CONFABULATIONS 25: World-making
(Diagram of a Differentiated Mandalaform Fabricator)

Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist

 July 12, 2013
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The cosmos unfolds, blossoms like a flower. It "manifests." For decades I have been given pictures I'm am impelled to draw-doodle. They begin as a ritual, with some geometric forms, and then the muse gradually takes over and fills them in. Mandalas unfold. Technically, they are differentiated mandalaforms, because they don't have the clean symmetry shown by most artists who draw mandalas. My muses tell me that these, though, are more like how it is, really. I don't know how much I believe them, but oh, well.

The following is a diagram of the super-gizmo that "makes" mandalas, which is a very rough way of hinting at the beyond-human-ability-to-understand mystery of how stuff really happens. I mean I respect physics, etc., but that's like basic arithmetic to angels. They're already multi-dimensional and think in ways far more complex than human brains ever could.

So there's a lot---a LOT---lost in translation. Still, we humans are on an upswing of consciousness. Sort of a puberty process of the species. We are getting ready to "understand" more than when we were psycho-spiritually "children." Not that puberty is a time of high consciousness, but it offers many types of thinking that we just couldn't wrap our minds around when we were children. That there are more grown up phases yet go beyond the ability for the angels to communicate to our pre-teen minds.

In the following picture, a sort of machine is portrayed. Hey, the otherworld is beyond time, space, and form, so this is a very diagrammatic portrayal. (Think of Plato's cave and on the cave they were trying to show pictures of the fully-dimensional reality beyond the picture. It wouldn't work for most folks, if you think about it. But anyway, here's one version.

This is all very metaphorical. For example, there are no pulleys or gears or recognizable "mechanisms" in the higher reaches of the ultimate processes of manifestation. But how else can we describe the various operations?

For example, the little "man" in the lower left-hand corner, pressing the "button" to get the machinery turning. That is symbolic language, folks. There is no "little man," but there is an impetus, a will, a "lets do this thing" that is in there. Of course, the thing has been "built" and just awaits a "little man" to push the proverbial button. This is a symbolic expression of the half-truth of personal will from the smaller to the greater, but, hey, who made the "greater" that has a little button to push? Riddle me that, hey.

At the upper left is a big ol' gear, representing the four directions, directionality, the archetype of being oriented, the sense that there really is an up and down and here and there and yonder. All illusions, but necessary for humans so you won't walk into the wall. Note that the top gear is not there. No coincidence, and I'll leave that for you to interpret.

That's one of the things it's time your species---a much larger percentage of your species---learns to do: interpret. There's an art to this, there are better and worse interpretations, just like there are better and worse ways of playing checkers. Right now you do it like kids: Well it seemed like a good move. That seemed to be plausible. Then your brain stops. It seems sufficient. The operative word is "seems" and that is what you're about ready to graduate beyond.

Not that there is a way it is really. That's like saying there's a perfect way to play checkers. It wouldn't be a game, then, would it? But better and better, that's the game for humanity at this and the next few phases of your evolution.

(Oh, yeah, most of you still think there is a way it is, only one way, the right way. Very popular in the early phases of the species, and be encouraged, you haven't been the only species to plow through this stage. But you're getting ready to graduate, so this is a hint.)


At the left here (and at the lower right of the picture above) is a configuration that looks like a bit of a military tank. Well, that's at first glance, but appearances are deceptive. Still, it's part of the cosmic message: Items that seem like separate and fearsome instruments are really part of the overall plan. That's part of the message of the Baghavad Gita. Notice the ambiguous rudder-like configuration on the bottom right. Right! A rudder? Going somewhere? Apparently. That's another word for "seems," though, if you think about it.

"The Brains" (picture to the right-->)

Also known as the "toot toot," this part of the picture suggest that it is really running the show. Ego. It even has a little whistle lower right on the picture. "See me run the whole shebang?"
    Yeah, sure. Notice that this "brain-like" part is catty-corner from the little guy on the bottom left who pushes the button. "But wait!" you might exclaim: "Check out the sort of complex computer-chip diagram in the middle of this section. That proves it's intelligent." See how the ego seduces? It only seems like a computer chip diagram. Indeed, the whole drawing only "seems." That's part of the point here!.

Not Yet a Mandalaform

Look at the center of the diagram, the pre-mandala. Actually, what it takes to make a mandalaform is (in our world) a straight edge or ruler, a compass, a pencil, and a bunch of movements. So what you see there is by no means a finished mandala. It is a diagram of the many movements, the pencil lines, the erasing, the steps in making up a mandala. You never see this in the picture. Occasionally when it hasn't been erased enough you can see the different lines. In the three-dimensional cosmos we can perceive (which is really the projection into a many-dimensional common space from many other dimensions in which our individual personality form their own many-dimensional spaces, the co-construction of a consensus world is a mighty great project. There's nothing like in anywhere in the heavens (of many yet-other dimensions).

Explaining all these moves would take more words than could be marshaled to write all the books you have on your planet, and indeed there are no adequate translations for half of the maneuvers; mildly adequate translations for half of the half; and the last quarter are put together so that they interface with many of the other elements.

Please Please

Oh, all right, but don't say I didn't warn you: At 12 o'clock there is an arrow-form up, which points towards the future and towards the higher perspective and towards higher values. You could write a book about higher, up, and the whole theme of more, value, good, better, better yet, the goal, what they all have to do with you and the world, and whether the whole thing is an illusion---a sop to the cynics, who if they wish, can be as stuck on the darkling plain waiting for Godot. But for me and those who hope and dream, it's up, forward, and don't forget---because of course we are easily distracted and humans often forget. (That is to say, there are lots of not-up ways of being!: Plotting revenge, getting even, I'll show them, I'll prove it, see how much I've got, aren't you impressed, I hate you back so much I'll kill your family, etc.)

Just below that there is a crooked arrow struggling to get up, but it has been twisted or gone back and forth. Duh. Like me and you, huh? Trying but it's not easy. As you go forward, you wobble. Not wobbling is not easy. Even on a tight-rope, you wobble. Lesson here, don't fight it, just come back, rebalance.

So that middle diagram is chock full of life lessons.

Well, that's enough for now.