Announcements of National & International Psychodrama Events
Compiled by Adam Blatner, M.D., T.E.P.

Revised, May 25, 2011    (Check also Psychodrama Resources)

Grouptalk is a listserve of people talking about psychodrama and related subjects! Check it out!    Also go to my explanation of Grouptalk on this website:

ASGPP Conference: The NEXT (70th) annual national psychodrama conference will be held in Jersey City    April 19 - April 23, 2012,
  at the  Hyatt Regency Hotel at Jersey on the Hudson. The conference theme will be: "We are one: Trust, risk, expand through psychodrama."  You can submit proposals for workshops and presentations for this conference until July 15, and the “call for papers” form is available online at
   . . . . .
  April 2010 was in Philadelphia; April 2011 was in Clearwater, Flordia. 
The American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP) was founded in 1942 as the first professional organization devoted to group psychotherapy and psychodrama.  The conference program and other details available at the ASGPP website:   

The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy  (note slight but definite change in the title!) has resumed publication as the official journal of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama (ASGPP)---arguably the first journal about group psychotherapy, founded in 1942---. Its publisher now is Mental Health Resources, the group that also has managed the book service for our conference for several decades!
      This journal has had the sequence of its key fields changed in its title to reflect its primary commitments. It used to be called 
The Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry 1981-2006) (with a brief interval from 1997 through 2003 when it was titled: The International Journal of Action Methods: Psychodrama, Skill Training & Role Playing (Abbreviated as IJAM). Then it returned to its earlier title. Its publisher during that era, HELDREF, ceased production from its publisher as of 2006.  However, there may be back issues in your local university library, or they can obtain them from other libraries.  (Now out of print: Check your local university library: )
       (Or contact for subscription to At present the plan is to publish one issue a year and this is included in membership in ASGPP., 301 North Harrison St, Ste 508, Princeton, NJ 08540.) 
     So, to say again, the journal was not published between 2007 - 2010 but in the Spring of 2011 re-commenced with Volume 60 as an annual publication with a slightly different name from 1983-2006 (when it was the Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry). .
You are encouraged to send in papers for consideration for publication to

For a classical recording with photos of an interview and recitation of "Words of the Father" by Dr. J.L. Moreno with Walter Klavun recorded in 1963 New York City     Click on this link:

International Psychodrama Workshops this coming year (2011)
 Also double check this website!

Jan. 20-24    Australia - New Zealand Psychodrama Association (ANZPA)    Aukland, New Zeeland: topic to be decided

March 25-27 Italian Association Of Morenian Psychodramatists (AIPsiM) - Milan, Italy     9th AIPsiM Encounter of Spring

March 27-31  Jerusalem, Israel: 19th FEPTO Annual Meeting   Psychodrama as a Cross Cultural Practice; followed by Conference:
 April 1-3        FEPTO - Jerusalem, Israel: 6th FEPTO Conference: topic to be decided

April 28 - May 2, 2011    ASGPP Conference: The NEXT (68th) annual national psychodrama conference will be held on   ,
  at the Clearwater Beach Hilton Resort-Hotel about fifteen miles west of Tampa, Florida, on a lovely beach on the Gulf of Mexico. The conference theme will be: "Bridging the Gulf Between Hope and Reality: Putting our Ideals into Action"

  May 14-19, 2011: Havana, Cuba:: VIII Congreso Iberoamericano de Psicodrama. Cuba 2011 & Psychodrama Section of the Cuban Society of Psychology   
and Havana University - Havana, Cuba:  Havana: "Los Esperamos"   website for information Damos la bienvenida a  Cuba en un nuevo encuentro con el Psicodrama. Los invitamos a participar en discusiones científicas sobre nuestra práctica social junto a otros profesionales de otros lugares del mundo. Tendrá la posibilidad además de llenarse del calor y la ternura de esta linda Cuba. Grandes personalidades, maestros del Psicodrama serán invitados y tendrán la posibilidad de compartir en un espacio lleno de ciencia y sabiduría.

July 1-3, 2011: British Psychodrama Association (London, UK): Theme: Embodiment of Change.  see website:

 (Thank you for telling me about these and I'll try to post these announcements as I receive them from you and other colleagues.)

 September 7 - 10th,  4th Regional Mediterranean Congress of the IAGP in Porto, Portugal. Theme: Other seas, new discoveries. See website:  Several Portugese associations are working along with international colleagues.

  What else is being planned for 2011?.)

