More Photographs of J.L. Moreno, Homes, etc.

Compiled by Adam Blatner
Posted August 19, 2007.  More photos of Moreno.
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  Moreno's Honorary Gravestone in Vienna:
   In German:  Jacob Levy Moreno
        18.5.1889 Bukarest
        14.5.1974 Beacon/USA
         Begrunder (Founder) der soziometrie
               der gruppenpsychotherapie
               des psychodramas
    "Der Mann, der Freude und Lachen
      in die Psychiatrie brachte"  -- JLM
  (The man who brought joy and laughter
        into psychiatry.)                                                    .                                                                             



  Moreno, in 1969, celebrated his 80th birthday in front of his former house at 4 Maital (valley of May), where he lived from around 1918 to 1925 in Bad Vöslau (Voeslau), a suburb of Vienna, in lower Austria. He was honoured by a plaque                                                                                          .   



     Moreno excited   ? 1960?                                                                                     .                                                                                                                                                                                         .



   Moreno on stage...                                                      






















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