Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy
(The Officially Certified Publication of
The Inter-Galactic Institute of Confabulology)

Editor and Primary Author:
Adam Blatner, Confabulologist Extraordinaire

Issue #1   May 31, 2011

See also Issue #2,  which includes:  What it's All About: The Hokey Pokey Theory;   Resonant Energy Fields   ;  and Soul-Concrescence

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A Journal May be Occasional

Of course, "journal" relates to the French word, "jour" for day, and could be imagined as being updated each day, but come on. It's all we can do to accumulate enough free time and ideas to get it out when we do. So  cut us some slack.

Speculative Philosophy

It turns out there is a journal of speculative philosophy, necessitating our (royal we-ness) modifiying the title of our journal with a (Very), because, hey, I don't know how rationally coordinated the other folks are---they seem rather straight, philosophy-wise. But we integrate elements of more cutting-edge, thinking out of the box and out of the two-dimensions of paper, even though our expression mode stays in two-dimensional space. We beg of you, dear reader, to recognize that the first speculation assumption or axiom is that there are really more dimensions being represented here, more alluded to, than what you are used to in the course of ordinary published material.

I mean, we really speculate. Long shots. Loooonnnnng shots.

We well understand the possibility---nay, probability---that we're full of hooey, but this is the risk one takes in reaching with one's intuition, imagination, and other organs of speculation. Mere reason is to what we do what table tennis is to real tennis. Hoo-ha!  That's our motto.
Realizing that many things cannot be effectively expressed in language, and expressing it in action by video is one way to extend our communications, we have chosen a middle path: We will be using channeled illustrations. Some may recognize that behind the inspired nature of these drawings is mere doodling, but to them we say: A pickpocket at a convention of saints will only see their pockets.

This stuff may be more profound than even the artist recognizes. That's what inspiration does, you know. Later generations may be able to say, "Whoa! Adam didn't even know how profound, how esoteric, how suggestively symbolic these illustrations truly are. We had to have three hundred years of major technical breakthroughs, one paradigm after another shifting, blossoming, falling away, before we were able to see how unconsciously prescient Adam was! He was evidently channeling inspirations far beyond his own systems of cognition. Yep, they may say that. Maybe. But then, that's what speculation is about, isn't it.

Our Mission

We hope to tickle your fancy. Some day we may realize that the fancy is a profoundly deep and important dimension of psychic potentiality, the source of imaginative creativity in many ways. To tickle this organ of the subtle body is to evoke its shakti or spiritual energy. Being right is not so much the goal as the deep sensation of tickle, the "whoa, can you even say that?"  The illustrations supplement this tickle dynamic.

A Preliminary Message