Zerka Moreno Workshops: at he Home in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA) for 2011: These workshops are suitable for TEPS, CPs, students  and/or people new to psychodrama: April 1, 2 & 3: Nobody's Fool ;  May 6 ,7 & 8: Refreshing Our Connections ;  June 3 ,4 & 5: Springing Forward ;  July 8, 9 & 10: Retracing Our Spiritual Path ;  August 12, 13 & 14: What's Hot For You? ; September 9, 10 & 11: Life's Harvest ;  October 14, 15 & 16: Encountering Spirit ;  November 4, 5 & 6: Celebrating the Self
      These workshops will be held at Zerka’s home. Each workshop will start Friday night from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.; continue on Saturday, from 10:00 am to 6:30 p.m. with a break to go out for lunch and will conclude with a Sunday session from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Workshops are limited to 12 participants. The cost is $400 with a 10% discount for ASGPP members and IAGP members. CEUs are offered for psychodrama, NBCC and NADAC. Send registration or inquiries to: Dr. Jeanne Burger,       1023 West Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA. 23507 USA   To register, send $100 deposit or airline reservation. Checks should be made out Zerka T. Moreno Workshops and should be sent one month in advance.                     
  Zerka's  email address is and her telephone number is 434-245-4006.  Her mail address is  The Colonnades, Cottage 24, 2600 Barracks Road, Charlottesville, Virginia,22901-2178 .           Her fax number is 434- 245- 4007.
      Send registration or inquiries to: Dr. Jeanne Burger, 1023 West Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA. 23507 USA Checks should be made out Zerka T. Moreno Workshops and should be sent one month in advance. Further information, email

Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute   2011 Sping and Summer Schedule of Training:  May 6 - Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in Action ; May 7: Psychodrama in Individual Therapy; June 3-5: John Nolte, Ph.D., TEP: Moreno Seminar
June 30-July 4: Advanced Psychodramatic Bodywork; July 14-18: Summer Psychodrama Intensive ; July 26-August 1: Summer Directing Intensive; August 5-7 in Berkely, CA: Childwork/childplay: Action Methods with Children's Groups . Also check with us about ongoing “core” trainings and the Monday Evening Psychodrama Group/ Also, with the support of Zerka Moreno, The Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute is proud to announce the annual Moreno Seminars. These are workshops taught by some of the most respected masters in our field; each having trained directly under Dr. J.L.  and Zerka Moreno. The Moreno Seminars are offered to TEPs, CPs and very advanced students.

National Association for Drama Therapy  (NADT) 32nd annual conference in San Francisco, November 3 -6, 2011. Theme: Will You Stand With Me in the Fire? Challenges and Realities in the Drama Therapy Encounter. A number of psychodrama people will be presenting---me, Mario Cossa, John Oleson, Gina Moreno, Sylvia Israel, others.

Sociodrama-Argentina September 2-5, 2010
The Third International Sociodrama Conference will be held  in early September, 2010, with the theme: Light Finds the Way. (It will be Springtime, in Patagonia - Argentina!)
    (The First International Sociodrama Conference was held in Portugal out of an intuition felt by Manuela Maciel and her team of sociodramatists, and the theme was "Transparent Looks;" and the Second Conference in March, 2009, was named "Society's Shadows" and was held in Stockholm and Helsinki. At the closing session of that conference it was decided that the next one would be held in Patagonia- Argentina, a place of beginnings, where the whales dwell. The theme is about gathering to work, to discover and to study. Those who participate will be able to present their thoughts put into action, share their reflections and the possibilities they recognize in sociodrama. The number of participants is limited, for during the conference it is expected to create a space where everybody can meet, get to know each other and share.
     Scientific Coordination: Team of Professors of the Post-Degree Seminars: "Sociodrama and Role-playing en organizaciones" and "Supervisi¢n y T‚cnicas en Psicodrama", Universidad de Buenos Aires.  Scientific Coordinator: M¢nica Zuretti   (website: ,  email: )
       Contact delegates in IAGP Congress in Rome: Norma Caceres y Cristina Moreira
Supporting Organizations:
  -  Centros de Psicodrama y Sociodrama Zerka T. Moreno de Puerto Madryn, Buenos Aires y Cordoba, Argentina
  - Centro de Psicodrama y Sociodrama Zerka T. Moreno de Vitoria, Espana.
  - Advisory Organization Commity from previous conferences in Portugal and Sweden-Finland.
          Also go to our website: (under constrction )

Program of Activities at Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina, 2 - 5 September, 2010
Thursday, evening (Sept 2nd), registration, opening ceremony, reception.
Friday, September 3rd morning: Departure to Puerto Pir mides for Whale-watching experience.
Afternoon: lunch, followed by program about and using sociodrama. Return to Puerto Madryn after sunset. Dinner, free time.
Saturday, September 4th: Sociodramas related to previous day experience. Lecture / Round table.
Afternoon and early evening: Light lunch at the hotel, workshops, then spontaneity Theatre.
Sunday, September 5th: Workshops in morning, free time for a while after lunch, then again sociodrama; closure, and further synthesis and reflexion meeting., followed by a farewell dinner.

