Directory of Psychodramatists (International: L-N)

(Compiled by Adam Blatner, Revised, November 13, 2013)
  Noted below are Nien-Hwa Lai; Sandra Leite, Larissa Loupoukhina, Olivia Lousada, Manuela Maciel, Ildiko Maevers, Jarmo Manner, Daniel Markman, Marlene M. Marra,  Hajime Mashino, Wayne McKnight, Ekaterina Mikhailova, Tomio Miyama, Mohammed Mukhaimar.
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Nien-Hwa Lai, Ph.D., P.A.T. is an associate professor on the faculty of the Taiwan National Taipei University of Education, a Licensed Certified Counseling Psychologist in Taiwan. She is also a certified team leader in the Therapeutic Spiral Model™ of psychodrama and specializes in working with trauma survivors of the domestic violence women. She applies psychodrama and art therapy in her personal life as well as work, and has special interests in society--applying Morenian methods to promote community and social action. She is the recent recipient of the David Kippers' Scholars' Award.                                                                                                         .  Her email is


 Sandra Leite, Brazil

  Loupoukhina, Larissa Loupoukhina, a psychodramatist in Russia....                                                                           .


Olivia Lousada, D. psych, is a senior psychodrama trainer in England. For twenty-four years she has worked in a psychiatric hospital with awide variety of patients. The beautiful structures of sociometry, the mapping ofrelationships, have influenced her interest in non verbal and pre-verbal communication. Her doctoral inquiry (2007) into relationship experiences of adult opposite sex twins used psychodrama, painting and reflection, and led to her book ‘Hidden Twins’ (2009) See: website:    .                                                                                                                                                  


   Manuela Maciel is the new chair of the psychodrama section of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy, a prominent trainer in Portugal, and active in the Federation of Trainers in Europe.  Her email is:                                                     



  Ildiko Maevers is the founder of Psychodrama Institut fur Europa (PIfE), an organization with numerous training groups in Germany and Eastern Europe, with affiliations all over Europe                                                                                              .



Jarmo Manner is a finnish CP and MS.c (OD/HRD) and Work Counsellor. He is working in organizational and leadership development and has a long own leadership experience. His dream is to develop Moreno’s thougths into a new way of creating well-being in large organizations and in the society as a whole                                                                                               .                                  .


  Daniel Markman lives and works in Paris and is a trainer, supervisor, and therapist in psychodrama and Gestalt therapy. He speaks French, English and Spanish and a bit of Portugese and Italian. He is certified as a director of psychodrama by both Dalmiro Bustos, and Rojas Bermudez, as well as having trained at Beacon (Zerka, Nolte), Devon (M Karps and Ken Sprague), Anne Ancelin Shustenberger, etc etc.
Also trained in Gestalt ( Esalen (USA), E.P.G. France).  He may be reached at his address:   25 Av. Laumiére   75019 Paris  Ph       33-(0)1-4203-9223  or email

Marlene Magnabosco Marra, M.S., is the current president of the Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama (FEBRAP - 2007-2008); a psychologist, psychodramatist, group and couple therapist. She works in the community in a variety of roles, is affiliated with various professional institutions, and is the teaching coordinator or a trainer at several training institutes. Some of her special interests include: methodological knowledge construction in approaches to families; the human rights of children and teenagers; explorations of way to open conversations among institutions, families, and government, ensuring their social rights and exercise of citizenship and protecting their cultural identities. She’s the author of: The transforming social agent. The sociodrama in the organization of groups. (In Portugese). Also has edited various groups, written other articles and chapters. Many other involvements. Her email address  .                                                                                                                                                                                           




 Hajime Mashino, M.D., is one of the pioneers of psychodrama in Japan, and recently the president of the Japanese Psychodrama Association. 


 Wayne McKnight is a Canadian psychodrama leader with a 6 year education from Norsk Psykodrama Akademi in Norway who is presently working in Berlin and Norway leading psychodrama/sociodrama based ActionMethods Workshops in Performing Arts Colleges, helping young dancers, actors and singers to gain stronger confidence and feel more comfortable and successful when giving auditions for employment. He also offers private sessions and leads a monthly self-exploration workshop for gay men over 40 ( My Roles in Life). He has enjoyed a long career in professional theatre as director and choreographer and also teach Musical Theatre and Narrative Choreography courses t various schools as well as open workshops                                                                                                                               .  webpage is                                                               .

  Melinda Meyer is a psychodrama trainer in Norway...                                                                                                                                                       


  Ekaterina "Katya" Mikhailova is one of the main trainers in Moscow, Russia.


  Dr. Tomiyo Miyama trains psychodramatists and teaches psychology in Nagoya, Japan

Mohammed Mukhaimar is a Palestinian psychologist, he  holds a B.A in psychology  postgraduate diploma in mental health and family counseling. Recently he has graduated a long term course on Psychodrama. Since 1999 he has been working in the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP). Mr. Mukhaimar has extensive experience in the area of crisis intervention and trauma. He has been conducting psychodrama workshops for children, adolescents and women. Moreover, he has used the psychodrama work to supervise school counselors. In the meantime, he is conducting a research on the role of psychodrama in building the traumatized adolescents' resiliency.    His email is :                                                                                      .                                                                                      .





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