Directory of Psychodramatists (USA: Sa-Sz)

(Compiled by Adam Blatner) Revised, January 11, 2004:    Here are Elaine Sachnoff, Dorothy and Mort Satten, Eberhard Scheiffele, Ed Schreiber, Gong Shu, Jack Shupe, Bob Siroka, Jacqueline Dubbs Siroka, Katelyn Staecker, Judy Swallow, Bernice Garfield-Szita, Robert Szita
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Elaine Sachnoff, Ph.D., T.E.P., is one of the pioneers of psychodrama in the Chicago area, as well as teaching internationally. 



  Dorothy and Mort Satten, TEPs, have been pioneers in the field from the early 1970s, first in the Los Angeles area, and now living in Tucson. They offer workshops in many parts of the United States and sometimes overseas. Email:


Eberhard Scheiffele has written about the interface of theatre and psychodrama, and teaches also in Europe, as well as Africa. He speaks German. 

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Edward Schreiber, M.Ed., C.P.  is in Rhode Island, and teaches and writes about theory and practice in psychodrama. He was the winner of the Neil Passariello Award in 2001. 


Gong Shu, Ph.D., T.E.P., lives in St. Louis, Missouri, but also is one of the pioneers of psychodrama in East Asia, offering training workshops in several countries. She is working now on a book on Taoist philosophy and psychodrama.

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 Jack Shupe, C.P., (P.A.T.) lives in Bellingham, north of Seattle, Washington. He is interested in shamanism, the underlying dynamics of healing, body-mind interactions, and their relationships to psychodrama. 

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  Bob Siroka, Ph.D., T.E.P., is one of the main trainers of psychodrama, having established an institute in New York City since the late 1960s. Honored in many ways by the ASGPP, he has been a mainstay of the field. 




  Jacqueline Dubbs Siroka, ACSW, TEP, has worked with her husband, Bob, for decades as one of the more active trainers in the New York City area, and a major worker for the national psychodrama association (ASGPP). 


 Katelyn Staecker, MSW, CP, has become one of the active figures in the field. Living in Oregon, she has a number of interests related to psychodrama. 




  Pat Sternberg is a noted sociodramatist, drama therapist, and co-author (with Antonina Garcia) of the book, Sociodrama: Who's in Your Shoes? (2nd ed., 2000). She is on the faculty of Hunter College in New York City . 



  Judy Swallow, M.A., T.E.P., is   is the co-director of the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute (about 50 miles north of New York City), a member of the Original Playback Theater Company and the founder of Community Playback Theater, and is a master Rubernfeld Synergist (which is one of the earliest mind/ body therapy methods). She is also a senior psychodramatist at Four Winds Hospital. Email:   . 



   Bernice Garfield-Szita, LPC, TEP, teaches at the ActionArtz Training Center in Morlboro, NJ. Her innovations have been recognized by the ASGPP.




   Bob Szita, LPC, TEP, teaches at the ActionArtz Training Center in Morlboro, NJ. His innovations (along with his wife's Bernice, have been recognized by the ASGPP.











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