Australian & New Zealand Psychodrama Association (ANZPA) annual conference, 21-25 January, 2010, Sydney, Australia. Conference theme:  'Meeting At The Edge'.  We wish to create a program where we can meet each other at the edge in a number of ways: (1) at the edge of the method - new frontiers; (2) at the edge of our practice; (3) at our personal edges; and (4) across the edge between different cultures.
       We are interested in applications of the psychodramatic method in education, organisations, community development, cultural conflict, group work, one-to-one therapy, family therapy, the creative arts and research in any of these areas.  A session may focus on sociometry, classical psychodrama, sociodrama, role training, particular elements of theory and practice or the conduct of training.
          Conference details and brochure can be found online here:   You can submit workshops and presentations online. Fill out the form at    Deadline is 31 August, 2009  The online form will be sent to Lynley McNab, Program Committee Secretary, <>. You will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your proposed session.
        ( The 2009 conference was in late January in Dunedin, New Zealand.)  
 Please consider coming. And then after you consider coming then come. -- Cheers for now   Peter Howie   President, Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association Inc

If you can read German, get the Zeitschrift für Psychodrama und Soziometrie (ZPS). First issue 2002. Each issue about 160 pages, 2 issues/year, paperback.
Two main editors: Dr. Ulrike Fangauf (Frankfurt a.M.), email: (special interests: applications in medicine, psychotherapy, theatre); and Christian Stadler (München), email: (special interests: application in psychotherapy, supervision; monodrama; diagnosis-related applications; the basis of psychodrama.)
   Cost: print and online 54 Euros/year, students 19Euros/year.   They are open (and interested) to considering articles from various other countries, but in general they can't take responsibility for the translations from English or Spanish into German. If there are some students or any other interested people who would like to help in translating forth and back, let them know.
     To obtain the journal, contact the publisher: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Mr. Ronald Schmidt-Serriere, Abraham-Lincoln-Str. 46, D-65189 Wiesbaden, Germany, email:

British Psychodrama Association Conference  25th - 27th June 2010    Theme: Action Speaks the  Royal Agricultural College Cirencester  
email to: Simon Thomson on

Bay Area Moreno Institute.   Founded recently by Maria Cossa, Sylvia Israel, and others, these folks have set up an interesting program of workshop experiences for those who want to learn more about psychodrama, Playback Theatre, drama therapy, action methods in education, and so forth. Check their website!

Macedonia: November 28-30, 2008, Dr. Zvonko Džokić, a psychodrama trainer, is offering a psychodrama and sociodrama workshop on the theme: “Looking for Inner Power.”  This will be held in Skopje, in the Republic of Macedonia. 18 hours of experience & training in three official languages: Macedonian, English and Serbo-Croatian. The workshop flyer says, “The whole life we are in a quest for power. Very often we feel week and dependent on circumstances around us. This workshop is focused on the discovering of the resources of our own and authentic inner power. It is always hidden inside of us, waiting for the real encounter.”
       Zvonko Džokić has twenty years experience in psychodrama, and is co-founder of psychodrama in former Yugoslavia (in coll. with BPA - Clinical Certificate in Psychodrama in 1991), founder of psychodrama in the Republic of Macedonia, main organizer of the First Balkan Psychodrama Conference in 1997 and 5-th Cross Cultural Training Days in 2006. He was member of the Board of EAP from 1996-2002. He is the author of the first book on psychodrama in the Balkans (“Psychodrama”, Skopje, 1995). His fourth book (“The Power of Psychodrama”) is in preparation. Zvonko Džokićc is with wide-range professional experience in psychiatry, psychoanalytical psychotherapy, stress management, EMDR therapy, HR management and in creation of special projects and programs (see more on ). Email:    –   Dr. Zvonko Dzokic, Director, Centre for Human Relations, Borka Talevski 12, 1000 Skopje,  MACEDONIA   tel: +389 3 11 23 44   faks: +389 3 11 24 40

April 30 - May 3, 2009: Equador: 7th Ibero-American Congress combined with the 4th Equadorian Congress of Psicodrama, in Quito, Ecuador,  Theme: Gathering in the center of the World   (Official Language, Spanish & Portugese. Information: or
   or visit our  website:     or

British Psychodrama Association Conference 2009 will be held in the great city of Glasgow at Strathclyde University from 26th- 28th June 2009. The conference committee are now calling for workshops around the theme of: "Dreams, Myths and Reality: Psychotherapy and Social Change" A proposal form is attached. Details are also on the BPA web site

