(Confabulations 12)
Adam Blatner
Imagination-ologist Extraordinaire

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The Need for Such Devices

Auxiliary units are important elements in facilitating the emergence of mandala-forms in the noodle-sphere. As each mandalaform emerges, it is far from perfect. It requires ancillary function implementation. To the right is an example of such a unit, along with an explanation in the original meta-paraphysical language of optimal descriptive alignment.

This column to the left, for example, was a rhapsodic aspiration, a monument to the powers of wave-like ideas, more intuitions and excitations than fully formed thoughts. Still, it evokes wonder in the mind-bodies of pilgrims.

To the lower right are some universes that were discarded soon after their formation as being too something or other: Obviously, some directionality was needed, so a signpost was established (see below)..

Started off with promise, but tumbled into mild chaos..
The idea of transparent spirolsity was good, but no...
.good try, but no cigar (better for a micro-world)

It should be noted that these dynamics are mediated by the trans-dimensional equivalent of enzymes, or (to find the best equivalent term in English)... scanning..... oh, well, "little men"


The "little men" drive in "cars"---of course this is a translation from trans-dimensional realms and much is lost in translation---but this again is the point of the use the the art here---to give a hint of realms as yet undreamed of.

     Anyhoo, the various transformations alluded to in these pages involve enzyme carrying protein clusters, as they are recognized to be in your realm of cells, or cars and trucks, at the level of human-traffic, to bring back and forth "trade" among

the various elements. Pictured to the right our our cars moving back and forth.


Our Explanabot, Oscar, cannot always express in human language what needs to be expressed. I tried to explain the vital importance of attempted communications with our planet, as limited in its consciousness at it may be, because we must raise ourselves to a higher level of consciousness if we are to survive. He shrugged (yes, 'bots can shrug,

though it may not be apparent to the untrained eye). Anyway, he was uncertain: The problem with a multi-dimensional poly-realm is that  criteria shift and so selecting one that fits the readers' needs is a bit tricky. You may have to see which interpretation fits your own spectrum of what is most relevant for you.

Thus, as you can readily see, all these processes converge to generate, first, a provisional mandala-form, and then, if it seems promising, a more elaborated one. In this case, the aforementioned operations have given us the following (on the left).

Provisional Cosmogenesis

An interesting problem with your world, and indeed, your whole universe, is that it, too, is a provisional kluge-job. The mysterious becomingness of what your kind calls God enjoys creating and is well known for just generating the "general idea" and leaving it to the co-created co-creators to work out the details.

It is a rather childish transference to imagine that God would spend time polishing off all the rough edges. It denies the enthusiasm of the creative spirit and gets into the all-too-human interest in "final product" or "performance for the audience."  But what is far more exciting is the just getting the general notion set up. This is the way kids play. They don't get their shorts in a knot about how X needs to be neatly coordinated with Y or it just doesn't work.

Oh, sometimes the Creative Source does enjoy that---working out some detail to the nth degree---that can be great fun. But sometimes not.



Well, we should not let this discursion get beyond us. We will finish with what the mandala-of-the-moment might express were it to puff itself up just a bit: Okay, here it is.

You can download and color these mandalas and send me what you've colored. I'd like to see what you do. That's it.

Oops, no, one more tiny teeny addendum, sort of p.s.:

'kay, bye4now.