God is the Seeker, Too

Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist

July 11, 2013
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God Is the Seeker, Too

We mustn't project too much onto God, also known as "The Everything Becoming." To project our limited mind, our type of consciousness, is blasphemy of if not the worst then a pretty bad sort, pride-wise. Still, I will risk sinning in an act of daring to imagine what it's all about in a new way:

So I am starting with the idea that God gets off on our thinking. Thoughts and their products, architecture, city planning, political programs, space programs, are all great fun. I don't assume these products to be more than interesting ornaments, aesthetic pleasures: "I never thought this way before!" I anthropmorphically project onto God. "This is fun!"

So, in this fantasy, there are innumerable aesthetic joys as the game of life at every level, from galaxy to electron, is played out over billions of years. It's long for us to even contemplate, but no sweat for The Everything.

The theology here is not that God makes rules and sees if we follow them and then judges if we've been naughty or nice and rewards and punishes us. If God is a millionth of what I imagine It to be (i.e., a sort of living Everything), that would get boring in a millisecond. Unworthy of the project. More fun, obviously, is the opportunity to be three dimensional and material and experience what's that like, living in form at every level!

Of course it takes time to set up the cosmos so that life emerges and then consciousness. And even if there are a million other consciousness-forms (conservatively speaking) and half are less evolve and half are more evolved---just sayin'---well, that's pretty mind-blowing right there. I mean, what would "more evolved" be like and can we know it even if we encountered it? Maybe not. Maybe we'd assume they were about as smart as we were and unconsciously expect them to be as greedy, exploitative, careless, actively destructive, war-like, and damn-near cannibalistic as we were! Hypocritical too!

So anyway, God has created this cosmos, or maybe, better said, God IS this cosmos creating from within its own entelechy, and in this fantasy, wondering what it's like to be, become, advance, and enjoy all aesthetic pleasures. God recognizes also that in this mid-evolutionary challenge both fight and flight, predation and being preyed upon, disease, suffering, death, catastrophe---these and other elements are just part of the game. It is our self-centered-ness that objects to these events as if they were a breaking of a contract, a testament: Hey, God, tell you what. We'll worship you if you protect us. In my thinking, God never agreed to this, nor did She impose a set of rules just to one tiny tribe living at a tiny point in history, rules and stories that apply to the hundreds of billions of galaxies at inconceivable distances. Yeah, right.

But in this myth, God does enjoy, and we all enjoy, and the cosmos enjoys in very subtle ways. Electrons enjoy! Atoms enjoy. That's real hard for little-mind humans to get, but it's all about deeper aesthetic values. Thinking is just one sub-type, a special type, more complex than a cow ruminating her food, chewing her cud. It's a new type of flower, Thinking is, a special aesthetic experience to reflect and take in the wonders of the cosmos. And fun, too, to share ideas with others.

Right now humans are learning to stop fighting. They learned how to renounce superstition and slavish thinking as an ideal several hundreds of years ago; and renounce monarchy around 220 years ago, and renounce enslaving others 150 years ago, and so forth. None of these lessons have spread much to more than a small fraction of the population even today. They're learning to think about truth not as authority-driven, but as testable, and to be more skeptical. They have not yet learned to question the existence of an out-there objective "truth" as if this abstraction were real.

People tend to not question that what they want the world to be is perhaps not the way the way it is. That's just beginning to seep in. Philosophy and economics, religion and politics, child-rearing and education, all still tends to be formulated as following the way people want it to be rather than what it is---which is not just the way the enemies think it is---that would be too easy---but really unbelievably more complex. So because of this failure in making the correct assumptions, they feel wronged by those who don't agree and feel justified in fighting the wrong. That they might just possibly be wrong is unthinkable, because to most people that would make the enemy right. That both sides might be operating in too small of a mental arena is again un-thinkable. It's like grown-ups seeing that little kids squabbling may not be the "end of the world," although the idea that their squabbles may indeed end the world is equally unthinkable.

Hence the diagram on the upper right: God is the Seeker too, is curious, is living through the adventures of scores, hundreds of levels of complexity or organization. (That this organization includes layers of disorganization, chaos, seeming randomness, mixed with layers of relative organization, only adds to the universe's inscrutability!

Explaining the Picture

  It might help to be reminded of the diagram used by the Jewish mystics as they contemplated the cosmos. This "tree of life" diagram hints at the multiple "levels" of manifestation. The radiance of the One is for our cosmos voluntarily concentrated and transmitted through levels of mind and essence. We can access it partially through mystical contemplation, but never fully know it.

 In the upper right hand picture it passes through major and minor galactoid entities, with our galaxy and sector and star and planet and country and individual being ever-more specific levels of manifestation. (There are tinier levels, organs, tissues, cells, bacteria, cell organelles, viral sized and molecular, and atomic levels of size and subsidiary orgnization.) God "seeks" to know us, and through us, and experience. Our experience is also God's experience because we're as much a part of God as a cell on our fingertips is a "part" of us.

Is It True?

No, it's not true, the way I presented it. I'm somewhat apophatic, meaning there's no way I can begin to begin to know what's ultimately true. It's just that this mythic structure seems so far to be better than any other theology or philosophy or mythology I've ever read about or can think of. If you don't agree, I welcome you telling me why it's not better, and what would be better?

Constructing the Cosmos

The cosmos as we know it is only the bottom circle on the left, written from right to left, MLKUT, the kingdom, from the word root for king, MLK  melech. Esoterically---and here we head over to India and beyond, the cosmos is constantly being re-configured, every moment, in many dimensions. Your thoughts create waves. Each level expresses the others, just as the health of your fingers expresses the health of your whole organism.

This picture on the right was sent by Zordak in one of the languages he uses to try to connect with me. I can't make it out, but it's not for his lack of trying. I suspect that some of the concepts are very subtle. What I get is that the activity of manifestation "descends" or goes through multiple "layers" of manifestation as it tries to take form, such as the form of a distinct thought that I could write down and communicate to you---not that that's the end: There's also the process of your "understanding" it, which involves you in the triangles coming up to meet the triangles headed down bringing your interpretations and open-mindedness, you cultural world-view and its emerging edges in your mind, all to the challenge of appreciating what I'm trying to tell you.

This kind of "coming-to-meet" activity is truly co-created. In the future this all will be ho-hum of course, but for right now it's paradigm-shifting, because humans still think of the universe as out there, either inert or guided by a Father-God---but not co-created---which means that we're far more responsible than we feel comfortable being. But that's the way it seems to be turning out.







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