 Drama Therapy Conference November 6-9, 2008.  This year's NADT Annual Drama Therapy Conference takes place at a hotel just south of the San Francisco International Airport.  November 6 - 9, 2008   The full schedule of sessions for the conference and pre-conference day is now available at the NADT website:    along with information on registration  and discounted hotel rates. Online registration will begin in early August. Save on conference fees by registering online (instead of by snail-mail) and by taking advantage of EARLY REGISTRATION discounts ($50-$60 over regular rates). EARLY REGISTRATION will be available through Sept. 15. See you in SF!    
The Milton Erickson Foundation announces the release of a video collection, "The Pioneers of Psychotherapy, which includes Zerka Moreno, interviewed in 1985 at the Evolution of Psychotherapy conference. A 60 minute video is $59 + $5 shipping and hanldling.  There are also many other eminent innovators and master teachers on other tapes. Go to: or email

Psychodrama Internships available at Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital in Westchester, NY  working with children and/or adolescents or adults. These year long internships are for one full day (child/adolescent or adult units) or one half day (adolescent only)  a week. Currently there are openings on  our adolescent units one morning a week. Internships on our child and adult units may begin in January and September. For requirements and  more information go to:  or   Contact Rebecca Walters   Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute    68 DuBois Road  New Paltz, NY 12561    (845) 255 7502     visit us at our website:

Workshops led by Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP : The Midwest Training Series in psychodrama and mind-body therapies at Lake House Health & Learning Center, 932 Lake Ave., Racine, Wisconsin, with half-day and all-day monthly workshops. Topics include basic psychodrama and sociometric skills, addiction treatment, trauma treatment and the Therapeutic Spiral Model, sand tray, and systemic constellation work, among others. Tuition varies according to length of workshops; trainees will receive a certificate of attendance with continuing education hours for addiction counselors, social workers, and licensed counselors and psychodrama hours as well as healthy snacks and handouts. Call (262) 633-2645 for information or write Karen at  to register. See information on other program topics, telephone and Skype supervision and e-books at  

Psychodrama Workshops led by Jacob Gershoni, LCSW, CGP, TEP, at 19 West 34th Street, Ph floor, New York, NY 10001-3006 ; Phone: 212.795.1192  or 212.947.7111. Email:  Check website for schedule:

  Future International Workshops:  (2009)


             Aug. (?) Tallinn Psychodrama Institute/Estonian Moreno Centre - Tallinn,  Latvia: 5th Baltic Moreno Conference
Feb. 16-17    Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Institute / Istanbul Society for  Psychodrama and  Group Therapies  Istanbul, Turkey: 2nd  Psychodrama Days;    

Feb. 20-22   Swedish Moreno Insitute - Stockholm, Sweden  A New Day Begins!
Feb. 28-March 2    IAGP - Barcelona, Spain , 3rd Regional Mediterranean Conference
March 6-9 Sociodrama conference (see above)

Croatia: March 14-17, 2009,
2nd International Psychodrama Seminar, to be held in Zagreb. Theme: Introduction to Psychodrama. (See accompanying flyer.)  In Croatian and English. With Trainer is Susie Taylor from the UK (England) Birmingham Psychodrama Institute. They will offer not only psychodrama workshops, but also supervision by several trainers and among students.
Email:    Website:  www.

March 26-30 ASGPP conference in USA (St. Louis) Next conference in April 2010 in Philadelphia. .

March 30-31, Ghent , Netherlands: 4th FEPTO Conference: Tele in Psychodrama   (www.fepto

 April 2-6        FEPTO - Glasgow, Scotland: 16th FEPTO Annual Meeting Re-Searching  Nesie - Exploring Sociodrama  

April 7-8       FEPTO - Glasgow, Scotland: 3rd FEPTO Conference  Challenging Cultural Conserves

 April 10-14   American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP)   San Antonio, Texas: 66th Annual Conference Blazing New Trails Into Creative Consciousness            

 May 19-23    IAGP together with COIRAG (Italy), AEP (Spain), SPP (Portugal), DAGG (Germany) and ÖAGG (Austira) – Granada, Spain: 9th International Granada Summer Academy: Groups Between Words and Cultures

May 28-31    Dr Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Institute together with Turkish Association of Group Psychotherapies - Bergama/Aesclepion, Turkey; 33rd Internationally  Contributed Group Psychotherapies Congress  

Jun. 8-12      
Asociación Española di Psichodrama together with IAGP - Granada, Spain:   X. International Summer Academy: Between Words and Cultures

