Confabulations 32:
Adam Blatner

December 3, 2013

Ya want to know how it all works? (This is dictated by I think my angelic guide, who I call Herb.)

It's this way, but I suspect much will get lost in translation, and as someone observed wisely, a brain simple enough to be understood would be too simple to understand it. So, recognizing that even this will be blowing your mind, and even the glimpse of this diagram, channeled through a human mind---extraordinary as it is---still reduces and simplifies it, if nothing else, by portraying it in not only diagrammatic form, but 2-dimensional diagram, which is laughable---but still, out of the generosity of our heart, trying to give you whatever you think you're ready to get, here.

Now this all requires some explanation, or as we are led to say, eeksplanation, as you may well respond with an exclamation of "eek" if not Yarrrgghhhh!!! I come on the scene in the upper right, with multiple aspects, feet, hands raised, "Hi, there!" (I've been told that this casual greeting is more acceptable than our previous efforts in which you hallucinate us stepping off a flying saucer with our right hand raised, saying "We come in peace." Your species has since been traumatized by innumerable science fiction movies in which aliens from other worlds bring untold levels of destructiveness.

It would do no good to say that were we a hundredth as violent as you project on others---as if your kind were not violent ha ha---we would have destroyed ourselves aeons ago, as you may yet do. But really, we have worked out what you would call "peaceful" ways of working things out. Creative dissent is an opportunity for creativity, we figure. Like a minor bump in writing a symphony.

So I'm waving hello-peace-don't kill me signs. Now, on my right, your left, top, there is an explanation in a writing system that we hope you may some day decipher. But it sort of bridges to greetings and gets on with explaining the main picture, the mandala spinning in the "context" of your finite cosmos. What this says is that your cosmos is expanding gradually to be able to incorporate just a tiny big more at a time of the vast ineffability that is the beyond the beyond, the astral plane, the implicate order, the heavenly realm---or at least the next closest heavenly realm that your species can aspire to. We've all gone through these many realms---or at least I have, and most archangels as far as I know---ever-expanding our consciousness, according to the support of our culture and the growing complexities of our mind---which at a certain point must transcend the organic "brain" structure. It was a good start, but like the shell of an egg, ultimately confining. 

Note the side elements: The point to make, hard as it is to absorb, is that it's not at all fixed or given. What you do, how you think, the degree to which you buy this or not, or take responsibility for your own actions and consciousness or not, affects this infinitely complex unfolding. It will unfold in time, but you may or may not have contributed positively to this ultimately "salvational" process. You may even have contributed negatively. The key is to realize that you are contributing. Humanity is ready to hear this---at least some of you. You many not fully buy it at first, but "we" are trying to gently influence you to opening to your co-creative potential.  Later.