(Celebrating the ASGPP April 2013 Conference Theme:Psychodrama:
Psychodrama: Being, Seeing & Acting That Connects Our Global Community).
May, 11, 2013

Our conference was fortunate to host a goodly number of international visitors. We hope to continue that trend:

From Turkey:

People from Turkey:    Esme Ucan      Jeanne Burger (USA)     xxxxxx?     Bilum Armgen      xxxxx       Jacob Gershoni (USA)  Mine Gorgun

From Taiwan:

Lindsay Chang, CP; Chi-Chu Cho, PAT; (Adam Blatner, USA); Nien-Hwa Lai, TEP; Yun-Jen Hsieh, PAT; Li-Wen Mo, CP.
Sami Marko Puumala, Helsinki, Finland

From Canada:

Liz White; Barbara Guest; Dawn Bloomfield; Susan Aaron; Paul Hyckie; Donna Little  (all from province of Ontario)
   and from British Columbia on the right:. Christine Wittig; Judy Letendre; John Sherry.

From Bangladesh, we had two trainees of Jennie Kristel (doing Playback Theatre) and Herb Propper:
   A. L. M. Reza Aziz is on the left in the middle and on the right is Farzana Sultana Nila) beside Herb...

  ...and from the USA and the conference, here are some other photos:

Conference Organizers: Nancy Kirsner, Jacob Gershoni,
   Mario Cossa & Colleen Barakta (who took many of these photos)

  Some Award Winners:

Erica Hollander; Heidi Landis; Susan Aaron. Sandy Seeger;  Linda Condon (also accepting for Tonya Quillen); and Andrea Sheldon.
Herb Propper, Moreno Award

From Dallas area in Texas:  (well, these aren't international visitors, but...)

Chi Sing Li, Kelly Martin, Stacie Smith, Katrina Hart, Sean O'Connell, Gil Montes
Bottom: Daniela Simmons, Darlene Vanchura, Teresa Mallott, Pat Montes