Jun. 26-28    British Psychodrama Association - Glasgow, Scotland    Dreams, Myths and Reality: Psychotherapy and Social Change 

 Aug. 24-29   IAGP together with COIRAG (Italy) - Rome, Italy    17th Congress of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes: Groups in a Time of Conflict    

Sept. 13-16, 2009,    Psychodrama Insitut für Europa (PIfE) - Vilnius, Lithuania  10th International Conference: Boundless Dimensions

 Oct. 30-31    Romanian Association of Classical Psychodrama / Psychodrama Society Nov. 1     “J.L. Moreno” - Brasov, Romania   2nd Psychodrama National Conference: Psychodrama in the Society. From Conflict to Encounter

Souldrama®, a method of spiritual psychodrama developed by Connie Miller, will be demonstrated and applied at a number of  workshops Connie is hosting,  in:
  -- Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA  April 28-May 2, 2008

If you would like to know more about Souldrama or attend or sponsor an International Training or workshop about Souldrama, please visit the webpage

Jeanne Burger, EDD, LMFT, TEP, is offering monthly saturday psychodrama training and personal growth workshops in Norfolk,Virginia. These workshops for professionals are held from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. The cost is $50 which includes 5 CEU credits for NBCC and NAADAC.  In 2008 the dates are:  April 19, May 10, June 14 ; Contact:Jeanne Burger, TEP, 1023 West Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, Virginia 23507., Phone: 757-622 4986 (h), Fax: 757- 483-0737
   also, Jeanne offers Weekend Psychodrama Training  workshops in Nashville, Tennessee: Held from Thursday evening 6-9pm, Friday 9-5pm and Saturday 9-5pm.  The cost is $250 and includes 17 CEU credits for NBCC and NAADAC.  In 2008, the dates are: February 14, 15 and 16 Psychodrama for Couples and Families; May 15, 16 & 17 Your Ethical Personal and Professional Self; August 14, 15 & 16 Twelve Steps to Psychodrama; November 6, 7 & 8 Warming Up and Closing. Contact: Al Adams, Nashville Psychodrama Association,  10125 Sugar Camp Road, Bon Aqua, TN 37025. Email:, Phone 615 512 0119.     

The ASGPP website,, has been re-designed.
     The psychodrama bibliography (Jim Sacks) is now housed at  Go to Links and click on sociometry links. is the new website for the International Sociometry Training Network which has the potential to grow into an active resource for our community.  Right now it is new. If you have workshops featuring sociometry or want to link check it out.  Ann E. Hale

The American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy now has a website        as well as an email address:
      Please spread the word to your psychodrama colleagues, students, and new possible candidates.
          While this announcement is aimed mainly at psychodramatists and students in the USA and Canada, we want to acknowledge that there have been some international practitioners who have also been certified (also trainers), and of course there are programs internationally who want to know what our standards are, etc.
  Some realistic constraints: The Executive Director, Dr. Dale Richard Buchanan, is also a well-known trainer of psychodrama who travels a fair amount. You may not get a response immediately--but give it some lead time. He said he is ready and eager to correspond with others regarding Board Business.  The Board's mission statement has only two goals:  To establish, on a national level, (1) professional standards in the fields of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy; and (2) to certify qualified professionals on the basis of these standards.  That means explaining the certification process,  guiding people through it, or helping people find a certified practitioner or trainer.
    Other types of inquiries are better addressed to the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama ( as they have a broader mission. For sure, don't ask Dale  to discuss theory, recommend books, defining terms, etc.
   Dale will check his email, once a day when he is in town (i.e Washington, DC area), and once a week (at a cybercafe) when he is traveling. The best way to reach him is still via the telephone (in the USA: 202-483-0514). Remember that many issues--especially about personal circumstances-- are complex enough to require the more dense dialogue that only a phone conversation--or several--can deliver. However, there are many instances which email is helpful, and now we can do that too.     Remember also that Dr. Buchanan does not make policy--his position is administrative. So many matters will have to be handled by the Chairperson or someone on the Board, if not considered by the whole Board at their periodic meetings.
Drama Therapy-Related Resources!
    Amal Kouttab writes:  Drama Therapy Community Resource Website contains many resources for the drama therapy community and free listing opportunities.  You can find links to many drama therapy groups, organizations, training programs and more.  There are also links to international drama therapy websites, joblinks, and a discussion of  licensure issues: <>
      If any of you would like to list a website (no charge for listing) here, focused on drama therapy, playback theater, or psychodrama, please email me at
      Also, I offer help in multimedia production for the performing arts community, so if anyone in the community is in need of videographic, video editing, webdesign, or graphic design services at discounted rates, please visit:
      Navah Steiner" <> writes: The Institute for the Arts in Psychotherapy (which has branches in San Francisco, New York, and a training site in Montreal) has a web-site, so it would be great for the community to know about it:  <>

Souldrama®  and Transgenerational Psychodrama,
      Using the technique of Souldrama®  and psychodrama within a group situation, we will focus how these techniques can be used to help clients that have been stuck to move on toward their higher purpose of souls mission. To use the power of spiritual beliefs and interventions in briefer solution oriented therapies.
      Our objectives are to: (1) define and integrate a multidisciplinary approach incorporating spirituality and psychology into the group process; (2) define our personal relationship to a higher power which will enable clients to overcome their blocks and move forward; (3) identify ways for mental health professionals to apply this integrate mind-body-spirit approach to their own work; (4) resolve invisible loyalties developed throughout generations; (5) promote cross cultural awareness and peace for the world. For further information, email to:

 Mario Cossa writes: I am so EXCITED and DELIGHTED about my new, improved website; and you're INVITED to go have a look at  <>        
Mario Cossa, MA, RDT/MT, TEP. CAWT World Traveler

Psychodrama Training & Personal Growth Group, New York City, led by Jacob Gershoni, L.C.S.W., T.E.P. check schedule. It will combine experiential teaching of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy for two hours every Monday night. Additional intensive weekend workshops will be held monthly. Credit hours toward certification will be given.    19 West 34th Street, #PH (Penthouse)
        New York, N.Y. 1000-3006      (212) 795-1192   (212) 947-7111 
            Jacob Gershoni is in private practice at the Sociometric Institute in New York City and a medical social worker at New York Presbyterian Medical Center. He is a trainer, educator and practitioner in psychodrama and the editor of "Psychodrama in the 21st Century: Clinical and Educational Applications" published by Springer Publishing Co. NY, 2003

Weekend Psychodrama   The New York Institute of Psychodrama– LOUISE  LIPMAN, TEP, LCSW, CGP, CET  III is a  licensed psychotherapist and a certified  Trainer, Educator, Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group  Psychotherapy, She  is in  private practice at the Psychodrama  Training Institute  in  N.Y.C.where  she works with individuals, couples and groups, Louise leads the 12 Step  Psychodrama Workshops and has facilitated groups for female Survivors  of Childhood Trauma. She teaches  a Literature Review and Exam Prep Course  for Psychodrama certification, as  well as leading three weekly
Psychodrama Training Groups. She integrates her  extensive background in theater and the creative arts into her practice. Louise is a Past President  of the American  Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, the current President of the  NY chapter of the ASGPP and a certified  Group Psychotherapist by the AGPA. She is a member of The American Board of  Examiners for Psychodrama, Sociometry & Group  Psychotherapy.

 Please see my new directory of psychodramatists on this website!  If you are a psychodramatist and want to network with others, send me a photo and 50 words about yourself (plus your email &/or website address) that you'd want others to know about your interests.

Please check for other international psychodrama news! on this website!  Find what our colleagues are doing elsewhere in the world. Let it inspire you. To those who live in other countries, I invite you to send me the news of what's happening in your country!!!
  A range of psychodrama books, journals and copies of hard-to-find or out-of-print chapters in books or journal articles are now available and listed elsewhere on this website! Go to reprints for sale.

Malen Malenov <> in Sofia, Bulgaria, has developed a wonderful website for our posting our own ideas about a cross-reference glossary of psychodrama terms-- also sociometry and role theory-- and definitions in order to develop a > dictionary/encyclopedia of Psychodrama. The site is called TelePedia (from 'Tele' and  'Encyclopedia') and can be found at
        "The main advantage of the site is that it can be developed by its visitors with no technical knowledge required. It is based on the same software that is used to build Wikipedia ( -  the
free web encyclopedia. Once one gets used to it, it is very user-friendly and allows many people to work on it independently. I have put Adam Blatner's article on tele (taken from his website) as a sample cross-reference piece.  (There are also interesting interviews of David Kipper and Jorg Burmeister.) Please, check to see how it looks and feels like. Everything can be changed and improved if necessary. All your contributions are very welcome!"   -- Malen Malenov     16, Yanko Zabounov St., bl.50
   Entr. B, Floor 3, Flat 49          1408 Sofia - BULGARIA        Tel: + 359 888 835 976

10.  For articles and announcements for the British Psychodrama Journal, email to:
For articles and announcements for the Psychodrama Network News, the newsletter of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama, issued 2-3 / yr,  email to and inquire.

