Photo Directory of Psychodramatists (Historical Figures, Part 2)

(Scanned on by Adam Blatner, from a directory published by the Moreno Institute in 1974.)
 Revised July 10, 2003.  To see others in the Psychodrama Directory, go to Index.
Listed below are photos of Sandra Garfield, Carl Hollander, David Kipper, Don Miller, Peter Rowan, Bob Siroka. More recent photos of other pioneers: Lew Yablonsky; Jim Sacks.

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 Sandra Garfield, Ph.D., was a nurse in Los Angeles and began training in the late 1960s. She now integrates psychoanalysis and psychodrama. 


 Carl Hollander, Ed. D., MFT, was one of the main pioneers in the field from the mid-1960s, on, training mainly in Colorado. Recently died in March, 2003. Many contributions to the field, ex-president of ASGPP, writer of monographs, etc. This photo is from around the early 1970s.


 David Kipper, Ph.D., has been a writer, researcher, editor of the national psychodrama journal, officer of the ASGPP, and active in the international community. Originally from Israel, he now does consulting in Chicago.  Died in 2010.


  Donell Miller has been a trainer in the Philadelphia area and also in Southern Calif where he teaches. He's also been a source of Moreno books and journals, and has written a number of small books himself (as listed elsewhere on this website). Interests in Bibliodrama, religion and psychodrama. 


  Peter Rowan has been a major trainer in the Boston area from the late 1960s on. Now he trains through Leslie College's Expressive Therapies Program. Died ? 2008


 Robert Siroka, Ph.D., is a major pioneer in New York City, beginning in the early 1960s, one of the presidents of the ASGPP, and continues to train there. Here's a shot in the early 1970s. 


 Lew Yablonsky, Ph.D., is a noted sociologist and one of the pioneers of psychodrama, working with Moreno since the 1940s. He's now living in the Los Angeles area (in Santa Monica) and doing expert witness work. He's retired from doing psychodrama. 


   James M. ("Jim") Sacks, Ph.D. (Univ. Chicago, 1944-1957), in psychodrama from around 1959, directed Saturday open sessions in New York City 1960-1973; President ASGPP, 1972-1974. Developed comprehensive bibliography of psychodrama, now online at,  and maintains it. Interests: psychoanalysis, psychology, improvosational drama, psychodrama. Retired from practice, 2000. Divide time between growing orchids, reading,  writing and visiting family in Europe.  Send information about new bibliography references to: 



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