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More Low-Down on the Higher-Ups

Well, of course I can’t begin to begin to know a zillionth of what it’s all about, but I have managed to glimpse a peek: We all have a platoon of angels. Each person has a bunch. They are not completely like humans with clear boundaries. Using my special dimension-oscope, I am able to “see” “them” (or at least a projection of one aspect of their form onto its figurative lens) (see to right).

The image is (I don’t know what to call it) “refracted,” but that’s them all right. Hi guys! They’re  all around me all the time, in and of me. If I’m a “cell on the fingertips” of the hand typing this computer keyboard, they’re the “wrists.” Analogies are limited, but yet what we have to use when speaking of subtleties we cannot begin to directly perceive. Not satisfied, I asked again for them to focus so I could “see” them better and they tried to present me with a “picture” I could sort-of make out:

They warned me though not to ask for explanations for the various elements or figures. The thought was sort of  “we’ve dumbed this down as much as we could.” So there it is.

They warned me though not to ask for explanations for the various elements or figures. The thought was sort of  “we’ve dumbed this down as much as we could.” So here on the left "they" "are." Quotation marks apply because you must recognize this picture as symbolic.

Who "They""Are"

Ah, well, that is the question, isn't it. I we are cells on the tips of the fingers, who then "are" the bones of the hands or the wrists. By analogy, you see, it's difficult to translate. If we are but cells on the toes of the Dancing Shiva Nataraj, who then are the bones of the ankles. Never mind the blood vessels or corpuscles, the legs and all their tissues, the trunk from which the arms and legs sprout, the core organs---these are far beyond the capacity of mind to imagine. It's enough to contemplate our roots.

To the left below are some pictures of close-ups of certain projections or angles of who these "guys" are. They are facilitating spirits, sprites, energy channels that allow certain kinds of Grace to drip down into this or that channel if it is open...

As we've commented in previous issues of Confabulations, these channels are multi-dimensional, dream-like, and have no direct physico-spatial analogue. We are portraying them as best we can in schematic diagram, sort of.:

  Don't be Afraid!
   It's a Little Scary

  But a Lil' ClownCop

To the right is a cosmic compass. They use this to find us. There are four directions, you see:.

     Yes, they are different from north, south, east, or west. It's hard to designate in, inner, in-more-to the right, or -to-the-left. Or is it around?

   When I asked them to line up and stop confusing me they replied according to the picture below that they work as a "team." It reminded me of the folk dancing I've been doing for 56 years:


A Closer Look

A asked them nicely for a closer look and they showed me this picture, a gentle and playful picture of how they love me, care for me, have no illusions about me, try to help my little human-brain-mind evolve in spite of the transitional era I live in (i.e., the beginning of the 21st century):


Let's get clear. I'm not the only one who makes stuff up. There are many of us and the number is increasing every day. Below is a comic strip that I recently found. Generally I find it vaguely amusing, often age-ist---representing the grandparental generation as significantly more stuck in old people stereotyping that what I experience living in Sun City Texas. Elders are more thoughtful, expressive, active, involved, etc. Maybe people in their 80s and 90s, and even then maybe not a majority.

Still, this cartoon did speak to the fun of confabulation.

Ah, so that's it.

It sums up our inspirations..