 For articles and announcements for the "Dramascope," the newsletter of the National Association for Drama Therapists, email to its editor, c/o

Please note the international bibliography of psychodrama  (compiled and updated by Jim Sacks, Ph.D., one of the main pioneers of this method!)-- now containing more than 5,200 citations of psychodrama writings from Moreno's first descriptions until the present, now accessible on the internet    (Is this link still working?)

17. Ukraine:  Pavel Gornostay, Ph. D., <>, Vice-president of the Kiev psychodrama association  writes that they have been publishing  a psychodrama journal in Russian since 2002. The journal is distributed not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries, first of all, in Russia.  Our association unites 16 members which recently have finished an upper course of psychodrama in Psychodrama Institute for Europe.

Near Toronto, Canada: Two Residential intensive psychodrama training opportunities:      More information can be found at the website:

  ANNOUNCING 2005 - 2006 Certificate Program in Rehearsals! for Growth™   with Daniel J. Wiener, Ph.D., RDT, Charlotte Ramseur, LMFT, and John Phelps, LMFT.
          Rehearsals! for Growth™ (RfG) is a Drama Therapy of Relationships which applies theater improvisation games to therapeutic work with groups, couples and families in achieving individual and interpersonal growth. RfG facilitates change by playfully: • exploring alternative roles • encouraging social risk-taking • expanding emotional range and • enacting therapeutic narratives.    For RfG news, information, and to receive email updates, visit the website:
      RfG Certification: Over the past 19 years, more than 1,800 clinicians have attended RfG workshops and training seminars; many have expressed interest in receiving further training in these methods.  The Rehearsals for Growth Certificate Program (RfG-CP) offers hands-on instruction in RfG methods at intensive training workshops,live or video supervision of the trainee’s work, and cotraining with Dr. Wiener. The RfG-CP is designed primarily for mental health professionals wishing to offer this work.    or e-mail:   

  22.  Susan Aaron in Toronto has two videos now available: (1) UNDERSTANDING & RELEASING ANGER; and (2) UNDERSTANDING & RELEASING FEAR.  They can be ordered directly off my web site  These two videos help a practitioner identify the body symptoms that indicate unexpressed anger/fear. This helps greatly when directing psychodramas because the  protagonist is often unaware of the underlying emotions. The videos are presented using skits and demonstrations, so that the theory is easily absorbed and understood.
             The UNDERSTANDING & RELEASING ANGER video addresses the following issues:
Anger is often mistaken for violence and/or rage; (2) Anger is often misdirected; (3) Unexpressed anger held in the body does harm; (4) Memories of past angry people stay with us; and (5) The difference between healthy release of anger and ‘blind rage’ is clarified.   The UNDERSTANDING & RELEASING FEAR video addresses the following issues: (1) Fear expression is NOT recognized; (2) Unexpressed fear held in the body does harm; (3) Fear is scary for others (unconscious ‘body doubling’ of fear); (4) Unexpressed fear can be released and/or reduced. and (5) Unexpressed fears from the past affect the present and future.

23. If you read Swedish, you can subscribe to the Swedish psychodrama listserve:   (at least 74 people on this)

24. American Soc of Experiential Therapists" <>   website is  information about organization. We don't offer trainings, we simply offer a certification program for therapists who are practicing Experiential Therapy in their work.  We have not graduated to the point of holding conferences, although the ASET Board would like to see the organization progress to that level in the future.    A service that we have just begun to offer to our members is a Yahoo! group where members can network with other therapists who are in their field.  The membership to this group is free for ASET members although we do allow non-members to be a part.  We ask that non-members pay a $15 annual fee for the online group to cover administration costs.  If you are interested in joining this group please let me know.
  I also would be happy to put a brochure and application for ASET in the mail if you are interested.  Brenda Klontz Anderson      American Society of Experiential Therapy     773.848.ASET (2738)

ICEL is the International Consortium for Experiential Learning    Contact: Tony Saddington in South Africa   Our next conference is in 2006 - see the website at:          ICEL mailing list:

Website on research in drama therapy:   created so that information could be shared in the Drama Therapy community.  I invite you to post information regarding any research that you have completed in drama therapy.  This is a great way to be in contact with other therapists or students who are conducting similar research.  Nancy Sondag, MA, RDT/BCT   NADT Membership Chair  <NSond2@AOL.COM>

Creative Arts & Drama Therapy Workshops: Dr. Pam Dunne operates a private practice in Westwood and  leads a number of training programs and private training for individuals interested in drama and creative arts therapies through her local institute and gives workshops internationally.          Drama Therapy Institute of Los Angeles 1315 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024-4901(
 310-226-2865 or Dr. Dunne by e-mail at

Here were the international conferences for 2010:
April 18-25,  FEPTO: Belgrade: 18th FEPTO annual meeting: Living on the Borderline. (18-22 April)
                          Conference: Psychodrama: Between Therapy & Art. (April 23-25)

      April 30- May 2: Austrian Workgroup for Group Therapy & Group Dynamics.
     May 14-16:  in addition the Spanish Association of Psychodrama (AEP) will organize for the XIth time a conference and several workshops at the university of Granada (Escuela de Trabajo Social) on the topic: "El arte del encuentro: teatro y Sociedad" (The art of encounter; theatre and society) in Granada. or 
         then May 17 - 21:  also in Granada:  The Xth international summer academy (under the auspices of the educational committee of the IAGP) will t in Granada, title: Emigration, Family and Culture.

