Adam Blatner

July 21, 2013

Riffing off of the more sedate report on the Sri Yantra, I here note that, in my playful intuition, this diagram expresses the intuitions of deep meditators who "get" that the cosmos is multi-leveled. From the inside-out corresponds with the Jewish contemplators who got from the side-view the "Tree of Life" symbol.

The basic insight is that the cosmos is alive in many other dimensions, giving birth to this dimension in which we live. Each and every soul---atoms, one-celled animals, humans---are co-creative according to their own structure, from hardly at all to significantly. We are at a mid-point and can learn to co-create in more adaptive, virtuous, aesthetically complex ways, thus helping to bring the Divine potential along. We should realize, though, that we are hardly at the acme of this process---more like the mid-point.

"Explaining" the Symbol

The Sri Yantra cannot be adequately explained in ordinary language that is based on a level of consciousness that does not know that there are indeed other dimensions. It requires a higher level of consciousness that knows indeed that there are many other dimensions, and even then, the ones who can use this diagram know a bit about those other dimensions.

To begin with, on the right, there are the “petals” or auxiliary functions, the facilitators of the manifestation. Each has its own function. The little symbols on the outside pointing to this or that petal hint at the quality of one of the auxiliry functions. The yogis who meditated profoundly noted that they corresponded with syllable sounds which were represented by the ancient Sanskrit writing system.

Then, here on the left, each triangle has its own manifestation functions, archetypes. It also has its own "letter-sound."

The purpose of these diagrams is to offer in two dimensions a diagrammatic picture of what is occurring as dimensions emerge, focus, from seven through six, five, and into lived four-dimensions (3-D space and 1-D forward time).

It should be noted that this emergence occurs through every being at every level. It occurs more through more conscious beings, and humans, being more differentiated, are correspondingly more conscious. However, it should be noted that each conscious being is also slightly---well, not so slightly---differentiated into temperaments, interests, abilities, cultural backgrounds---each of these categories having many sub-types and gradients. So God, so to speak, expresses God-ness through the individuality of each being, with that individual co-creating (more or less consciously) that being and the relevant world---with effects that are often far-reaching.

Is this true? I don't know. No doubt it is not; it will be viewed as rather primitive in a few centuries. But I think it's more true than most if not all of the other competing theories of what it's all about, which is a claim that is eminently disputable. However, a civil, friendly dispute at this level might be provocative of more creativity.

The purpose of focus is to enjoy discreet experience, as differentiated from dream-like or potential sources. Dream-worlds can be astonishingly beautiful and vivid if we add a half-focus to this, as in astral travel, but pale in comparison with what we humans take for waking reality, which is infinitely richer. Our reality is the “plane” at which actual events impact other events in infinitely complex ways. From a god-perspective, this is high art. Yes, there is suffering, but the god realm cannot prevent our evolution, which accounts for some of the suffering. Our limited consciousness so far accounts for another part of suffering. It’s not as if the god-realm wants this, but evolution requires it.

Anyway, here are some other contemplations on the Sri Yantra: