(An occasional paper of the Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy)
Adam Blatner,
Confabulologist Extraordinaire

June 15, 2011    For more fun, see Fractal Metaphysics;    or  No. 2 of this Journal   or Try to Explain       dd       See other papers on Confabulology at the bottom of my papers webpage above. 
If you really examine the properties of the moldy-dimensional whatever, which is sort of like the multi-dimensional beyond-space-time, only more elusive, there is a distinct danger of your brain going poof, or at least beginning to smoke out of the ears. I have been vouchsafed aid in giving a peek into the problem, adjusted significantly for the limitations of mere human cognition---and really, not even that. You'll have to use a fair amount of intuition for this, because it's so, whatever.
 So here's the thing:

       Which, from another angle looks more like this.

... or perhaps, to dumb it down and make it less intimidating, try this angle:

       Not that this is what it really looks like. It's more the "shadows on the wall" as alluded to by Plato's Parable of the Cave.

The point is to relax and enjoy the pretty pictures. Print them off, enlarge them, color them. That is probably the most appropriate response. Do not (I repeat, do not) try to "figure them out." Their meaning is beyond human ken. You may, if you are poetically left-brained, allow yourself to be inspired to generate some poetic warblings, but know that's all we foolish mortals can do. 's okay.