(Confabulations 17)
Adam Blatner
Imagination-ologist Extraordinaire

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Infinite Permutations

In the cosmic soup at a certain level, it looks like what you see on the right. Each entity is only a projection of a multi-dimensional "being" (and Humans are hard-pressed to imagine even what such a "being" is like, much less conceive of dimensions other than their own three dimensions of space, one of time, filled with matter (or vacuum) which vibrates at different rates (i.e., energy), plus other types of mysterious energy (e.g., gravity) and so forth. That there is more yet is mind-boggling, but there are some of your species mathematicians and physicists who are fiddling with these edges of the knowable. So we thought we'd help by stretching your mind a bit through the contemplation of how it is---or, for those of you for whom reality is more fixed---suffice it to wonder if it might be, or "if."

Among the dimensions the cosmic soup is chock full of life. This is invisible and indeed immaterial, but from this source emerges the life forms of, say, dreams and other subtle currents in consciousness. Of those larger "organogenic protoforms" we'll speak anon, but the point to notice is those little dots between the larger beings. These, if magnified, also have their own forms, and these will be illustrated below.

There are several larger, more rounded "flecks" which turn out to be micro-universes. Your string theory hints clumsily at what the dimensions of size now being contemplated as part of reality. They have it wrong, of course, but it's a beginning.
Intermediate to that size are these little dimensionettes. Of course what is portrayed here in two dimensions cannot begin to express what goes on in other dimensions. But it's a beginning, to give you the flavor of what trans-physical realities are about:

.The form on the left is still "becoming" into a reaching-out into absorbing life and transforming into psychic integrity. It hasn't decided whether to be more vehicular or tree-sucking. These kinds of transformations abound in the pre-existent realm.

Above and to the right below the soup-dots are some examples of soup- flecks (for want of a better term), slightly elongated beings, actually forms of sub-microscopic elfsprites who facilitate the interactions, lubricate the spaces between, and just playfully swim and frolic in these interstices between the micro-universes. They are below the microverses.

We present these as differences in size but they are also differences in levels or dimensions. All are relevant in their own way, just as there are levels of organic being that go with your doing anything---dancing, keyboarding on a computer. The tips of your fingers are supported by the deeper tissues, which are in turn supported by bone, muscle, and blood supply from yet far deeper in the organism. But the keyboard that types this webpage only knows the feeling of the skin surfaces and mysterious force of pressure behind (above, into?) it that cues it how to represent symbols on this page. Beneath that is the entire cyber-world of binary digits operating in superfast algorithms. Interestingly, there was nothing whatsoever like this kind of system, dynamics, interfaces, types of existence on this planet a century ago, nor is there anything exactly like it anywhere in the universe.

More, Yet

On the world that your astronomers some day may call Galaxy 34r29b in its sector 39 level 7, circling star 2L(24)Y known to them as an unpronounceable by human mouths / ears as some equivalent of Our Beloved Giver of Energy, the world they themselves call the English equivalent of a heartfelt expression of "HOME," they also have a near infinity of sub-forms, worlds within worlds, and such-like, just like on Earth. Beings there worship the Source beyond Our Beloved Giver of Energy that they call something that translates into an energy-releasing hymn of praise to MoreYet, roughly equivalent to the Tibetan chant that goes Gah-tey, gah-tey, para-gah-tey, para-sam-gah-tey, bodhi-svahi, , meaning beyond, beyond, beyond the beyond, is the not-conceivable realm of the Truth.

We are living in a time when peoples are beginning to learn about the spiritual insights of other cultures with a spirit of "Hey, maybe we may learn something good, here, something we can weave into our own advancing understanding or way of relating to the All. (The wonderful book by Philip Goldberg on American Veda, writing about the influence of the spiritual philosophies of Yoga from India in South Asia, suggests the power of this trend in human affairs, and we are just extending that sentiment to other planets and universes.)

Metaphysical Ontology

See my blog entry:

   This picture represents the way the universe unfolds, a balanced dynamic between the forces of order and the play of chaos.

Easter Egg Hunt

The glory of the cosmos is very fun. It's not meant to be taken terribly seriously. This is more so when truth is recognized as in large part not "out there," fixed, ever able to be formulated, even by a most superior being. Rather, it is continuously being created, played, with, explored, enjoying the discovery of new possibilities. It may be combined with something else recently created, for example.

Below is an explication of this process, the best translation of which is "Easter Egg Hunt," though it's hard for Humans at this stage of their evolution to realize that what is a great fun child's adventure actually happens at a mega-cosmic scale. But as one of your more popular prophets said, something like "Let little children come to me... "  -- no, one of the translations usese the startling word, "Suffer ... little children..."--- why suffer? How suffer? Our psycho-spiritual analysts are scratching their head(s) over that one.

Provisional Cosmogenesis

An interesting problem with your species at this point in its evolution is that it tends to imagine that the cosmos is "there" in any kind of fixed way. Of course you are aware of the tremendous dynamism of the stars and cosmos, but you imagine this occurs over eons; and the dynamism of the atoms, which you imagine occurs over micro-micro seconds. But here's what humans don't get yet: Consciousness is a dimension, too, or a category of dimension that in their variety and dynamism are inconceivably complex and active. So what you see on the right is sort of what's happening below the surface of what seems to be happening on the surface of things. It's much more complex, because it includes everyone (even sentient beings on other worlds) perceptions of what's happening, which overlaps of necessity with their ability to perceive and interpret! That last point is not to be underestimated---the degree to which reality shifts to meet the perceptions of each individual's subjectivity, their mind-creating potential!.

There's also a fractal problem---not factual, though that word is problematical at this level---but fractal. There is order within which there is disorder, and then a level of order that is taken by the elements within the disorder, but below or as part of that second-level order, there is yet another level of disorder, thus it goes. The seeming disorder is chaotic but not too much, it operates within the whole.
 On the right below there are three levels of complexity shown, bigger (on the left), a part of which is medium, and at its core yet another smaller. Needless to say, it's not actually possible to draw in 2 dimensional a view suggesting a 3-D view of a 5 or 6 - dimensional matrix, but for you, we try. The point is that patterns and realms operate within highly complex and multi-faceted larger realms that do likewise within yet larger realms.


There! I've explained it. What? You don't understand it? Holy Smokes!


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