Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist

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Revelation of the Doodle-Bug

This is the icon and text on the upper right. The Doodle-bug is a cute name for an otherwise so-overpowering, awe-inspiring, powerful spirit force that we would be terrified to the point of mindless babbling were we confronted with it. It's not particularly hostile to us, but... well, how shall I put it? There are forces right now on our planet that are in fact quite indifferent to the life on its surface. The tectonic shifts of its continental masses, the gradual movement of the magnetic poles, these are more like the restlessness you have when you turn over in your sleep. Nothing personal, but for the tiny bacteria on your skin surface, a shower, say, is beyond a holocaust. There are some areas of the universe where whole planets are cooked in the radiation of a nearby (well, too darn near) supernova. Nothing personal, just the truly awesome power of, uh, powers far greater than yourselves. So shrink it down to a little bug that you could and sometimes perhaps do squash without thinking. That should equalize things.


Human concepts of truth need to catch up with the idea that there are billions of galaxies and even statistically if life was only one in a billion (and it's a lot more than that, sorry), what then for our species-centrism. For example, on the planet Zork (which is just the onomatopoeic sort of sound made by the beings there to refer to their world..

... the most sentient species has four "eyes" or electromagnetic wave transducers, and so they project this archetypally on the the Divine Plan and imagine that their "god" quadrupled, not divided. Their equivalent of the Tao enjoys four (count them! 4!) permutations and the variables are thus multiplied and projected onto essence. Worth noting are the permutations that this quadernity offers: Hints of the further multiplication are shown, buddings, divisions, an embracing of the diversification principle that one sees among early life forms on Earth, too. 

I've been informed---vouchsafed, actually---that there is a diagram to explain all this.

The key the cosmic archetypes.

Noticing its glistening sparks reflected off the water...
... a "badge" of honor, a radiant "flower" for your lapel..
... an unstable balancing act trying to find its center of gravity orbitals, rich with vibratory movement...
 ... a moment's stability in crystalline form..
To the righmmetry, dynamic pulsing:

   Pulse 1
    Pulse 2

   Elaboration 1
  Elaboration 2

  Matrix 1
     Matrix 2

At the trans- dimensional level, forms flicker in and out of existence, gathering psychic energy that may or may not find expressiononments, smells, architecture, and feelings of movement.

We see on the left three variations: Pulses, elaborations, and matrices. These filter and channel chaos at the interface of mind and transcendental realms of activity. At another level, as shown on the right, simulatneously, other pre-form wombs seek coherence:

Thus, the emergence from chaos is elegant, though yet a mystery. (As Huston Smith noted, a mystery is a category of phenomena that, the more you learn about it, the more further questions open up!)

There are moments of the illusion of “getting it,” its order seems to come clear; and other moments of just noticing its glistening sparks, flashing occasionally into brilliance.

Ultimately, you may be led into realizing that “it” is also you, and you are to varying degrees doing “it,” co-creating the “out there” that seems to be happening to you. This is uncomfortable, because you don’t know how you do this. Much of this creative process is unconscious and it could be fairly said that it is not “you” that is doing this, but the beyond-you.

Freud talked about the id, superego, and ego. Let’s add the meta-ego, the beyond-I. In a way, this overlaps with id, which is often imagined as rather primitive. Parts of it are, but other parts—dare to consider this—may overlap with what some mystics call “higher wisdom.” And anyway, these components of the psyche are just hypothesized constructs—if they exist, they do so as dynamics without clear boundaries, as abstract processes of unimaginable complexity, in a mind that is at times divided, even dissociated, and at other moments, or at other levels, at the same moment, non-divided. (Alfred Adler made this point, trying to counter the way patients of the Freudians saw themselves as the helpless playground of conflicting sub-parts. We also can choose to ally with a guiding ideal and take increasing responsibility to move in this direction—thus Adler called his theory, not psycho-analysis, but rather individual (not-divided) psychology.)

Returning to metaphysics. On the left is a key expression of  a typical emergent phenomenon, drawn diagramatically. It's not easy to capture these in vision---but easier than trying to describe these by words. They are building blocks of our existence.

On the near right is the movement of this through pre-time-space, on the far right is its elevation and beginning elaboration as it becomes more manifest.

We'll end with a contemplation about how such a development may blossom (looking for the right words to use here)  And finally come to harmony in what I call the "star of the heart," a sub-type of what in geometry and electronics is a "lissajou curve"

In summary, I have been informed by my higher ups that many may not understand the aforementioned, but some will allow it to play in their minds as does an oracle. What matters is not so much a "correct" understanding as the evocation of deeper currents of imagination, activation of the muses, giving juice to the axis of inspiration.