   Also on that weekend 15-16 May, 2010, The Assosiacion de Sicodrama y Sicoterapia de Grupo (ASSG) based in Seville, Spain---associated with the work of Jaime Rojas-Bermudez---will have its 15th "Reunion"---a conference with the theme "Anxiety Disorders.
  For more information email to::

    May 27-29, : Annual psychodrama conference  of the Prof. Abdulkadir Oezbek Instittues at Ankara, Izmir, & Istanbul, in the amphitheatre and the holy precinct of the Asclepion of Bergama (the ancient Pergamon). 35th Internationally Contributed Group Psychotherapies Congress: Joureny to Awareness. 

May 22-23, Psychodrama Workshop.Belgrade, Republic of Serbia Trainer: Zvonko Džokić

June 25-27, 2010. British Psychodrama Association (BPA), Bristol, England: Action Speaks Louder.

July 5 - 10,  Krakow-Auschwitz Psychodrama  project: Traces  of  the   holocaust  in  the  present:  Hilde Goett, Yaacov Naor.For further information, contact them at  or: Yaacov Naor:   It is open to international students, professionals and others who are interested in the theme. No prior experience in psychodrama is necessary. Workshop in English with translations.

30 July - August 1, 2010, Istanbul International Zerka Moreno Institute presents its 16th International Summer Conference led by the internationally recognized director and trainer, Marcia Karp (from England), on the theme: 'Am I nothing or am I something?: Moreno's concept of Godhead'.  About 16 training hours.  e-mail:    web site:
 August, 5-8.  Cologne (or Koln) Germany, Psychodrama Conference: "If God were One of Us"  Email to: Mark Treadwell.

August 20-22: 6th Baltic Moreno Days—a practical psychodrama conference with the theme, “Return & Discover”—to be held in Klaipeda, Lithuania. This is a great meeting opportunity for psychodramatists internationally. Website:    For more information, email to:     Phone: +37067451159

September,  The 10th Moreno Festival in Rostov-on- Don

September 2-6, 2010: 3rd International Sociodrama Conference in Patagonia, south Argentina: Theme: Light Finds the Way. Speakers include Monica Zuretti; Rene Marineau, and Marcia Karp. (The theme also includes whale watching and its lessons for us). Many others from around the world will offer workshops on the use of sociodrama.  For a conference program and registration details:    For other information contact:

     September 3 - 7,   The XVII Brazilian Psychodrama Congress and Latin American Meeting on Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP). Sao Paulo (Brazil),
The 17 Congreso Brasileiro de Psychodrama and 1st Latin–American congress of IAGP has opened it space for contributing to the scientific programme.
As you know the psychodrama in Brazil is quickly and creative developing. My feeling is that there will be an enriching growth in more connection between
the Anglo-Saxon and the Latin–American area in developing psychodrama. Let´s contribute and meet in Aguas Lindoias (Sao Paulo) 3–7 September and
have mutual enriching. Information about the congress in <>. You also can connect with the president of the Scientific Programme Devanir Merengué, email: in order to send proposals.

Sept. 24-26   Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama (SPP) and FEPTO - Lisbon, Portugal: International Summer School for Psychotherapy and Counseling Research: Improving Research on Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Qualitative-Quantitative Approach

 October 1 - 3,  The Spanish meeting: XXV Reunión de la Asociación Española de Psicodrama (AEP). “Psicoterapia del siglo XXI basada en la evidencia científica”. Sitges (Barcelona)
  November, : Annual conference of the DFP (Deutscher Fachverband fuer Psychodrama) in November.

Oct. 14-17    Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicodrama (SPP) - Carcavelos, Libon, Portugal:  1st Transgenerational International Conference: Reconnecting Ancestral Roots

Oct. 15-17, 2010    Psychodrama Society "J.L. Moreno" (SPJLM) / Romanian Association of      Classical Psychodrama (ARPsiC) - Cluj-Napoca, Romania  3rd Psychodrama National Conference: Action and passion