Photographs of J.L. Moreno)

Compiled by Adam Blatner, from sketches and photos sent by friends, etc.
Revised, November 28, 2011. See more at Other Photos of Moreno, etc.
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For a discussion by Rene Marineau on his doing a biography of  Moreno:


  J. L. Moreno, M.D. (1889-1974)

Inventor of psychodrama, sociometry, pioneer of group psychotherapy, social role theory.



  Here's a photo of Moreno around age 46 (around 1935), that appeared in a brief article about Moreno I published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 1996. 



  Here's a nice photo of Dr. Moreno, shot with (and sent by) Dr. Ferdinand Knobloch, taken in the late 1960s at an international conference in Europe                                                          .



   Someone sent me this sketch he said he found on the internet. Who made this sketch, do you know? 



  Here's another photo taken around 1961, near the peak of Moreno's productivity.



  This photo was around 1972, sent out on a postcard. 



  Here's Moreno, standing off stage, directing a psychodrama. Around 1960. 



  Here's a photo of J.L. Moreno & his wife, Zerka Toeman Moreno, taken in 1971, about 3 years before his death.



  Here's a photo of Dr. Moreno taken by Eva Korn around 1961.


  And here's another shot, that she called "Moreno doubling for himself," photographed by Eva Korn around 1961. (Her husband, Richard Korn, was one of Moreno's earlier associates.)



  Here's another picture of Moreno at his open psychodrama sessions, at his studio in New York City, around 1948. 



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