Directory of Psychodramatists (USA: H-I-J-K)

(Compiled by Adam Blatner, Photos mainly by Adam Blatner, unless otherwise noted, usually taken at national conferences over the last ten years.)  Re-Posted,  July 13, 2011)
     Here are Ann E. Hale, Rhoda Hardy, Katrena Hart Joyce Hayden-Seman, Erica Michaels Hollander, Kate Hudgins, Ed Hug, Andrew Hughey, Sylvia Israel, Suzie Jary, David Kipper, Nancy Kirsner, Tobi Klein, Steve Kopp.

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Ann E. Hale, M.S.L.I.S., M.A., TEP  is Founder of the International Sociometry Training Network (2005) which can be seen at . She has conducted training in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. She trained with J.L. and Zerka Moreno and received her Director of Psychodrama in 1974.  She is the editor of the student's edition of J.L. Moreno's Who Shall Survive (1994).  Past President of the Federation of Trainers and Training Programs in Psychodrama (1981) ASGPP (1994-1995), and recipient of the ASGPP  Hannah B. Weiner Award, Scholar's Award, and the J.L. Moreno Lifetime Achievement Award.  She is author of Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations  and Sociometric Processing of Action Events (with Donna Little) She resides in Riner, Virginia where she also teaches drawing and painting and has an active exhibition schedule.  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  Rhode Hardy, a Psychodramatist in San Antonio. 

Katrena Hart, TEP, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-S), a certified Trainer, Educator & Practitioner of Psychodrama, and the local chair for the 2008 ASGPP Conference. Katrena is the founder and director of the Bridging Harts Psychodrama Training Institute and Psychotherapy. She is also a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist and serves on the board for the Dallas Society of Bioenergetic Analysis. Website:   email:   Ph: 972-562-5002 .                                                                                                                 


 Joyce Hayden-Seman, Ph.D., C.P. lives in New Jersey, and does psychodrama with couples and families. She is the author of the book, Action Modality Couples Therapy (Jason Aronson, 1998                                                                                                                                                           ).                                                         




  Erica Michaels Hollander, J.D., C.P., in Littleton, near Denver, Colorado, Ph.D. in Human Communication, teaches interpersonal communication, conducts psychodrama groups. Coaches presentation skills, uses psychodrama to resolve conflicts and improve family cohesion. Also, as a trial lawyer, Erica has used psychodrama in trial preparation and consulting.  email:     website:                                                                                                                                  


 Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP is a clinical psychologist living in Charlottesville, Virginia. She developed the Therapeutic Spiral Method and has published books and articles on its applications in the treatment of trauma. She now conducts on-going training in London, Belfast, Taiwan, Ottawa Canada, Johannesburg, South Africa, Charlottesville, VA,  Baltimore, MD., Boulder, CO. and Portland, ME in the USA. Here are some  Video interviews about her recent (2009-2010) travels in China and elsewhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 ed hug june 05

  Ed Hug is an active researcher in the realm of psychodrama, psychosynthesis, philosophy, neurobiology, and the theoretical foundations of psychodrama. He lives in central Massachusetts.                                                                                                                                                                                  


  Andrew Hughey, Ed.D., C.P., teaches psychodrama in California, at San Jose State University. With some others, he's setting up an institute. Dr. Hughey is a past president of the ASGPP and has special interest in the integration of psychodrama and education.                                                                                                                                                                                            


  Sylvia Israel, MFT (MFC 31245), a Certified Psychodramatist and Registered Drama Therapist/Board Certified Trainer, is the founder and director of IMAGINE! Center for Creativity and Healing. She uses psychodrama, sandtray and other expressive arts in her work with individuals, couples and groups in Marin County and San Francisco, California.  Sylvia also provides workshops and training for psychotherapists.  415-454-7308 .                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Suzie Jary, LCSW, TEP, (Fort Worth, Texas), is a Trainer, Educator, Practitioner as credentialed by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in TX and NY.  Since 1993, she has worked successfully with hundreds of individuals and groups addressing addiction, mental health and career and life transition issues.  Suzie has used action methods and sociometry in a variety of settings; career development workshops, college classes, personal safety trainings, outpatient chemical dependency, sex addiction treatment, and therapy and personal growth groups.   She has a speciality of working with performing and creative artists and has a background as a muscial theatre dancer performing on Broadway.   Suzie previously lived in New York City until 2008 and was profiled in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The New York Daily News for her personal career transition and work with Career Transition For Dancers, a not-for-profit.   She continues to conduct workshops accross the U.S. for the organization and has a private practice in Fort Worth, TX, where she also trains students pursuing their Psychodrama Certification.   Suzie also served on the ASGPP Executive Council from 2005-2011.  Contact her at 817-735-8391 or


  Dr. Nancy Kirsner, Ph.D., LMFT, OTR, CP, PAT  is a marriage and family therapist, psychodramatist, and trainer for over 30 years in the Miami area. Nancy loves to make magic combining the expressive and creative arts with traditional therapeutic skills.Visit our website at or email:    .                                                                                                                                                                                             


  Tobi Klein M.S.W., M.F.T., CGP, TEP, is the Director of the Canadian Institute of Psychodrama and Psychotherapy in Montreal, Quebec. She teaches psychodrama in the Master's Degree Program in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University in Montreal. Also a Certifed Group Psychotherapist with AGPA, Tobi is also a Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Divorce Mediator and a Certified Sex Therapist, currently in Private Practce in Montreal. She has been active in psychodrama for over 30 years! Email:  .                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  David A. Kipper, Ph.D. T.E.P. is a Clinical Psychologist, a Diplomate in Group Psychology & Group Psychotherapy , and a Research Professor of Psychology at Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL. USA. Since becoming the 36th psychodrama director trained by J. L. Moreno, David has published about 70 articles and a book. Dr. Kipper is the Past President of the American Society of group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama; a co-founder and first co-chair (together with Dr. Grete Leutz) of the International Psychodrama Section of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy (IAGP), and past-president Of Division 49 of the American Psychological, association. He is a recipient of the J. L. Moreno Award.   Website has his CV and bio.     Alas, he died in late November, 2010.                                                                                                           

Stephen Kopp is a certified Trainer of psychodrama (TEP), the staff psychodramatist at Saint Luke Institute (a residential program for clergy), involved in psychodrama since 1986, served on ASGPP council, president of the organization's mid-atlantic chapter, recipient of the H.B.Wiener Award &  Neil Passariello Award. Steve has been involved in psychodrama since 1986. He served on the executive council for ASGPP as well as with the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations. Currently, Steve is president of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, ASGPP; and studying to be a life coach. Website:    Email  .                                                                                                                                                                                      .


Marvin Knittel Ed.D. is professor emeritus of counselor education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he taught and held a varity of positions for 30 years. He retired in 1993 but continued to teach a graduate class in Psychodrama untill 1999 when he moved to Tucson, AZ. He has published widely in profesional journals and recently wrote his autobiography and a book  titled  Counseling and Drama: Psychodrama a Deux. His website is   His email is :