                                                                  . 



 Huw Richards is one of the new editors of the British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociodrama (in February 2011).(along with Peter Haworth).  


  Marjo-Riita Ristikangras is a psychodramatist in Finland.                                                           

  Vesa Ristikangras is a psychodramatist in Finland, recently a co-author of a book that deals with applications of role theory to management.                                                                                                             

   Celia Riskin, Argentina.                                                                                       




  Eva Roine is one of the leaders of psychodrama in Norway and in the Federation of Training Institutes in Europe.


  Dr. Jaime Rojas-Bermudez is a Spanish psychodramatist who also was one of the pioneers of psychodrama in Argentina and Brazil in the 1960s. He has written numerous books and continues to make contributions to the field.


   Antonio Roma-Torres, M.D., M Sci Psych, is an eminent psychiatrist and psychodramatist in Oporto, Portugal. He maintains the IAGP-Psychodrama website, has been a trainer and president of the Portugese Psychodrama Society, and has interests in family therapy, eating disorders, one of the founders of the FEPTO  His email address:       . 


 Sang Zhi Qun,   China  (April 2006)                                                                                     



 Celia Scanlan is a senior trainer of psychodrama in Britain; the Past Chair of the British Psychodrama Association (BPA ) and BPA representative to Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO); and a founding member of the Northern School of Psychodrama (NSP). She currently runs a small private practice (consulting rooms) at 34 West George Street in central Glasgow, Scotland. Office Tel No: 0044(0) 787 323 2447  email:     Home: 8 Douglas Drive East, Helensburgh G84 9BG , Scotland .                                                                                                                                                                                                               . 

   Wilma Scategni is a psychodramatist in Italy, the author of a significant book on Jungian psychodrama with an emphasis on dream work.   .                                                                                           .            

  Eberhard Scheiffele is a psychodramatist who teaches internationally, was for a while on a Fullbright fellowship in Yekaterinburg, Russia; then back in Germany.                                                                         .                                                                                      .

   Elisabeth Schjetne is a psychodrama trainer in Norway and also in Poland.                                                                                                                                                                         



Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger [Anne Ancelin Schützenberger] is one of the first 12 directors accredited by Moreno in the early 1950s. She has authored major texts on psychodrama in French and is Professor Emeritus of Social Clinical Psychology, University of NICE (FRANCE), helped found the IAGP, and continues to be a leader in Europe. She has been also the UN expert on psychodrama for 20 years. She has  also recent texts on psychodrama in English in collective books (Routledge, 2007) and uses psychodrame to work in transgenerational family secrets and psychogenealogy and is still running psychodrama groups and supervising. . Email:    website:                                                                                                                                          


 Jana Segula, T.E.P, Norway; psychodrama therapist, main trainer since 1994, established Norwegian Psychodrama Academy in 2001; concerned about keeping the unity of Moreno's philosophy, theory and method and bringing psychodrama out into various activity fields of society. E-mail:                                                                                                                .          


 Ella Mae Shearon is an extraordinarily active trainer of psychodrama in Germany. She was raised in the USA, but has been a leader in Europe for several decades.



Christian Stadler. Psychologist, psychotherapeut and psychodramatist. Trainer and supervisor for the Moreno Institutes Goslar-Überlingen and Stuttgart in Germany. Member of the German Association  for Grouptherapy and Groupdynamics (DAGG), the German Association for Psychodrama (DFP) and the IAGP. I’m one of the editors of the Zeitschrift für Psychodrama und Soziometrie (ZPS). My particular interests are: psychodrama-basics, disorder-specific PD, Monodrama. Email: Website:



  Heika Straub is a pioneer of psychodrama, a trainer in Stuttgart, Germany









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