The Cosmic Show

Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist

July 19, 2013
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The Cosmic "Show"

God isn't that much a show-off, but the game is to extract the optimal degree of aesthetic enjoyment from anything. So it's good do dance, to feel, but it's also good a little to be seen. The size of the audience is a factor, but more, the willingness of the audience to appreciate. (As I noted in the previous issue, we should be humble as we project our own petty values on The Everything, but on the other hand, if we know it's a projection, it's not so bad. It's a "reaching.")

So here to the right is a squiggle balancing act and it's amazing.

And even afterwards the squiggles who didn't catch the act in person are squibbling about it excitedly. Sort of "did you see the video-recording?" type of talk, with allowances to be made here in translation.

Of course, there's the guy to the side

who is all made up and showed up and like, "What am I, chopped liver?"

Nor should we forget the one on the right who coordinated all this, sort of a ring-master.  --->

or here on the left, the twittering angel-ettes who find all this astonishingly lovely;

So, all this is for your entertainment!
  We present not just a performance, but an invitation!

Now, for your entertainment, another AMAZING act:

Worlds Within Worlds

In this next picture is the Universe, more or less, thickly gathered together, with all that space (which is really needed in some ways) blocked out so that you get an impression of the thickness of the "stuff" and its variation in spiritual---er---variety.

Now the funny thing here is that much of this cosmos is hardly seen and needs magnification. So one of the little bubbles on the medium-sized bubbles---the one inside the one at about 1PM if the cosmos were imagined in 3 dimensions as the face of a clock. It is kind of a bubbly or fluffy circle. But if it were

magnified, it would looks more like this on the right:

Each of these dimensions on the right have all sorts of qualities: Some are more essentially musical, other poetic. Some intersect with our own with dreams, others involves the parallel realms of sprite-elf-faerie. And our cosmos emerges from one its little bubbles!

Not that our cosmos should at all be sneered at. While in some ways "tiny"---but size is not a consideration---it's hardly meaningful, even!---there are other aspects of significance, such as reflection, developing the glimmerings of being able to grok all this!

Consciousness! ?  *