Confabulations 29:
Metaphors of Manifestation
Adam Blatner
Imagination-ologist Extraordinaire

(Revised November 16, 2013)
Other themes illustrate the ultimate truth: I find several forms compelling, others would choose different sources to illustrate the way the Everything Becomes. On this website I'll use as examples one-celled animals (protozoa), architechtural forms, houses and cities; letter-forms; and other examples. Elsewhere on this website are some papers about the Shree Yantra, the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life,"  and so forth. All are ways to try to express the way the Everything Becomes.


The following involves a diagrammatic portrayal of a cross-section of the unfolding spiral-oid process of becoming as a conscious being (you) travels through five- and six-dimensional space-time---but can only be seen on your computer as represented in two dimensions but reflecting your more familiar experience in three-dimensional space and time.

The first is as a child with your own basic archetypes of humanity and set of temperaments and instincts. Those little flags set the thresholds to the right or left, represent temperament and abilities, more or less, each dot or line an individualized peculiarity. The second is as your maturing individuation, influenced by others, your historical era and world-view. More elements that are unique may be noted. The third picture is as you've been consolidating your patterns in mid-elder years.

Protozoal Essence Generation

Even one-celled animals don't just evolve. They, like everyone and everything, emerge gradually through an inconceivably complex process that has precursors, and precursors to the precursors, auric fields and more concrete manifestations. The protozoans are multiform and fascinating. Their pre-forms, related to them as elves and dreams are to us, are equally complex in other ways. : One is the fabulous richness of the micro-world, the one-celled animals. They swim around doing their thing and what you might not realize is that just as we have resonant energy beings that facilitate our lives---angels and elves and such---so do they, though at another dimensional level. I have been vouchsafed some glimpses:
      These are pre-protoplasmitoons. Yet they operate as the implicate order out of which all life springs and evolves.
Architectural Resonances
Another metaphor for how it all works is the city, architecture. The many types of homes and offices hint again at the interrelatedness of many forms. Here then are some pictures that describe that.
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