Confabulations 33:
Adam Blatner

December 6, 2013

The above is a picture of a "spiritual mitochondria." The actual word, "mitochondria," refers to a tiny organelle within a cell that allows for the metabolism of sugars, thus creating energy for the rest of the cell to do all the things it does to stay alive and function within the organism—digesting food, secreting sweat, thinking, moving, whatever. At the spiritual level, too, a level that involves many more dimensions, there is a corresponding complexity, which involves a multitude of components all coordinating their action in the overall process of helping God do whatever is happening—and there are seemingly infinite numbers of events of all kinds and at all levels. Thus, there are a gradient of breadth and focus of activities even at the angelic levels, with hierarchies of angels, archangels, and a goodly number of levels between angels and the spiritual supporters of sub-atomic function.

Oh, yes, even sub-atomic dynamics have an underlying spiritual source for their energy. That’s part of what dark energy, dark matter, and many mysterious quantum effects are hints to tell us: What we see as events in three dimensions of space are also projections of an impossible to describe adequately eventful-ness in four, five, and six dimensions of space. Folks are just beginning to gather and register that these are operating—in terms of odd experiences and inexplicable aspects of contemporary science. More will be revealed in time, but remember that you read about it here. (I can’t be more specific because nobody including me knows what’s coming—other than it will be partially a product of our co-creativity, as well as sources in astral forces and semi-divine influences.)

So this picture hints at the complexities and varieties of the components of the components of the components of what’s up. In the olden days we had a vision that it was a simple “Let there be light” or similar act of simple will, but that sells Divinity short: In fact, an awesome degree of complexity has been built up over billions of years—and it has taken billions of years to assemble this degree of complexity!—and the level of complexity is such that it would take a billion brilliant scientists billions of years to invent, that’s how complex and wonder-filled it is! All this is suggested in the picture above.