Mandalas 2010
by Adam Blatner

Re-Posted 12/25/10
This year we travel off into ever-ever land, the meta-unconscious realm of shamanic and nagual energy-flows.  All these fancy words are only language-ing of symbolic forms that may delight your eye. Don't bother boggling your mind. Some of the forms are more vague, because they involve trans-dimensional space formations that don't readily translate into 3-D+Time universes such as our own. Not to worry. The game is to stretch and play. It's all safe and funny..

If you're interested, read my paper on  more about mandalas. Or, for fun, p
rint 'em off, copy them onto transparencies, color them, tape them to a window. Be Amazed!
Also, see a more recent take on the meaning of these mandalas.

People often ask how forms evolve or, in other ways of thinking the "Kosmalphabet" forms in hyperspace. Well, they don't, actually, but if they did, here's how I'd explain it:
The letter OX for ZygOXian squared  becomes
which then distributes
and cubes
elaborating finally:

Or, another example:

and star-twinkling
mate and complexify
 through awkward adolescence
to multi-flowering

All these complexify, of course, deepening their dimensional power: Thus, in the second grade, one learns this kind of series:

  Soul in Culture
... differentiates but also integrates in an act of autopoesis

... while  spiritual clouds form
 and in yet another dimension, a new generation of buddhas gestate

But with all individuation, there maintains a balance, guided by the archetype for that function:

Thankfully, there are other operations that sustain these functions:

Cross-oyed perspectives...lead to:
Embryonic Illumination... then...
a sort of amulet-symbol-mudra

Indeed, the function of good-will-good luck amulets and other apotropaic symbols (apotropaic is a word for that which fends off evil) operates also on other dimensions:

The Spirit that Confers the Amulets:
and the incantation-medal:

 Your guardians are all-seeing, albeit at times through bloodshot eyes
 But safety prevails:

... So isn't that a nice thing to realize about the cosmos?
Here are some other mandalas I've drawn this year:

 (June, 2010), done during a Senior University Georgetown lecture.

.  A labyrinth?

Mayanoid Temple Square