Photographs sent by Inara Erdmanis of Sweden.  (Posted by Adam Blatner August 12, 2010.)    To return to the general psychodrama directory, go to Index

       Here's  a general shot, and below are close-ups:

far left back:
left mid back

midright back

   ?                    ?                                  Reiko Fine
back: Leon Fine    others?

middle slightly to left
middle slightly to right

 mid right under the dais
   do you recognize these people? email me!

    she's on the right under the dais mid-front

 Jonathan D. Moreno       upper left on the dais                  ?                                 ?                            Zerka Toeman Moreno   1962
   and this lady sittingto far right just under  end of dais?

            ?                                ?                                    Jacob L. Moreno  upper right on the dais
  Shelley Haskell

lower left? who are these people, do you know?
lower middle-left...

low-front middle
front far right

Then there was a dinner party, a second photo:

   ?   Zerka,  Dr. Moreno,  Hannah Weiner,    ?      cute one of Jonathan

                                     I think this is Martin and Shelley Haskell in the middle & mid-right?

These photos are also being sent to the ASGPP archives.

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