Psychodrama Stage and Pictures
(from various sources)
(Compiled by Adam Blatner)

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Psychodrama Stage at Moreno's Institute in New York City--Probably one of the open sessons, circa 1948.

This is the theatre at Moreno's Institute in Beacon, New York,  when it was first built, around 1936. 

Here's a photo of  Moreno's Institute in Beacon, New York, from the outside, taken around 1980 (?)

Here's what the training experience was like at
the Institute's Theater around  1970. This would be a
class of trainees, with Zerka sitting at the far right.

Another picture of the discussions or sharing sessions for those in training at Moreno's Institute in Beacon, NY, around 1971.

 In the 1980s, Moreno's Institute in Beacon, New York, was sold and the theatre taken down. Much of the original stage, however, was moved over to a nearby institute hosted by the psychodrama director, Claire Danielsson, in Broughton Place. Here's a photo of it, restored. Training workshops are held here:
  stage broughtonplace

The Broughton Place institute in Highland, New York looks like this:
 Broughton Place
* for use of this stage as a location for offering a psychodrama workshop, contact Clare Daniellson at   or go to

At St. Louis (Missouri) State Hospital, around 1962, Dr. Leon Fine directs a psychodrama at their specially-built psychodrama stage, sunken instead of raised, you'll note. Barbara Seabourne was an auxiliary, acting as some kind of concretized symbol fo the catatonic patient who is in this enactment the protagonist. 

At St.Elizabeth's Hospital, Jim Enneis in the 1960s developed a program that included not only the treatment of psychiatric patients, but also such programs as the training of policemen in coping with problems such as people who may be threatening suicide, etc.

Here's a photo of what the Moreno Institute looked like (from the outside), in 1962, at 236 W. 78th Street, in New York City.

Moreno's birthplace at Calea Serban Voda 38 in Bucharest, Romania, now has a Plaque:
(Sent by Dr. Horatiu Nil Albini)