(Confabulations 21)
Adam Blatner
Imagination-ologist Extraordinaire

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The "Order" of the Universe

There is a certain order in the cosmos that interacts with the order-ing functions of human minds to give a semblance of "out-there" order, but the more we look the more we find mystery and certain features that don't exactly fit. Then we conscious beings need to go back and deepen our models, our paradigms, our thinking, and begin to develop hypotheses, and then, funny enough, we begin to believe these to be descriptors of what's "true" out there. But the problem is that the illusion of there being anything "out there" quite independent from how we think about it is perhaps mistaken and/or misleading. Perhaps it's more of a co-creative activity that involves not just the subjective mind of one individual, but the interplay also of others' minds, consensus, even among a fairly small number of people.

The Way Neurons Play Happily in Higher Consciousness

The diagram to the right suggests the interplay of order and chaos that involves the embryology of the implicate order. David Bohm was right, of course, but only in a very general fashion. It's like saying "there's a world" when that word refers to innumerable and multi-leveled econsystems, nations, tribes, groupings of all sorts, involving all species, etc.

The mind will attempt to build pattern that makes sense out of chaos, and on the left is an example filtered through the minds of the creators.

If you notice, thought, this "Shree Yantra" design is actually quite i-maze-ing, with each "triangle" being a peek into yet another mysterious universe all evolving in a fine mixture of chance and order that works together as the cosmos builds up layer by layer. The problem here is that this "order" is in part superimposed by the instinct to perceive order even when it may in no way be obvious.

The point really is to relax and go with the flow. The mind itself expresses the power of the higher mind to create even within the limitations of what can be expressed, and this limitation is what is at issue in this series of picture essays. Can we gradually enlarge our capacity to perceive the deeper sur-realities of what-ness?

The surrealists in painting in the early 21st century made a stab at it, but few or none of them knew that serious scientists would ever consider multi-dimension-ality. Now that some folks are doing this, and after a century of science fiction has been exercising its muscles, so to speak.

Daring to Play with Metaphysics

The problem is that our modern world has been so caught up in the illusion of the possibility of ascertaining a desribe-able truth that seriously questioning this goal seems shocking:
    What if you can't do it? What if it's not even theoretically possible, because reality as we know it is absolutely a co-creation of mind and whatever operates transcendentally, the shifting-ness of whatever offers the illusion of objective truth. (As if ... )

Pattern Emerges

As symbolized in this next series of pictures, a general pattern can emerge visually as well as a melody might be elaborated into a tune or a symphonic movement by a composer.

At all levels, from the sub-atomic to the galactic, an admixture of general form and infinitely emerging spontaneity, born of the kinds of dynamics described by chaos theory, in multiple dimensions, emerges. No regular pattern happens, then, just as no two waves on the ocean or grains of sand on the beach are alike.

There is a progressive expansion, variations on themes, elaborations as you move from the left-hand picture (in the series on the right) towards the right-hand figures.

So, too, does your consciousness emerge as a creative process over years and moments. There is an aesthetic beauty to how you have come to be, and how you come to be each moment. And you, like most humans, are hardly evolved, hardly awake. What will your grandchildren x ?100 be like when they learn from an early age to value and play with their own capacities to imagine and co-create their realities?

 Mechanical? Ah, far too simplistic
a metaphor!
 Vaguely Asian-Onion-Top Flames
 express the dynamic surface
But the sunspots are eyes!
 A gloriously "alive" being!

Mandala as Symbol

I am realizing that I use the diagram of the mandala as a symbol for emergence, sometimes from the center out, sometimes from the outer forms in. My drawings are crude compared to most people who draw mandalas. They are far from symmetrical and precise. Plus I haven't bothered coloring them. The perfection of the form is less important to me than what these suggest.  Here on the left are three other variations I've done in mid-2012.

The Cosmos Doesn't "Run," It sometimes Stumbles

This deep truth is meant to challenge the image of the Divine process knowing exactly what it's doing, planning precisely, etc.

It is a metaphor based on that special process of archery, of precision design. This does happen in the cosmos, but 99% of the universe is an exploratory, complex process that depends not on one-time exactly-right actions, but rather a billion approximate gropings with an occasional successful (relatively) hit, enough to survive into the next round when the game starts all over again. So here, then is that contemplation illustrated:

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