Labyrinth VIII
Erik Heyninck, Belgium, 1952

Posted July 29, 2010.   (Back to Cartoons)  
    This picture was found in a book titled "Imaginaire II: Magical Realism." It was a drawing that expressed my sense of the "textures of reality" of the dream world. I wished I could draw half as well as Mr. Heyninck. Anyway, I decided to post it because it expresses what I intuitively feel comes close to the quality of an Oversoul Realm that is an estimated 20-50 times smarter, quicker, deeper, more insightful, more clever, more aesthetically complex, and other virtues, way beyond what the ordinary self-consciousness can achieve. At best, though, we can learn to open to and "chord" this "axis of inspiration."
This is titled: Labyrinth VIII and was created by pencil and paper on a 50 x 50 cm paper.  (an enlarged copy is shown below)

Here's an enlarged picture of what is above, so you can examine it better: