Confabulations 14:
A "Holiday" Greeting

Edited by Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist

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   On my Christmas Holiday Cartoons in the last decade I also speak to these speculations.

How Holiday Presents Are Really Manufactured & Delivered

Using 3-D construction technology, riding behind Santa's sleigh is a toymakermobile, a complex gizmo that adapts the toy right there on the spot from wishes and good behavior residues.  A translated example is shown on the right. Of course this misses much of the complexity, which can hardly reveal a 3-D actual machinery much less a 5-D Gizmo, but still, the point is to hint at what lies beyond the beyond where elfmagic reigns.

On the other hand, on the left are variations of the source energy that make (among other things) wondrous toys for the girls and boys!.

  These are facilitated by the  elfairy equivalent of a  molecular biological catalyst in the Earth-biosphere.  

Magic exists and operates rather routinely in this other dimension.

The elfairy of early mandala-formation is on the lower right of the four frames to the far left, and some of its simpler creations are shown in various stages of complexification to the far left around it.
       Yet this is a dynamic process. For example, consider how the three elements on the middle right symbiotically combine to produce the mandaloid form just above. These two middle figures also are magnified some zillion times because they are how strings operate in harmony. (Oh, they haven't figured the mandaloid quality of string complexes yet? Oh, yeah, string theory is still relatively new on your planet.)

Mandaloids for Your Hanukah Bush or Christmas Tree or Kwanzaa Table Setting or Interfaith Puja, etc.

Here are a bunch of 'em for your enjoyment. Each one speaks to a different realm. Download and color 'em, paste 'em on a larger collage, or put the colored forms in your window.

Unlike ordinary Christmas Tree ornaments, the figures above in their own way are "organic" in the sense that they grow, develop, and their innards move about like the innards of cells. Oh, my, the other-Realms are indeed complex---not that your own Earth-Planet-Biosphere and Geosphere is not equally complex, as any study of geology or biology or microbiology will reveal.

Now, to the right is yet another, more elaborate figure, something between a "mother ship" and an egg-filled dimensional source, incubating universes and mind-fields yet to be manifest. In its own way, it is a symbol of the birth of innumerable souls that, well-tended, might evetnually pioneer forms of higher consciousness. While your planet tends to imagine what you consider the "savior" archetype as embodied in the life of one man, in other worlds everyone is a micro-pioneer, visionary, spiritual visionary, given adequate training and encouragement. So we (in other realms) relate to our young in this fashion, and perhaps advance the process of soul-evolution a little more rapidly.

So what if every baby born on your planet would be imagined to be supported by a band of angels, as your Christmas Carol lyrics suggest? What fun, to bless each potential soul thus!


As a Holiday Greeting, let these images fertilize your imagination now and during the coming year. Blessings to you from all the spirits who enjoy your adventure into becomingness. May love, play, and joy dominate over necessary and, alas, unnecessary sorrows.